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[GER/EU] Hells Kitchen Cherno|PVPVE|Balanced|Sector|NPC | No Highloot

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Aloha all

Our new Server are open now :-)

The good old Cherno Map, we have a PVP PVE System that Means, NO PVP on Missions.




- Plotmanager
- Doormanager
- Vector/Snapbuilding
- Runing Zombies
- Walk amongst the Dead
- Take Clothes
- Portables ( craft something from Backpacks)
- Gem crafting
- Deploy anything
- Virtual Garage ( Mats only in Sector)
- Lift and Tow ( only Trucks can tow)
- No Highloot
- No Startmoney
- tons of Missions
- Sector C
- over 40000 new objects on the Map
- Npc Vehicle Patrol
- Special Trader 50k Hum ( custom Vehicles)
- Day Night / 3h-1h
- Snow
- Fog
- Coins (Deutsche Mark)
- Global Banking
- Evac Chopper
- Ai Recruitment
- Masterkey
- Bankrob
- IngameTablet


and many more


Administriert von alten Leuten :-) juhuu Gartenzaun









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4 hours ago, Qusteka said:

Server economy is broken fyi.

GPS costs 1k and sells for 2k. instantly lost interest.

You can make 1mil in 5 minutes of trading



Server economy are broken cuz one Error :biggrin:

The Prices are fixed since 4pm or 16:00 Restart 

But im really glad to hear you lost your interest :biggrin:  

you lost your interest because i reset all :-) on your acc and now you give a bad feedback , but hey i like it :cool:

Using buggs and errors , then flaming and bad feedback are everytime the best way 


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Netter Server aber, konnte nur 1x joinen danach bleibe ich in der authentifizierung hängen, nach 2 min kommt man in der lobby dan wieder an,


Ist es evtl möglich das der server JSRS aktzeptiert?

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