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Impact eSport ( | Wiped - Spawnselection and Loadout - Customized Map and a lot of more! (PVP)

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Impact eSport got now an ARMA 2 - DayZ Epoch Server!

Version:  IP: // PVP // Chernarus // 30 Slots (if needed, we could get up to more) // Localized in germany
TS3: ts3.impact-esport.de
 Discord: discordapp.com/invite/RdRaWjR
Website: impact-esport.de


+ No Hacking / Glitching / Duping / Combat Logging
+ Combat and base building in and arround 1000 meters of traderzones is prohibited
+ Theft inside trader zones is prohibited
+ Fighting arround 500 meters of safezones is not allowed
+ Be friendly to other players
+ Respect the admins and moderator
+ Parked vehicles in trader will be deleted
+ Follow admins instructions
+ Kamikaze is not allowed
+ Do not destroy more then you need while raiding a base
+ Only one base per player

+ Coin System 
+ No Weight 
+ 1 Step Building 
+ Snap Building 
+ 50 Meter Plot Pole 
+ 300 Items in Range + Plot for life
+ Indestructible Bases
+ Group Manager 
6 Hours Restart - 4 will be day, 2 will be night.

+ Action menu
+  Custom Map
+ Custom Trader 
+ AI City for Bandits & Heros
+ AI Missions (WAI)
+ Roaming AI (DZAI)
- Roamin AI is NOT marked on the Map.
+ Spawn Selection 
+ Spawn with Custom Loadout
- We got Hero & Bandit levels up to 5
+ Tow  & Lift
+ Service Points (Rearm, Refuel, Repair) 
+ Tame Dog 
+ Custom Trader Inventory
- More Vehicles at Bandit & Hero
- More Weapons at Black Market
+ Vault Reset after 21 Days
+ Lockboxreset after 21 Days



04. Oktober 2017
+ Added Customization on Balota Airfield (Made by Nytrex)
+ Addet Radio to Players Startgear
+ Edited Custom Stary
+ Decreased  wait time in seconds to respawn an AI group after all units have been killed. (DZAI)
+ Addet Radio Massages to Roaming AI (players with radios will be given text warnings if they are being pursued by AI groups) (DZAI)
+ Decreased max heli spwns from 5 to 2 (DZAI)

 06. Oktober 2017
+ Mooved Custom trader at balota airfield.

07 Oktober
+ Addet Hemp to medical Trader
+ Addet right click options

11 Oktober
+ Decreased Roaming AI
+ Fixed some things to improove Server FPS
+ Changed the price from metal floors from 50k to 200k
+ Changed the maximum amount of gaining money at missions from 100k to 50k
+ Fixed the rolling massage bug
+ Decreased Max amount of vehicle spawn from 300 to 80
+ Addet View Distance changing to the right click Options on Bino's
+ Changed the overal difiiculty from regular to veteran

12 Oktober
+ Changed overall armed vehicle prices
+ Changed restartsfrom 6 Hours to 3 Hours (Cause of some crashes)

16 Oktober
+ Changed restartsfrom 3 hours to 4 hours
+ Deleted Ore Mine at Kamenka  (Will be added soon again)
+ Fixed Safe Zone Bug
+ Changed the maximum amounts of avaible Missions from 6 to 4


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1 minute ago, juandayz said:

glad to see new Arma2 epoch servers!! HOPE YOU FILL IT WITH A LOT OF PLAYERS!

Thank you! :D 

We hope to get lot of players, too! It would nice to see the server running pretty well :)

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