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A Man

Over9000 Epoch Panthera

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    • By C. Montminy

      4th Infantry Division
      DayZ Epoch - Panthera
      With the 4th Infantry's new DayZ Epoch Panthera server we are offering a low-stress, no crap, server. Going back to basically the basics of what DayZ used to be, with only a few modifications. We aren't fan's of the "Full Militarization", and "Epic Loot" that makes the DayZ undesirable to some players. The Panthera Map, a under used map. A great looking map, that has amazing FPS. Panthera offers the best of both worlds, it offers the Chernarus feeling woods, as well as a desert area that'll take you back to your Takistan days. If you're a fan of DayZ, without the crap in it. We're who you want to check out.
      Server Mods:
      Wicked AI (For those epic fire fights, and to get some much needed cash. Be warned, they aren't easy!)
      Plot Management (For people who have groups, and want multiple builders)
      Snap Build Pro (Honestly, without this-.. what would we do with our lives?)
      Tow/Lift (Do I even need to explain this?)
      Advanced Trading (To avoid the annoying 15 minute transactions)
      Infistar (To get rid of those annoying hackers)
      Server IP:
      Server Name: [4thID] Make DayZ Great Again - Epoch Panthera
      @DayZ_Epoch @DayZEpochPanthera
    • By A Man
      Hey folks,
      I came across and saw that no Vatra Bridge for Panthera is longer online. So I've upload mine. All credits to killzonekid for his basic and great code.
      Installation Client Side:
      Put the bridge file into your missionfile. For a better overview, create a folder called mapaddons or something like that and put the file in there.
      Open your init.sqf located in your missionfile. Search for call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "server_traders.sqf";
      Put that line under the code from above:
      call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "mapaddons\bridgeVatra.sqf"; Save, pack and upload your Missionfile.
      I tested everything under Epoch 1.0.6. but it should work under Epoch as well. You can logout on the bridge for restart and spawn on the bridge after login on restart. It is 100% bicycle and to 95% ATV save. The bridge piers dont touch the ground because they are to short but I like the bridge model.

    • By A Man
      Hey folks,
      this is a release of my Panthera South West Island, that was a huge Military Trader on my last Epoch Panthera Server. It is only the island with loot spawning buildings and without the traders. The island was created by Artjom and me and we both agreed to release it for the community.
      You can use it for Epoch or
      Download here:
      How to add custom Map Content Server Side Epoch
      create a folder in your server.pbo called mapaddons or something like that and put the map addon file in there
      add the following line to the very bottom of your server_functions.sqf in the init folder of your server.pbo
      E.g. for South West Island:
      execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\mapaddons\south-west-island.sqf";
      Save, pack and upload your server.pbo.

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