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yRun WIPED 9-29|FullyMili|PayChecks|1MStart|yRunArena|x2Humanity|CustomMissions|Garage

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server ip-

TeamSpeak- ts.yrungaming.com

Web- www.yRunGaming.com

-Virtual Garage

- Get Missions from traders

-Paint Vehicles 

-Tow & Lift

-Single currency

-Global Banking

-yRun Custom DZMS with very high loot boxes

-Deployable gems into static weapons, toolbox into bike/mozzie, scrap metal with other parts, and bomb proof bunker

-Select spawn

-Class selection with good weapons

-Indestructible bases! (cinder/metal)

-Full military (all vehicles/weapons)

-Custom armed vehicles

-Care Packages

-Base Raid Tools

-Ear Plugs (F1)

-Auto Run (0)

-Booby Trap Dead Players 


-Custom traders

-Service points

-Buy humanity from trader

-Right-click scripts (map- locate vehicle, grass on/off, ambient sound on/off, color corrections) (binocular/vector- adjust view distance, with many other options) 

-Scan for player and ores

-Locate Vehicles

-Key actions (right click your vehicle key to eject unwanted players from the vehicle, lock/unlock, and start the engine also with the t key)

-24 hr day no FOG!

-Random selected fugitive when the server reaches 5 players (fugitive has to survive 20min to get a loot crate of gems/high-end weapons, but if he is killed the box will spawn and the killers can take the loot)

-Yellow smoke works as tear gas (acts like being drugged for 30 seconds)

-Custom loot tables with high loot

-Custom military loot area's with weapon crates

-Custom map area's

-Static weed fields (great place to get money)

-Vote day/night

-1 Mill start in bank, max bank cap 5mil

-Easy to get started and make money

-Pay Checks and a Bonus Checks

-yRun Arena (Loot Spawns 10 mins after the arena spawns)

-Right Alt Menu

-Great server FPS

- Slow Zeds that do 10x damage

- Active Admins

-Plus more and more to come

-Report any glitches/exploits and receive a reward depending on the bug up to 8 mill bank limit, loadouts, etc!

Being active on our website earns you yRun Credits. No one can buy credits. yRun Credits unlock gear, vehicles, humanity, loadouts, and bank increases.

 We are not Pay2Win so dont ask for perks upon donations.

Fast Easy Gear and Coin Noob Friendly


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18 hours ago, juandayz said:

Wtf @Hooty :ohmy: your mods list! Seems like yrun uses all mods in this forum and more hah this is the servers that i like to play in. Good work!

Lol thanks bro.

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