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yRun Wiped 1-26|FullyMili|PayChecks|1MStart|yRunArena|x2Humanity|x4 Harvest|CustomMissions|Garage

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 TeamSpeak 3




Server Info


Server IP:



Fully Militarized 

Vehicle Garage

Online Banking

Bankers & Atm

OverPoch Skinz F6 & F7

Weed Fields

 Treasure Island

Epoch Events

Adv. Trading

Auction House

Group Management

Plot Management

 Plot Protection

Door Management

Ear Plugs

Custom High Loot Map

Class & Spawn Select (classes depend on humanity)

Bank Robbery

Booby Trap Dead Players

Tear Gas

Most Wanted

Jobs @ Plot Pole

Pay Checks & Bonus Checks


Vehicle Key Changer

Paint Vehicles

Custom yRun Arena

Build Vectors


Custom yRun Missions


Play Dead


Right Alt Menu

Right Shift Custom GPS

TAB Menu Trader Price List

Right Control Military Ear Plugs

Custom Deploy

 Custom Right Clicks

Care Packages

Custom Traders

Get Missions From Trader

Buy Add/Remove Humanity Trader

Hotwire Safes/LockBoxes

Change Safe Codes


Press Y To KO Zeds

Walking Zeds

Mans Best Friend

Plus More and Much more to come

(All Guns, Tanks, Choppers, Jets, Anti-Air, Etc.)



Some Server Info

Max Build Limit 500 Items

Max Build Height Limit 110m

15 door and plot friends

yRun Custom Missions give +1000/-1000 per hero/bandit AI killed

4x Harvest on weed

$1Mill Start Bank

$10Mill Bank Limit

Store 20 Land Vehicles & 15 Air Vehicles In VR Garage

VR Garage @ Plot and SafeZones

Custom High Loot Tables As Its A Fully Militarized Server

Modded Vehicle Weapons To Help Take Out Jets

Active Admins

Being Active On Website Can Earn You Rewards



We are not Pay2Win No Donation Perks can and will not be gave out for donations !!! 

All Player Agree To All Rules Posted On Our Website:      >>> http://www.yrungaming.com/rules/m/36515233/viewthread/25935293-dayz-overpoch-rules<<<



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