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Hello everyone and let me introduce you to us here at Ground Zero gaming.
We are a new community with a freshly wiped sever going live 13/9. Here at GZG we have a wide range of experience from a experienced community manager, experienced scripter and admin.
With this we aim to fulfil and surpass the community's expectations by being dedicated to feedback and fixing errors that we see while constantly developing the server.

Working XP system with easy access rewards (which will continue to be developed and refined).
Quick use menu (view distance, toggle grass and so on!)
Global banking system
Roaming Trader for higher tier weapons and vehicles
Semi Mil
10k view distance
100k Start money
Starter kits, humanity and xp booster
Regular Events
Active and experienced Staff team + Scripter

And more! (vehichle garage in the works)

Here at GZG we aim to please our players. We have and will continue to put in a tremendous amount to give the server a brilliant experience!
We also understand that coming on to a low pop server can be mundane but come on and grab your starter boosters, stick around and help us grow, im sure you'll enjoy it.
We look forward to seeing you!

How to find us:

Search gzg on DAYZ Launcher or:

Server IP:
Forums: www.gzdayz.enjin.com (will change to groundzerogaming.co.uk soon)
TS: TS.groundzerogaming.co.uk 
Discord: https://discord.gg/fC3gtFk
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gzgop/

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The server is live, refined and wiped! Come on and claim your starter booster!


Be sure to come online and we will have some events!


Check out our features:

XP system which can be used to buy upgrades and items from any Banker NPC
Quick use menu (F1) (view distance, toggle grass and so on)
Global banking system
Roaming Trader that sells exotic items
Starter Builder Kit and Coins
Regular Events
Active and experienced Staff team + Scripter


Virtual Garage added (for now it uses your Plot Pole, but this will be changed in the very near future so we advise you to currently not use this)

Multiple script errors fixed

Spawn system overhauled

Multiple quality-of-life changes such as right click actions on vehicle keys

Plus a lot more to come such as new spawn classes, new XP rewards and more


You can find us at:

Server IP:
Forums: www.gzdayz.enjin.com 
TS: TS.groundzerogaming.co.uk 
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gzgop/

Owner: DanielV
Scripter: Destro
Admins: Hugo, Rapture and Hells Bells

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    • By totis
      This is a restriction to vehicle seat according to humanity.
      It may be handy to PVE servers out there.
      Special thanks to Juandayz with his fantastic skills and salival. Both sometimes working unseen for the benefit of this community.
      Step 1.
      Make a new file, Name it veh_hum.sqf with the below contents and put into dayz_epoch/addons folder. If you dont have addons just create one.
      In this example we have a hero superhero and agenthero traders with 20k/40k/60k humanity respectively. Adjust according to your needs.
      private ["_vehicle","_inVehicle","_driver","_humanity","_txt"]; while {true} do { _vehicle = vehicle player; _inVehicle = (_vehicle != player); if (_inVehicle) then { _driver = driver (vehicle player); if (({(isPlayer _driver) && (alive _driver)} count (crew _vehicle) > 0)) then { _humanity = _driver getVariable["humanity",0]; if (typeOf _vehicle in DZE_heroHumanity && _humanity <= 20000 || (typeOf _vehicle in DZE_superHeroHumanity && _humanity <= 40000) || (typeOf _vehicle in DZE_agentHumanity && _humanity <= 60000)) then { player action ["getOut", (vehicle player)]; titleText ["","WHITE IN"]; _txt = "<img image='addons\vehicon.paa' /><br/><t size='0.7' color='#ea2828' align='center'>prohibited vehicle</t>"; [_txt, [safezoneX, safezoneW], [0.20 * safezoneH + safezoneY, 0.3 * safezoneH], 2, 0.5] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; }; }; }; sleep 3; };  Step 2: Download this file http://www.mediafire.com/file/bdpt5d96o5cttk3/vehicon.rar
      Unzip and put paa file into addons folder.
      Step 3: Edit your custom variables file    dayz_code/init/variables.sqf
      Put the vehicles you want to restrict below call dayz_resetselfactions; ike this:
      // Custom below s_givemoney_dialog = -1; s_bank_dialog = -1; s_player_checkWallet = -1; s_bank_dialog1 = -1; s_bank_dialog2 = -1; s_player_copyToKey = -1; s_player_claimVehicle = -1; s_collect_heli = -1; }; call dayz_resetSelfActions; DZE_heroHumanity = ["Mi17_rockets_RU","Mi24_D","UH1Y_DZE"]; DZE_superHeroHumanity = ["Mi24_V","Mi24_P","Ka52"]; DZE_agentHumanity = ["AV8B2","AV8B","A10","F35B"]; DZE_safeVehicle = DZE_heroHumanity + DZE_superHeroHumanity + DZE_agentHumanity +["ParachuteWest","ParachuteC"]; Step 4: Edit your init file to exec the script. Above the   (false,12)execVm.... like below
          [] execVM "addons\veh_hum.sqf";
          //[false,12] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\local_lights_init.sqf";
      Thats it. Enjoy!
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    • By Avengerzero
      Having issues locating where to change the speed of the zeds. I turned it on in the epoch config however when I did that and re uploaded it the hud was gone and the earplug bind wasn't working. Any help is appreciated.
    • By Reeqs
      I have been playing on DayZ overpoch for the last month looking for the best server. And I have seen many servers with the same look / style and the same setup.
      I know these are public as many people have told me but I dont know the name of them. Please help! Im looking to make a server so I would really love to have these to start on!

    • By JasonTM
      Wicked AI 2.2.1
      f3cuk has merged the pull request by @ebayShopper and updated the version to 2.2.1.
      This release is for DayZ Epoch/Overpoch 1.06+
      There are 2 versions of this mod, one for DayZ Epoch and one for DayZ Overpoch. Make sure you download the correct version below.
      >>> Epoch Download <<<
      >>> Overpoch Download <<<
      I have updated the Epoch version with the features I added to the Overpoch version and submitted a pull request to f3cuk's master branch. The download link will be updated if/when he merges my pull request.
      I also added additional weapons to the arrays in config.sqf: UK59, L110, ghillie versions of M14/DMR, etc.
      The install instructions are in the github readme file for each version.
      New features in this release:
      Optional AI counter on mission markers Optional ZSC check wallet on AI Optional static mission spawn points Additional 1.0.6+ weapon and vehicle classnames Caveman's mission pack integrated Pistols added to crate spawning  
      @f3cuk - WAI version 2.2.0
      @ebayShopper - 1.0.6+ updates
      @Caveman - extended mission pack
      @salival - additional fixes and updates
      @Zupa - ZSC check wallet
      @theduke - testing and class name updates
      @DAmNRelentless - additional configurable variable and check for ZSC option
      Version 2.2.0 thread
      Caveman's mission pack thread
    • By nova
      Hello. I recently got an overpoch server and im trying to install infastar on the server but not having any luck. I read ways to do it through other posts but does not work. I also own an epoch server and i successfully installed it. However it doesnt seem to work with the overpoch server. I have read the readme file you get from infastar but that doesnt work either. It still suggests I have to antihack enabled through the host for it to work but i wont be able to mod the server the way I want. I look on the RPT and i get no errors nor does it show that antihack has been loaded. While ingame even the debug panel isnt working. In my server files i have an AH folder with AHConfig, antihack and AdminTool.sqf. In the server_functions.sqf at the very bottom I put : 
      #include "\z\addons\dayz_server\AH\AHConfig.sqf"
      #include "\z\addons\dayz_server\AH\Antihack.sqf"
      #include "\z\addons\dayz_server\AH\AdminTools.sqf"
      Is there anything else that im missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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