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Hello. I was wondering how can you stop rpt from reporting some stuff. for example: 

HIVE: WRITE: "CHILD:303:9993:[[["m107_DZ","ItemKeyGreen1092","M110_NVG_EP1","SCAR_H_STD_TWS_SD","ItemCrowbar","MG36_camo","SCAR_H_LNG_Sniper","ItemDIY_wood"],[1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1]],[["ItemComboLock","20Rnd_762x51_B_SCAR","20Rnd_9x39_SP5_VSS","10Rnd_127x99_m107","ItemHotwireKit","ItemAntibiotic","ItemBloodbag","20Rnd_762x51_SB_SCAR","ItemBandage","ItemAntibiotic4","Attachment_FL_Pist","100Rnd_556x45_BetaCMag","CinderBlocks","100Rnd_762x54_PK","50Rnd_762x54_UK59","20Rnd_762x51_DMR","ItemGoldBar10oz","ItemEmerald","ItemTopaz","ItemSapphire","ItemJerrycan","Attachment_BELT"],[1,9,1,3,1,1,2,5,2,1,1,1,3,1,2,3,4,2,2,1,1,1]],[[],[]]]:223000:""


This is being spammed over and over nothing but 2 megabytes of data and is quite annoying. any help would be appreciated. 

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Go to dayz_server.pbo\compile\server_toggle_debug.hpp and uncomment everything so it looks like:

Created exclusively for ArmA2:OA - DayZMod.
Please request permission to use/alter/distribute from project leader (R4Z0R49)


// comment this out if you don't want any LOGIN related debug

// comment this out if you don't want any VEHICLE/TENT/OBJECT related debug

// comment this out if you don't want any PLAYER (WORLDSPACE/INVENTORY/ETC) related debug

// comment this out if you don't want any misc SERVER (ZOMBIE, LOOT, CLEANUP) related debug
//#define SERVER_DEBUG


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      in my RPT server side, I keep getting this errors that have to do with the dayz_code loot. The errors below are only part of what is in the rpt server side. I only copied a few. Has anyone seen this before and what to do about it? By the way, they show up in 2 servers I have Sauerland and Taviana The loot system is working.
      When I take DZAI out of both server, I do not get these errors.  Was doing sector B today, which I use the DZAI. Every time you would shoot your weapon two times, you could see the loot change.  I have gone over the loot files on mission side and can not find anything wrong with it. Also, I had someone else look and they could not find anything wrong.
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      Im a newby server owner and i want some help with some rpt errors i see.
      Basically my missions start and after 2-3 hours stop spawning new ones
      Any help would be appreciated
      here is an error i see often:
      13:41:10 Error in expression <;
      _activatingPlayer =  _this select 4;
      if(_donotusekey) then {
      _isOK = true;
      } >
      13:41:10   Error position: <if(_donotusekey) then {
      _isOK = true;
      } >
      13:41:10   Error if: Type String, expected Bool
      13:41:10 File z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_publishVehicle2.sqf, line 11
      Can someone help me out?
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      Hi there,
      So I've been wondering about this for a while. When you are in a group with people or in a vehicle with people often there will be commands given (5 MOVE THERE, LEFT, FASTER etc) unfortunatly I've run into a problem where if I have two people in a heli it keeps spamming out "switching to manual fire" making you unable to read any chat at all. Is there a way to disable these automatic commands? Or could there be an option to add a chat filter? aka if I'm in sidechat i want to see direct, group, and sidechat but not vehiclechat. and if im in group i dont want to see side for example. I've been looking around but it seems like no-one has been messing around with the inbuild messaging system
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      Hello all !!!
      I have serious issues with WAI Mission
      I followed the steps from here : https://github.com/f3cuk/WICKED-AI
      and took the files from there as well, but it looks like its a serious fiesta in my RPT because of those lines :

      "Duplicate magazine 30Rnd_556x45_Stanag detected (id 2:885) in slots Single and Single" "Duplicate magazine 30Rnd_556x45_Stanag detected (id 2:885) in slots Single and Burst" "Duplicate magazine 30Rnd_556x45_Stanag detected (id 2:885) in slots Single and FullAuto" I have like 10000 lines from that everytime AI spawn on the map. I suspect the function.sqf where you can find that :
          if (count _ammoArray > 0) then { _result = _ammoArray select 0; call { if(_result == "20Rnd_556x45_Stanag") exitWith { _result = "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"; }; if(_result == "30Rnd_556x45_G36") exitWith { _result = "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"; }; if(_result == "30Rnd_556x45_G36SD") exitWith { _result = "30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD"; }; }; }; _result Can someone help me to fix that ? Any idea ?
    • By Skyler95
      Having a few problems and I just don't know enough about reading RPT and trying to fix the issue by looking at them. I can get pointed in the right direction and tinker with things but I never get the issue solved. Everything is working on the server except for my doormanagement which I'm using this one by zupa. I have everything working except the manage door part it shows up and I am able to click it and the menu pops up but when clicking on a players name then clicking add nothing happens they don't get moved over to doorfriends I checked the rpt and I didn't see anything related to this but I did find some other things. If anyone could give me a hand and help me figure this out I'd appreciate it, thanks in advance.
      Here is my rpt errors from a fresh restart and launch of the server I do not notice anything about door manage or addfriends in there so I don't know whats up with not being able to add someone to the door.
      _object getVariable["bankMoney",0> 20:12:58 Error Missing [ 20:12:58 File z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_updateObject.sqf, line 82 20:12:58 Error in expression <argo _object, getBackpackCargo _object, ]; }; _object getVariable["bankMoney",0> 20:12:58 Error position: <]; }; if ((count _intentory > 0) && !(typeOf( _object) in> 20:11:25 Error position: <_intentory > 0) && !(typeOf( _object) in> 20:11:25 Error Undefined variable in expression: _intentory 20:11:25 File z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf, line 197 20:11:25 Error in expression <["OEMPos", _pos, true]; }; Full rpt pasted here: http://pastebin.com/KNpnjTzu
      Here is my server_monitor.sqf: http://pastebin.com/NnvBF2N5
      Here is my server_updateobject.sqf: http://pastebin.com/JX6mrXR3
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