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    • By Ghostrider-GRG
      For a while now I have wanted to put together an addon that makes available additional storage containers and, in the future, other craftable items like heli pads, additional lights and so forth. To that end, and with quite a lot of help from Grahame, I offer V 0.1 of Extended Base Objects for Epoch. It offers a variety of additional storage containers and an easy method for installation.
      Installation: download from my github here:  https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/EB4E
      Subscribe on Steam here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1475332817
      Unpack your mission.pbo using PBO manager or its equivalent.
      Copy all files from the mapname.epoch folder to the folder created by unpacking your mission.
      Repack your mission.
      Copy @EB4E to the same folder containing @Epoch and @epochhive on your server. 
       Copy the key found in @EB4E\Key to the \keys folder on your server.
      Add "EB4E" to the -mods="@Epoch;blahblah;" parameter for server startup.
      Players can subscribe to the mod here: https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/EB4E
    • By Ghostrider-GRG
      I downloaded Epoch Experimental today and was impressed by the extent to which the mission.pbo has been reorganized. Thank you to all the Devs for paving the way to a more easily modified set of configuration files and code. Despite the larger mission file this change is welcome.
    • By vbawol
      [Added] Fishing Pole and ocean fishing, also added crafting recipes to allow cooking fish.
      [Added] Workbench storage device added and used as a nearby crafting requirement for most Kit based crafting options.
      [Added] New secure storage device: The Epoch Safe.
      [Added] Totally new crafting system and UI by Raymix.
      [Added] Epoch variant of the unarmed Strider vehicle. (I_MRAP_03_EPOCH)
      [Added] Broad Sword Melee weapon that can chop down trees and mine rocks.
      [Added] Halloween Clown mask and re-added to loot tables: Wolf/Pumpkin masks as well as Meeps Candy.
      [Fixed] Unable to remove lit fireplace.
      [Fixed] Group members unable to lock a Lockbox or Safe that was placed by the group leader.
      [Fixed] Shadow artifact at top of Jammer.
      [Fixed] Reduce client fps lag when first joining the server by preloading objects before exiting loading screen.
      [Fixed] Being unable to remove a solar generator.
      [Fixed] Angry Pumpkin mask was incorrectly visible in first person.
      [Fixed] Issue with Headless clients being treated as players. @dayzai/Face
      [Changed] Removed debug hint text for 3d rotation of objects as it was not needed.
      [Changed] Re-enable Move button, this system will stay and be refined in the next few patches.
      **Improved Dog AI Dog Brain by Axeman**
      [FIXED] Dog not taming due to var reset in wrong place / BIS animal update.
      [UPDATED] Dog text format updated.
      [UPDATED] Dog whine, instead of bark, when alerting of other nearby players (When player crouched).
      [UPDATED] Dog prey kills now use animal looting system. i.e. Dog will loot dead animals, and other objects, then will fetch loot.
      [UPDATED] Attached weapon (loot) holder is now dropped if dog finds a new one. Needs update.
      [ADDED] New Quiet dog bark and whine.
      [UPDATED] Make dog sounds global and use quieter sounds to alert player once dog is tamed. Untamed dog or when attacking is still loud.
      [UPDATED] Add occasional quiet dog whine when other players in the area.
      [UPDATED] General Dog timeout tweaks to compensate for Arma Animals 'doing their own thing'
      [Added] Example "Epoch Event" Code to provide an example on how to broadcast a message to all players using BE.
      [Added] 'CfgTraderLimits' config can control stock limit per trader per item. Default is 100 per item class per trader.
      [Added] storedVehicleLimit variable in CfgEpochServer can now control the total max allowed vehicles on traders. Default limit is 20.
      [Fixed] Logging to the database was not working due to missing function.
      [Fixed] Issue when trading vehicles that caused the trader data to save data to the wrong slot.
      [Fixed] Added missing prices for female vests.
      [Fixed] Error Generic error in expression in EPOCH_server_repairVehicle.
      [Changed] Reworked secure data storage system to be more reliable. (NOTE: This may cause issues with existing lockboxes spawn on the ground with incorrect orientation.)
      [Changed] Base building maintain option now also maintains storage devices.
      [Changed] Moved vehicle spawn config that controls how many vehicles can spawn at different location types to settings pbo. See new vehicleSpawnTypes array in the (WorldName).hpp config.
      [Changed] Use new sort command instead of BIS_fncSortBy.
      [Changed] Use new worldSize command as default if maps worldSize setting in CfgEpoch does not exist.
      [Info] Removed old .bikey and added new one for 0340.
      [Info] The source code for the a3_epoch_server.pbo is now on the GitHub.
      Expected Release is within 1-2 weeks.
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