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    • By Ghostrider-GRG
      I downloaded Epoch Experimental today and was impressed by the extent to which the mission.pbo has been reorganized. Thank you to all the Devs for paving the way to a more easily modified set of configuration files and code. Despite the larger mission file this change is welcome.
    • By vbawol
      [Added] Fishing Pole and ocean fishing, also added crafting recipes to allow cooking fish.
      [Added] Workbench storage device added and used as a nearby crafting requirement for most Kit based crafting options.
      [Added] New secure storage device: The Epoch Safe.
      [Added] Totally new crafting system and UI by Raymix.
      [Added] Epoch variant of the unarmed Strider vehicle. (I_MRAP_03_EPOCH)
      [Added] Broad Sword Melee weapon that can chop down trees and mine rocks.
      [Added] Halloween Clown mask and re-added to loot tables: Wolf/Pumpkin masks as well as Meeps Candy.
      [Fixed] Unable to remove lit fireplace.
      [Fixed] Group members unable to lock a Lockbox or Safe that was placed by the group leader.
      [Fixed] Shadow artifact at top of Jammer.
      [Fixed] Reduce client fps lag when first joining the server by preloading objects before exiting loading screen.
      [Fixed] Being unable to remove a solar generator.
      [Fixed] Angry Pumpkin mask was incorrectly visible in first person.
      [Fixed] Issue with Headless clients being treated as players. @dayzai/Face
      [Changed] Removed debug hint text for 3d rotation of objects as it was not needed.
      [Changed] Re-enable Move button, this system will stay and be refined in the next few patches.
      **Improved Dog AI Dog Brain by Axeman**
      [FIXED] Dog not taming due to var reset in wrong place / BIS animal update.
      [UPDATED] Dog text format updated.
      [UPDATED] Dog whine, instead of bark, when alerting of other nearby players (When player crouched).
      [UPDATED] Dog prey kills now use animal looting system. i.e. Dog will loot dead animals, and other objects, then will fetch loot.
      [UPDATED] Attached weapon (loot) holder is now dropped if dog finds a new one. Needs update.
      [ADDED] New Quiet dog bark and whine.
      [UPDATED] Make dog sounds global and use quieter sounds to alert player once dog is tamed. Untamed dog or when attacking is still loud.
      [UPDATED] Add occasional quiet dog whine when other players in the area.
      [UPDATED] General Dog timeout tweaks to compensate for Arma Animals 'doing their own thing'
      [Added] Example "Epoch Event" Code to provide an example on how to broadcast a message to all players using BE.
      [Added] 'CfgTraderLimits' config can control stock limit per trader per item. Default is 100 per item class per trader.
      [Added] storedVehicleLimit variable in CfgEpochServer can now control the total max allowed vehicles on traders. Default limit is 20.
      [Fixed] Logging to the database was not working due to missing function.
      [Fixed] Issue when trading vehicles that caused the trader data to save data to the wrong slot.
      [Fixed] Added missing prices for female vests.
      [Fixed] Error Generic error in expression in EPOCH_server_repairVehicle.
      [Changed] Reworked secure data storage system to be more reliable. (NOTE: This may cause issues with existing lockboxes spawn on the ground with incorrect orientation.)
      [Changed] Base building maintain option now also maintains storage devices.
      [Changed] Moved vehicle spawn config that controls how many vehicles can spawn at different location types to settings pbo. See new vehicleSpawnTypes array in the (WorldName).hpp config.
      [Changed] Use new sort command instead of BIS_fncSortBy.
      [Changed] Use new worldSize command as default if maps worldSize setting in CfgEpoch does not exist.
      [Info] Removed old .bikey and added new one for 0340.
      [Info] The source code for the a3_epoch_server.pbo is now on the GitHub.
      Expected Release is within 1-2 weeks.
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