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City_AI Chernarus (AI not included)

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Hi all, I know it's not a great creation but I wanted to share with the community, I hope you like it.

put the buildings folder in your server.pbo and add the following line to the very bottom of your server_functions.sqf in the init folder of your server.pbo.


execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\City_AI.sqf"; 


Download: City_AI.sqf








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Hi S4M,
thx for sharing... OMG, everyone who worked with Arma editor knows how much time it takes... well done!

I was recently experimenting with some map optimization and because I used your map for tests, I can share my outputs with you:

Here is your map, but reworked (link to gist): 14.380 lines of code reduced to 1.693 lines (same content of course).

Here is reworked function (link to gist) for map loading based on original Epoch core function 'fnc_spawnObjects' -
 (I just added some stuff that I used - for example setVectorUp [0,0,1];, BUT - you can add whatever
  you need... is there problem with building or rock which you want to stay straight on? Find the class,
  and change first 'false' to 'true' - this will add setVectorUp into code...)

To make this work see in spoiler if you want to...

Cheers... keep doing such a good stuff!


  • create in 'dayz_server' custom folder for map addons: let's say 'map_addons',
  • inside this folder create file 'init.sqf' - place content:
  call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers ("\z\addons\dayz_server\map_addons\" + _x + ".sqf");
} forEach [
  "City_S4M" // + add all your extra addons here to array
  • grab function that I linked above and place it to custom compiles folder,
  • insert bellow (!isDedicated):
fnc_spawnCustomMap = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "DAYZ_CODE\compile\fnc_spawnCustomMap.sqf";
  • go to init, find section 'if (isServer)' and place as a first line:
call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\map_addons\init.sqf";
  • Done

Try it... it worked very well for me :)

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Very nice!!! I know myself doing roads is a real pain. I dont like to download other map edits as i feel most are just thrown together. This one I can tell you put heart into it. I now have this running in my sever. Thanks for great ArmA 2 editor work. GREAT JOB 

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6 minutes ago, Hooty said:

Very nice!!! I know myself doing roads is a real pain. I dont like to download other map edits as i feel most are just thrown together. This one I can tell you put heart into it. I now have this running in my sever. Thanks for great ArmA 2 editor work. GREAT JOB 

Hi Hooty,

OMG, that's all S4M's work, all credits goes to him. He did all that hard work!

I just optimized code and gave opportunity to change the way, how to load map (step by step is in spoiler in my post)...



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