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If you do not follow these rules, your thread will be deleted or hidden until you comply. We love that you are hosting Epoch and want nothing more then to have you here advertising your Epoch server But we follow rules and adhere to Bohemia and content creators licensing.  Follow these simple rules.

TITLE: Will contain your server name as listed in the Arma 2 game browser or your server.cfg.

Tags: Up to you but keep it relative to your server (no "best server" ,"number 1 server")

1.  Absolutely no "donor" boxes or "donor" stores selling Arma 2 and/or Epoch assets,  Read if you have more questions DML-SA ,  https://www.bistudio.com/monetization/faq#c5

2. Your ip of your server! If no ip then it will be hidden then eventually deleted.

3.  List the addons you are running along side with @DayZ_Epoch ( @overwatch,  @Napf, and so on.) Helps players connect to your server.

  3a.  Current mods not allowed is Origins by request of the creator. 

4.  List your website address if you have one (preferred), or teamspeak, discord,  msn,  yahoo,  aol,  irc,  bbs so we can direct your players if they have a problem to the server owner. We just let you advertise, We don't do support for your players. No excuses. Discord is free and a great alternative to teamspeak if you don't have the resources. Create a discord server

5. English first then convert to your preferred language below. Do not create two separate posts with different languages.

6. Only one "bump" by OP within a 24 hour period. We understand that editing or replying to a post will bump you automatically. Just no "bump" posts.  

7.  I tend to check servers to see if they are online monthly randomly, if they are not I will hide them and send a pm. If no response within 7 days I remove them. 


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I agree to all of your points but I think we should make a difference on point 3a. Origins is a mod for the arma2 community and this mod is great. The development from to 1.8.3 was a huge step forward. A lot new items, advanced map, better AIs and more. I think every arma2 dayz player should try origins.

This brings me to the main point. The origins map from 1.7.9 and is old and not up to date but it is still a really good map. Many epoch servers running with that map and they wont change to a higher version. I think not allowing them to post a epoch server from an old version of this mod seems not fair. We cant even use items, zombies or backpacks from this mod version. It is only the great map. A lot has changed  and fixed from normal Taviana to Origins Tavaina 1.7.9 and that was a good way forward. I totally agree with not using the newest version of origins from 1.8.1 to 1.8.3 but I think we should allow the old mod version. Origins is a big part of the dayz and epoch community since a few years. I think we should think about that and discuss the option to allow the old origns versions.

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