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Script server_traders.sqf not found


I am working on sauerland
installed coins and after i started getting this on log in:
Script server_traders.sqf not found. All the traders are working. this is what I found in my client side RPT:


ca\buildings\posed.p3d: house, config class missing

ca\buildings\posed.p3d: house, config class missing
ca\buildings\posed.p3d: house, config class missing
"PRELOAD_ Functions\init [[L 1-1-A:1 REMOTE],any]"
"MPframework inited"
Warning Message: Script server_traders.sqf not found
"Res3tting B!S effects..."
"dayz_preloadFinished reset"
"Loading custom client compiles"
"DZE_Hotfix_1.0.6.1A: dayz_NutritionSystem patched"
["Sent to server: PVDZ_plr_Login1",["thugs uid",B 1-1-A:1 (Thug)]]
["Sent to server: PVDZ_send",[B 1-1-A:1 (Thug),"dayzSetDate",[B 1-1-A:1 (Thug)]]]
["Sent to server: PVDZ_plr_Login1",["thugs uid",B 1-1-A:1 (Thug)]]
["Sent to server: PVDZ_send",[B 1-1-A:1 (Thug),"dayzSetDate",[B 1-1-A:1 (Thug)]]]
ca\misc\piskoviste.p3d: house, config class missing
[151.306,"z\addons\dayz_code\system\scheduler\sched_init.sqf","Scheduler started"]
["Sent to server: PVDZ_plr_Login2",["1",B 1-1-B:1 (Thug),"thugs uid",9,[["Binocular","M1911_DZ","ItemMap","ItemWatch","ItemKnife","ItemCrowbar","ItemCompass","ItemMatchbox","ItemToolbox","ItemKeyBlack537","ItemHatchet","ItemEtool","ItemKeyKit","M4A1_HWS_GL_SD_Camo"],["30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD","30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD","30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD","ItemBriefcase100oz","ItemBriefcase100oz","ItemBriefcase100oz","ItemBriefcase100oz","ItemBriefcase100oz","ItemBriefcase100oz","ItemBriefcase100oz","ItemBriefcase100oz","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","7Rnd_45ACP_1911","7Rnd_45ACP_1911","7Rnd_45ACP_1911","7Rnd_45ACP_1911"],"MeleeBaseBallBat"]]]
Client: Object 2:293 (type Type_69) not found.
Client: Object 2:293 (type Type_70) not found.
Client: Object 2:294 (type Type_69) not found.
Client: Object 2:294 (type Type_70) not found.
ca\misc\houpacka.p3d: house, config class missing
ca\misc\houpacka.p3d: house, config class missing

This is what I found in my server RPT;


20:35:58 ca\buildings\posed.p3d: house, config class missing

20:35:58 ca\buildings\posed.p3d: house, config class missing
20:35:58 ca\buildings\posed.p3d: house, config class missing
20:36:04 "PRELOAD_ Functions\init [[<No group>:0 (FunctionsManager)],any]"
20:36:04 "MPframework inited"
20:36:04 "dayz_preloadFinished reset"
20:36:25 Warning Message: Script server_traders.sqf not found
20:36:25 "infiSTAR.de - Waiting for BIS_fnc_init..."
20:36:25 "Epoch detected"
20:36:25 "infiSTAR.de - BIS_fnc_init done - AntiHack STARTING...!"
20:36:25 "infiSTAR.de - iproductVersion: 20-Mar-2017 14-23-49-v1438 | Server productVersion: ["ArmA 2 OA","ArmA2OA",163,131129] | worldName: sauerland | dayz_instance: 25 | missionName: DayZ_Epoch_25"
20:36:25 "infiSTAR.de - _fnc_RandomGen: {

I have went through all mission side files and can not find where this is coming from.
Here is my init.sqf



    For DayZ Epoch
    Addons Credits: Jetski Yanahui by Kol9yN, Zakat, Gerasimow9, YuraPetrov, zGuba, A.Karagod, IceBreakr, Sahbazz

//Server settings
dayZ_instance = 25; //Instance ID of this server
dayZ_serverName = ""; //Shown to all players in the bottom left of the screen (country code + server number)

//Game settings
dayz_antihack = 0; // DayZ Antihack / 1 = enabled // 0 = disabled
dayz_REsec = 0; // DayZ RE Security / 1 = enabled // 0 = disabled
dayz_enableRules = true; //Enables a nice little news/rules feed on player login (make sure to keep the lists quick).
dayz_quickSwitch = false; //Turns on forced animation for weapon switch. (hotkeys 1,2,3) False = enable animations, True = disable animations
dayz_POIs = false; //Adds Point of Interest map additions (negatively impacts FPS)
dayz_infectiousWaterholes = false; //Randomly adds some bodies, graves and wrecks by ponds (negatively impacts FPS)
dayz_ForcefullmoonNights = true; // Forces night time to be full moon.
dayz_randomMaxFuelAmount = 1500; //Puts a random amount of fuel in all fuel stations.

//DayZMod presets
dayz_presets = "Custom"; //"Custom","Classic","Vanilla","Elite"

//Only need to edit if you are running a custom server.
if (dayz_presets == "Custom") then {
    dayz_enableGhosting = false; //Enable disable the ghosting system.
    dayz_ghostTimer = 60; //Sets how long in seconds a player must be disconnected before being able to login again.
    dayz_spawnselection = 0; //(Chernarus only) Turn on spawn selection 0 = random only spawns, 1 = spawn choice based on limits
    dayz_spawncarepkgs_clutterCutter = 0; //0 = loot hidden in grass, 1 = loot lifted, 2 = no grass
    dayz_spawnCrashSite_clutterCutter = 0;    // heli crash options 0 = loot hidden in grass, 1 = loot lifted, 2 = no grass
    dayz_spawnInfectedSite_clutterCutter = 0; // infected base spawn 0 = loot hidden in grass, 1 = loot lifted, 2 = no grass 
    dayz_bleedingeffect = 2; //1 = blood on the ground (negatively impacts FPS), 2 = partical effect, 3 = both
    dayz_OpenTarget_TimerTicks = 60 * 10; //how long can a player be freely attacked for after attacking someone unprovoked
    dayz_nutritionValuesSystem = true; //true, Enables nutrition system, false, disables nutrition system.
    dayz_classicBloodBagSystem = true; // disable blood types system and use the single classic ItemBloodbag
    dayz_enableFlies = false; // Enable flies on dead bodies (negatively impacts FPS).

//Temp settings
dayz_DamageMultiplier = 2; //1 - 0 = Disabled, anything over 1 will multiply damage. Damage Multiplier for Zombies.
dayz_maxGlobalZeds = 500; //Limit the total zeds server wide.
dayz_temperature_override = false; // Set to true to disable all temperature changes.

enableRadio false;
enableSentences false;

#include "\z\addons\dayz_code\configVariables.sqf" // Don't remove this line
// See the above file for a full list including descriptions and default values
// Uncomment the lines below to change the default loadout
//DefaultMagazines = ["HandRoadFlare","ItemBandage","ItemPainkiller","8Rnd_9x18_Makarov","8Rnd_9x18_Makarov"];
//DefaultWeapons = ["Makarov_DZ","ItemFlashlight"];
//DefaultBackpack = "DZ_Patrol_Pack_EP1";
//DefaultBackpackItems = []; // Can include both weapons and magazines i.e. ["PDW_DZ","30Rnd_9x19_UZI"];
dayz_paraSpawn = false; // Halo spawn
DZE_BackpackAntiTheft = false; // Prevent stealing from backpacks in trader zones
DZE_BuildOnRoads = false; // Allow building on roads
DZE_PlayerZed = true; // Enable spawning as a player zombie when players die with infected status
DZE_R3F_WEIGHT = true; // Enable R3F weight. Players carrying too much will be overburdened and forced to move slowly.
DZE_slowZombies = false; // Force zombies to always walk
DZE_StaticConstructionCount = 0; // Steps required to build. If greater than 0 this applies to all objects.
DZE_GodModeBase = false; // Make player built base objects indestructible
DZE_requireplot = 1; // Require a plot pole to build  0 = Off, 1 = On
DZE_PlotPole = [30,45]; // Radius owned by plot pole [Regular objects,Other plotpoles]. Difference between them is the minimum buffer between bases.
DZE_BuildingLimit = 150; // Max number of built objects allowed in DZE_PlotPole radius
DZE_SelfTransfuse = true; // Allow players to bloodbag themselves
DZE_selfTransfuse_Values = [12000,15,120]; // [blood amount given, infection chance %, cooldown in seconds]
MaxDynamicDebris = 500; // Max number of random road blocks to spawn around the map
MaxVehicleLimit = 300; // Max number of random vehicles to spawn around the map
spawnArea = 2000; // Distance around markers to find a safe spawn position
spawnShoremode = 0; // Random spawn locations  1 = on shores, 0 = inland
EpochUseEvents = false; //Enable event scheduler. Define custom scripts in dayz_server\modules to run on a schedule.
EpochEvents = [["any","any","any","any",30,"crash_spawner"],["any","any","any","any",0,"crash_spawner"],["any","any","any","any",15,"supply_drop"]];

diag_log 'dayz_preloadFinished reset';
onPreloadStarted "diag_log [diag_tickTime,'onPreloadStarted']; dayz_preloadFinished = false;";
onPreloadFinished "diag_log [diag_tickTime,'onPreloadFinished']; dayz_preloadFinished = true;";
with uiNameSpace do {RscDMSLoad=nil;}; // autologon at next logon

_verCheck = (getText (configFile >> "CfgMods" >> "DayZ" >> "version") == "DayZ Epoch");
if (!isDedicated) then {
    enableSaving [false, false];    startLoadingScreen ["","RscDisplayLoadCustom"];
    progressLoadingScreen 0;
    dayz_loadScreenMsg = localize 'str_login_missionFile';
    if (_verCheck) then {
        progress_monitor = [] execVM "DZE_Hotfix_1.0.6.1A\system\progress_monitor.sqf";
    } else {
        progress_monitor = [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\progress_monitor.sqf";
    0 cutText ['','BLACK',0];
    0 fadeSound 0;
    0 fadeMusic 0;

initialized = false;
call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\variables.sqf";
call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "dayz_code\init\variables.sqf";
progressLoadingScreen 0.05;
call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\publicEH.sqf";
progressLoadingScreen 0.1;
call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\medical\setup_functions_med.sqf";
progressLoadingScreen 0.15;
call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf";
call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf";
if (_verCheck) then {
    #include "DZE_Hotfix_1.0.6.1A\init\compiles.sqf"
progressLoadingScreen 0.25;
call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\traders\server_traders.sqf";
//call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\mission\sauerland.sqf"; //Add trader city objects locally on every machine early
//if (dayz_POIs && (toLower worldName == "chernarus")) then {call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\mission\chernarus\poi\init.sqf";}; //Add POI objects locally on every machine early
initialized = true;

setTerrainGrid 25;
if (dayz_REsec == 1) then {call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\REsec.sqf";};
execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\DynamicWeatherEffects.sqf";

if (isServer) then {
    call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\system\dynamic_vehicle.sqf";
    call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf";
    execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\traders\sauerland.sqf"; //Add trader agents
    execVM  "\z\addons\dayz_server\bankTraders\bank_ATMs.sqf";  //Add banking agents
    //Get the server to setup what waterholes are going to be infected and then broadcast to everyone.
    if (dayz_infectiousWaterholes && (toLower worldName == "chernarus")) then {execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\mission\chernarus\infectiousWaterholes\init.sqf";};
    // Lootable objects from CfgTownGeneratorDefault.hpp
    if (dayz_townGenerator) then { execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\mission\chernarus\MainLootableObjects.sqf"; };

if (!isDedicated) then {
    //Enables Plant lib fixes
    //execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\antihack.sqf";
    if (toLower(worldName) == "chernarus") then {
        diag_log "WARNING: Clearing annoying benches from Chernarus";
        ([4654,9595,0] nearestObject 145259) setDamage 1;
        ([4654,9595,0] nearestObject 145260) setDamage 1;
    if (dayz_townGenerator) then { execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\client_plantSpawner.sqf"; };
    execFSM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\player_monitor.fsm";
    //[false,12] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\local_lights_init.sqf";
    if (DZE_R3F_WEIGHT) then {execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\external\R3F_Realism\R3F_Realism_Init.sqf";};
    call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\zsc\zscInit.sqf";
    call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\zsc\zscATMInit.sqf";
    execVM "scripts\zsc\playerHud.sqf";
    [] execVM "dayz_code\compile\remote_message.sqf";
    waitUntil {scriptDone progress_monitor};
    cutText ["","BLACK IN", 3];
    3 fadeSound 1;
    3 fadeMusic 1;
    [] execVM "scripts\service_points\service_point.sqf";    
    [] execVM "scripts\Safe_Zones\infiStar_safezone.sqf";
    []execVM "scripts\zsc\sauerland_bankmarkers.sqf";    

    If anyone knows or can help, I thank you

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it's from the hotfix to fix an exploit.

To remove that call to server_traders (since we're using a custom one for ZSC) edit your dayz_server\init\mission_check.sqf and find this text on line 8:


and replace it with this:



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4 hours ago, salival said:

and replace it with this:

I think I can speak for a lot of people, Thank you for your hard work. Server Admins know what it takes to get a server running. Without people like you and others I know there are times that I would be lost. Again Thank you

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      uiSleep 240;
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