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Overpoch Origins Help

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So a few days a ago i switched to Overpoch Origins cos i knew that in it you could build Hero/Bandit houses. But i have no idea how to build them, does anybody know how to build them how many resources you need for each type of house and how to build them?

Also does anybody know if there are any known issues?


Thank you! 

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I also had this question, but i did some research in the server files and found out how to do it, but when i tried it i had some trouble.

What you whould do to build origin houses is to right click the toolbox, then choose "Origins Construction" or something among those lines, and you'll need one scrap metal to build a "Construction Box", i got this far, but when i tried putting the items in it as the config file said, they just randomly popped up around me as it would if you tried putting items in a full tent.

I think it's a glitch however, i don't have the answer im afraid, and i would also like to have an answer to this if anyone knows.

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