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Epoch Pack (Scripts, Tools, Events)

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(Will cover for now, but will also cover a pack for 1.0.6 later. Some of the scripts are already included in 1.0.6, but a customization will be provided in the pack)

I am starting this thread here for a new script pack for which is going to be tested and optimized for FPS. I will create a GitHub Repository for the files (server & client mission PBO's). Please provide suggestions for scripts to include in the pack. Also let me know if you want to participate and work on the pack on my GitHub repository. The goal is to include basic scripts in the pack. I will try to keep the most scripts as realistic as possible. FPS is an important factor. Scripts that will affect FPS too much will not be included or will be disabled by default.

The pack will also include a Tool for Windows that will restart and update your server automatically from a GitHub Release or Hotfix. I have created an auto-update system for my server. Configuration can be separated so only the scripts update (Arma2NET files, Server files and Missiion Files)


Scripts to include:

  1. Script Configuration System (Script can be enabled/disabled and settings can be configured per script)
  2. Coin System
  3. Customized WAI Mission system
  4. Customized DZMS Mission system
  5. Customized DZAI Mission system (patrols, custom AI spawns, etc)
  6. Advanced Trading
  7. Safe Zones
  8. Custom Loot Table
  9. Self blood transfusion
  10. Fog Distance View (Binoculars, RangeFinder)
  11. Lift & Tow Vehicles
  12. Welcome Message Script
  13. In-game Rules Script (with database connection)
  14. In-game Update Script (with database connection)
  15. Plot 4 Life
  16. Snap Building Pro
  17. Vector Building
  18. Plot Management
  19. Door Management
  20. Custom GUI
  21. Custom Loading Screen
  22. Humanity-Level Perks (Bike Spawn, ...)
  23. Kill Messages at traders
  24. Kill Notifications
  25. Convoy Missions
  26. Battle Zone (PVP)
  27. Custom Buildings
  28. Custom Traders (Drugs, ...)
  29. Customized Admin Tools (fixed, added starter-packs, anti-hack)
  30. Loyalty Reward for Players
  31. Automated Database Cleaning (old players, old objects, etc.)
  32. Abandoned Vaults Missions (Safes and Lockboxes)
  33. Custom Loot Events (Building Material, Supplies, Weapons, Treasure)
  34. Animated Heli-Crashes and custom loot (configure heavy/light weapons and loot)
  35. Custom Vehicle Spawn List (add/remove vehicles that can spawn)
  36. Quest System
  37. Most Wanted Mission
  38. ... (will be updated soon)


Tools to include:

  1. Auto-Update for the Pack (Configurable)
  2. Trader Configuration
  3. Database Cleaner

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    • By Bloodthirsty
      Hey I just need some files for this server, any and all you guys can come up with and think it deserve post that shit in chat rn. I want to see some crazy ideas and additions if you got em :) Lets see what you guys can come up with

    • By juandayz
      The very old safezone script by infistar... i was using it in  and made some changes to use in 1.6.
          1. Copy paste the code of below into a file called 16_safezone.sqf - save the file.
          2. Paste this 16_safezone.sqf into mpmissioms\instance_11.chernarus\custom\
          3. Open your init.sqf
          4. At the very bottom of the file add this line:  [] execVM "custom\16_safezone.sqf";
          5. Save the init.sqf and restart your server.
          6-WARNING!!! if ure using some kind of mod that allow vehicles with GodMode out of safezones..  then you will need in 16_safezone.sqf change the path for veh_handleDam.sqf by the path that youre using your custom veh_handleDam.sqf
      this line:  fnc_veh_handleDam = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers '\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\veh_handleDam.sqf';
      @BetterDeadThanZed here you got.
      REMOVE LOOT FROM TRADER CITIES AND PLOT POLES. (should removes zeds from trader places and poles too)
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