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Inglourious Basterds Server

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Would like to introduce the grand release of Inglourious Basterds Epoch Zombie Server
TS3 :
Server Info: IP:  Port: 2302
Required Mods Can be obtained through 
A3 Launcher by Searching for DayZero
SteamWorkshop Collection
Server Features
1-   Custom Halo\Ground Spawn with Starting Loadout
2-   Advanced Towing and Rappelling
3-   Dynamic AI Patrols
4-   Dynamic Zombie Spawns
5-   Random Supply drops
6-   COS to populate Cities with Zombies (WIP) No Longer Needed.
7-   Service Points to Rearm and Repair
8-   Automated EarPlugs
9-   DayZ Loot Method
10- Zombie Gutting
10- AI Missions
11- Status Bar
12- PvPvE 
12- Igiload Removed'till CUP Vehicles Compatibility added
Upcoming Features
Switching to Chernarus Summer Map on 1/22/2017 Successfully Switched!
Igiload Cup Vehicles Compatibility ( WIP 3% )
Unlocked Factions Uniforms for Player use Done
Interaction Between AI and Zombies Done
Attaching Explosives on objects for better raids :wink: Done
Dynamic Weather Done
Auto LockPicker 30% Finished
Would like to give a shout out to Grahame and Natoed for their assistance



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-Server Name was Changed due to finding out there's a Mod called DayZero therefore i had to change the server name.
-Ryan's Zombies & Demons was changed to ZM_Zombz a much better Zombie Mod.
-Map was changed to Chernarus everyone's favourite :D

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      PvE (No PvP) server at Japan. Details on website - too many scripts to write down!
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