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EVR Blowout on Epoch

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I'm dropping this here as the scripts etc are not my works nor are the fixes.

I just trolled thought a few hundred forum post regarding the evr blowout going back a couple of years.

Hoping someone with more knowledge and skills may take this on, and make a server side addon, god knows I tried


1 - Thx to fallingsheep for his hard work - GitHub - a3_emission

2 - Thx to JohnO for the fixes he posted on that other a3 mod's forum - GitHub -  JohnO

Read the notes I left on blowout_config.sqf regarding options that break shit and or currently work, plus check out line 153 of the blowout_server.sqf again thx to JohnO


EVR Blowout


sorry for the poor quality, need it to upload quickly


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