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Epoch 0.4 Release Changelog

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[New] Dynamic and extensible inventory sub menu system for item interaction and crafting options. (Double click item in your inventory)
[Added] Vehicle immunity when a vehicle is left locked inside a player owned base (within jammer range) at server startup. Thanks to @morgoth0 for the feedback!
[Added] Stamina loss when a player jumps.
[Added] Option to pour out gas to get an empty Jerry can and a "Drink" option to poison yourself.
[Added] Option to pour out honey and get an empty jar instead of eating it.
[Changed] Inventory Armor stats feature now dynamic and no longer forced via config.
[Changed] Group menu and group requests options are now found options on the self-action menu. (SPACE BAR)
[Changed] Wardrobe mirror now works in single player.
[Changed] Jetski and Electric Motorcycle motorcycle in-vehicle HUD now functions in singleplayer or editor.
[Changed] Updated Tanoa trade city layout and added ATM's. Thanks to @morgoth0 (aka Grahame on EpochMod.com Forum)
[Changed] Players now start with only 30% Hunger and Thirst instead of 100%.
[Fixed] Increased mass of "Hotwire Kit" (ItemHotwire) magazine item from 2 to 50 to address balance issues. Thanks to PR from @Ignatz-HeMan
[Fixed] Disposal of Snakes and other animals when inside a protection zone.
[Fixed] Shark bite attack and effect can now target all players.
[Fixed] Female ghillie suit transparency issue since Arma update 1.62.
[Fixed] Fireplace position incorrectly shifted down after lighting the fireplace. Thanks for the report by @Ignatz-HeMan #592
[Fixed] Increased anti-teleport range that should hopefully allow for proper HALO spawning.
[Fixed] Typos in Battleye script.txt that caused the filter not to function properly.
[Fixed] Trailing commas in mission addons array. Thanks to a RP from @SPKcoding (aka $p4rky on EpochMod.com Forum)
[Fixed] No longer possible to unlock Doors / Gates while using a UAV. Thanks to PR from @Ignatz-HeMan

Server Side Only:
[New] EpochServer.dll/so is now statically linked to pcre3 and hredis. On Windows this means that the pcre3.dll file in the arma 3 root can now be removed. On Linux we no longer depend on libhredis and libpcre to be installed.
[Added] Example mission file epoch_RyanZed.Tanoa that includes "RyanZombies" in the required addons array.
[Fixed] Database logging now trims log entries via the LogLimit setting  provided in EpochServer.ini. The default is 1000 log records per list.

Known Issues:
Jetski and Electric Motorcycle motorcycle in-vehicle HUD will not initialize if player is spawned inside vehicle, as display getin EH did not fire.

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Epoch Mod 0.4 released, up next 0.5! 
downloads: http://epochmod.com/

Please report any BE kicks here: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/issues/651

And any other feedback or bugs can be reported on the forum or on the GitHub. Please try to find and post in an existing issue before creating a new one, when possible.

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0.4 b668 released:

[Fixed] Crash when opening crafting menu since A3 1.66.
[Fixed] workaround for HandleDisconnect not firing since A3 1.66.
[Fixed] changed playableUnits to allPlayers
[Changed] improved Epoch_selectInventoryItem function
[Changed] improved inventory locked check with arma 1.66 features.

Known Issue: 
Killed event handler is not firing since 1.66 release.

Changes Since 655:


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0.4 b672 released:

[Added] Indestructible base options via CfgEpochServer (epochconfig.hpp) thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan
[Fixed] Possible error in serverCommand function.
[Changed] Revert Player Death function workaround since the issue is now fixed. Thanks to @Ignatz-HeMan

Changes Since 668:


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[Fixed] Skip saving of already killed vehicles. @Ignatz-HeMan 
[Fixed] Load all vehicles magazines correctly. @Ignatz-HeMan 
[Fixed] Typo in helper scripts (EPOCH_server_movePlayer and EPOCH_server_teleportCheck)
[Fixed] Make player revive code wait for data propagation similar to player load. Should reduce chances of loading into an empty body.
[Changed] Added some apex backpacks to BE filter.
[Changed] bools converted to string or a number in configs.
[Changed] EPOCH_fnc_returnConfigEntry(V2) now also supports 0/1 via config when
default input is a bool. Note: this commit may address issue with Bad conversion: bool rpt spam.

It is suggested to use the following format for storing booleans in configs:
1 = true
0 = false


Changes Since 672:

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