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RIP Junior

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When Junior was just a puppy he was abandoned on the porch of a buddies house at night in winter in Texas. The first I met him we looked at each other and made eye contact and you can say it was love at first sight, as I adopted him right away.

I took him in even though I was still staying with my Parents and didn't have permission as my Mom said at the time she didn't want another dog. So, he had to sleep outside again the first night. I made him a nice warm place to sleep and by the second day he won over my mom and got to sleep in the house.

For the first year of his life, he got to hang out with my Dad and we trained him together. As soon as I got my own place he moved in with me and we became inseparable. He got the full run of my little 2 acres of land and would bark at anything out of place. Once he saved my neighbors chickens by barking with a certain tone, my neighbor came out to see what the odd bark was about only to find snakes in the chicken coop.

He was one of the smartest dogs I have ever had the pleasure to meet. We had a lot of good times together. Like the time we took a 21+ hour road trip to Iowa. He just loved being at my side and going for a ride regardless of the destination. I think he liked that almost everyone we met out on our drives would compliment him on being a "pretty" dog.

He had gone downhill over the last several months. It started with his toes on his back legs knuckling under while walking. I had been trying to keep him moving and active but it has now progressed to the point that he cannot even walk and doesn't even get excited about a treat.

Today we made our last car trip together. Putting him down is one of the harder decisions of my life but it was the best thing to do for him. Junior lived a full life to the age of 15.

If you have a pet, please give a little extra love to them as time passes by so quickly.



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My sympathies Vbawol. I understand how it feels.

Losing a dog, a mans best friend, is not just loosing a pet. Its a family member,  That animal can teach you more respect for things in life, than any human being can. The amount of loyalty and joy they have for you is out of this world.  And just that teaches you alot.

I put my boy down in feb this year. He would of been 12 in march. Part Shepard and rotty.  But he led an amazing life, and taught me alot.  I live in eastern Canada. I moved to florida for 3 years when I was 19. I brought him with me to Florida, and when i moved back here, he came back with me. He followed me everywhere i went. Even at work sometimes.

I taught him to love everything, and to never hate. He would even play with a ferret lol.

Some people think when they get old they arnt "cute" anymore.

Some drop them off at shelters and get pups. (frankly i hope their kids do the same to them lol)

But the truth is, when they are old is when they need you the most. 

Not many dogs get the chance to live to 15 and have a good pooch life. Junior certainly seems like he lived a fulfilled life. :)

What i liked about your story is that HE found you, you didnt go looking for a dog.  Same happened to me. I think it means more that way personally.

Deciding to get another dog is not the easiest decision either. You cant replace that personality, but you gave him life. And i think the best thing to do is give life to another dog. Its not easy putting them down, but the love they have for you over the years far outweighs  their end.

Last week, Montreal passed a law, any dog resembling a "pitbull", this includes Staffordshire Terrier and a few others, at a SPCA, must be euthanized the day it goes in effect, which is October 3rd. << Guess how many people are furious. The SPCA is actually suing the city of montreal over this.

The one thing that helped me pass the time when i put him down was working on my servers as crazy as it sounds. I just got lost and wouldnt think about anything but code lol
but it still feels like a month ago i put him down, even if it was in feb.  Its not easy, but time takes care of it. Time takes care of everything :)

You know you gave your dog a great life, thats plenty to keep your head up :)

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