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I was with dayz.st for a few months and all ws fine. When i changed maps to epoch it got very buggy and kept loosing connection to the db. Depending on how quick i noticed and restarted there was the possability of loosing lots of gameplay work.

Also i wasnt happy that they was re wrighting the c;-)ode for it to work on there servers.

Vilater offers complete access to all server files not just the pbo files.

The only plus for dayz.st was the admin map however with the epoch dynamic spawns it lost all functions other then showing vehicle and player locations.

If anyone decides to swap let me know as i can send you my refural link ;-)

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If you're living in the states and have a nice little community going why not go dedicated?

Or just get a virtual machine on a nice dedicated and do it yourself?




That should be able to run a server fine yes?

Also host a website? Teamspeak? Other stuff. 


Providers are great but commonly you are paying for more than you are getting.

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we have had a dedicated box before. i regret to say the funds just aren't there for one now. if or when our server gets a nice sized player base going that may or may not be willing to donate to support the server we might go that route.


dedicated is ideal in hosting i agree.

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