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[Looking for Admins!] [UK]Oblivion Epoch|Single Currency|No plot pole|Deployable Bike|Self BB|DZMS

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Oblivion Epoch

If you wish to apply for admin leave your steam URL below and i will add you!



Self bloodbag


Single currency and banking

Deployable bike

DZAI with DZMS and WAI

Advanced trading

No plot pole building

Almost no building rules


High FPS

Loads of missions

Coin storage in vehicles and storage boxes

Trader Safezones

Heli-crash missions

Medical supply missions

Bandit and Hero missions

Custom missions coming soon!






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    • By killerkiwi
      hello all i made this crafting menu a while back all this dose make crafting quicker and kinda easier and i left some buttons free to customise ect
      creddit to juandayz and theduke helping with some code and giving tips on arma 2 gui edditor
      you will need click action script to make this work
      this really easy to install got to you description.ext and add the two lines to the bottom
      #include "Stormz\menu\STORMZ_CRAFT_MENU_DEFINES.hpp"
      #include "Stormz\menu\STORMZ_CRAFT_MENU.hpp"
      Step two got to MPMissions\your instance folder\overwrites\click_actions\
      and open config.sqf add this line to DZE_CLICK_ACTIONS = [];
      ["ItemToolbox","Stormz Craft Menu","execVM 'Stormz\menu\open_menu.sqf';","true"]
      like this DZE_CLICK_ACTIONS = [["ItemToolbox","Stormz Craft Menu","execVM 'Stormz\menu\open_menu.sqf';","true"]];

      last thing to do is move the STORMZ folder to your instance folder and you are done have fun
      an image to see what it looks like

      big thanks to MigSDev5 for making this better this have more items and build houses builds heils ect here his is added code 
       his epoch profile Mig
    • By 2DayZ2Retirement
      G'day, Survivors.
      I am having an issue on my server where vehicles which spawn randomly around the map repair themselves upon server restart.
      I use this config in my init.sqf which successfully spawns the vehicles in damaged and with low fuel...
      DynamicVehicleDamageLow = 75;
      DynamicVehicleDamageHigh = 100;
      DynamicVehicleFuelLow = 0;
      DynamicVehicleFuelHigh = 25;
      ...However upon each server restart the vehicles repair themselves (the fuel remains low however) and for the life of me I can't figure out why this is happening. 
      DayZ Version -DayZ Epoch
      Scripts Used -DZAI | -DZMS | -Right Click Actions (Suicide, Smoke Drugs, GPS Scan)
      AntiHack - InfiSTAR
      Server Host - GTXGaming
      My HiveEXT.log and arma2oaserver.RPT logs are not showing anything out of the ordinary.
      I'm not sure if it matter, but all Planes/Helicopters and Boats have been removed from the server via the dynamic_vehicle.sqf.
      In addition, all of the traders and trader cities being removed by removing the call for the CfgServerTrader.hpp in the description.ext.
      If there is any other info I can show to assist in fixing this problem please let me know, any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • By SKO85
      ARMA 2 - FP4P Epoch Server - Chernarus Map
    • By sercanatici
      If you guys looking for alot of fun.
      iDP|Epoch|Chernarus|Static Missions|Alot more(
      Server Features
      Change View distance (Binocular/Rangefinder/NVG)
      Custom Building
      Custom Class
      Custom Spawn Point
      Custom Traders
      Debloy Bike/Motorbike/Mozzie
      Door management
      Locate vehicle by right click on the map
      Plot management
      Roaming Ai missions
      Static Ai Missions
      Tow and Lift
      Walking Zombies
      Weed farm
      and lot more..
      Teamspeak 3 server:
      Server ip:
      If you are having any trouble with arma feel free to contact the staff on the teamspeak. The staff team will be available most of the time.
    • By killerkiwi
      we are an expanding gaming community come and join us on the killing fun 
      server mod's
      dayz epoch
      wai mission system
      air drops
      500 plot item limit
      custom base items
      custom traders
      added weapons to  vehicle
      weed farm
      harvest /sell  weed
      safe zones
      plot management
      door management
      group management
      hotwire safes
      select spawn
      rob bank/priest
      custom maze mission
      custom map eddits
      and much more !!!
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