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So we have lost our coder for our server and I don't know how to code. The Server is hosted by GTX gaming. It currently isn't saving to the data base , and the coins just say ( ANY ) . I am willing to pay 40 bucks to fix the server and add eye scan.  If it turns out to be really time intensive to fix the payment could be more.  I would also like to keep you on the books sort of speak for future needs. And would continue to pay you for your time.   

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    • By WhiskeyTango
      I recently acquired a dayz overpoch server and the data base is not saving. Also the coins aren't working either. It could be from the same issue but I'm not sure. I'm willing to pay 40 bucks to repair the server and add eye scan. Or 75 to build a whole new server.  Friend me on steam if your interested .  Mr_Pepsi_178.
    • By rentiger1112
      Hi guys, Rentiger here I was wondering if there was a chance anyone would be willing to help me get an overpoch server or two setup on my new dedicated box, I keep running into the same issue and cannot seem to move past it. I get stuck saying the server is running the incorrect epoch version  yadda yadda but I just downloaded the files from the github today? I am willing to pay anyone who is able to help me setup the two overpoch servers using the single currency pbos that I have already made.
    • By Donal
      If Anyone is experienced in setting up dayz servers/coding scripts and are interested in coding for a cost then ill be happy to pay for your service and time contact me via private mail and we can discuss this in more detail thanks for your time
      coding experience,reliable,18+
      Best regards Donal
    • By canibuszeus
      Hello, I am looking for a dedicated scripter to be a valuable part of our community called The Quarantine Zone (3 part owned)
      Our Server is Hosted by FastPointGaming and is currently running 10 player slots but we are looking to upgrade to 30 within a week or so
      We currently have a part time scripter and it isn't working out for us.
      What we currently want added:
      Infistar Admin Tools + Anti-Hack
      (More to come)
      We dont need much right now however this is a payed position in our community and if you are interested please come by our teamspeak...
      TS: quarantinezone.teamspeak3.com:7984
      Server IP:
      We will discuss payments in Teamspeak
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