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    • By Cherdenko
      Edit: Should be also working for 1062, as ive seen some servers running this
      Hello guys i've decided to release my "Debug Monitor". It's not much like a monitor but its looking quiet nice.
      This was originally for my Napf and Chernarus server and i thought why not share it, since the players seemed to like it.
      So how does it look like?
      Download Link:
      https://mega.nz/#F!OBYz2QSI!PlskDOd_JQ-Y1s_SKdMSaA how to initialize? simply put an   you want to use your own path?
      You want to change the color of the font?
      you want to change the restart timer?
      @juandayz's edit:
      this is how it looks:
      and also comment out in hud.hpp:
      Hope you like it.
    • By Rust
      I've been looking at old resources of GUI's however nothings been working out, the closest I got was
      following an old tutorial from, it worked however it also overlapped with the base gui images/values of hunger/blood etc so I ended up removing it
       was what I used
      Is there anything similar that can be used in
    • By DirtySanchez
      Hey everybody,
      Here is another goodie from me to YOU!
      Real Health System v0.3
      This was started because a couple of community members at EpochMod.Com/Forums got together and took a basic idea and ran with it.
      Their initial work on Hunger and Thirst gave me the inspiration to make it even more involved and more realistic.
      From there I took it that next step and started looking at the other debug values that Epoch gives us and wham, ideas started pouring out!
      I still have many ideas left to add and tweak but this is a good start for the entire community to use in the meantime.
      So, all variables involved here kinda work with each other as well as work with the current health system in place made by Epoch.
      That's the current list of all variables that come into play.
      Any modifications to this script must be shared back to me(to add to the current script) for the rest of the community to enjoy.
      Please consider donating to Donkey Punch to keep not only the scripts coming but this community alive!
      Whats in it so far
      too wet, lower temperaturetoo soiled, increase toxicitytoo toxic, lower immunitytoo low of immunity, raise temp - tox lower staminabloddpressure too high, lower stamina, raise temp, increase damage headwound too great, raise temp, lower immunity, raise tox, erase stamina, increase damage Update, just got to understanding bleeding will add it into at least one current and any future ideas that require it.
    • By nova
      Hello. I'm running epoch 1061 and I want to remove all the new bloodbag from the server and just use the regular ones however when you self transfuse it instantly makes you go unconcious for 62 seconds. Players and myself have tried this and you just touch the self tranfuse WAM knockout. Anyone have a fix for this? Thank you
    • By theduke
      Hi Epoch community,
      Have you ever wanted a way for players to be able to see your server rules while in-game?
      Are you tired of repeating yourself with simple answers to simple questions?
      Looking for a different way to deploy items or call certain scripts?
      Our community uses mostly scripts from this awesome epoch community. Its our time to give back :)
      I've decided to make a release version of my GUI for everyone to use.
      Download UPDATED FOR 1061: https://github.com/theduke77/Custom-Menu
      Or follow this link
      https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/43462-release-custom-gui-menu-updated-for-1061/In the video, i have my community colors in the GUI, the release version I tried to match the zupa colors.
      I've received tremendous help from SHIX. Most of the credit goes to him for explaining to me how to do this.
      also, I've used the code he provided as a template and built this from that.
      He kindly allowed me to share with all of you
      Ok, now for the fun part.
      This is NOT for someone new to the world of epoch server management. (probly because of my instructions lol)
      This is NOT a plug-n-play addon. You must configure all the files and customize the menu
      I would strongly suggest you have a test server to be able to test it as you create new pages.
      Try one page to make sure it looks good, then go from there.
      If you want to change the colors of stuff, check out the options section before creating pages.
      I will do my best to explain to the best of my knowledge.
      I'm far from being a coder lol
      Tools required
      Notepad ++
      PBO Tool
      patience...with my instructions ;)
      TextView (optional)
      How to create new pages
      Known issues
      Many thanks to SHIX. Without him explaining this GUI stuff to me I wouldn't of made it lol
      Thanks to Kill Zone kids blogs, they are amazing to learn from.
      Hope you guys enjoy it.
      I will support this to the best of my knowledge :)
      16/02/2017 UPDATE
      Thank you to @Casual_Jeff for this 1.0.6 FIX
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