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Hi, We currently have R3F running on our server, we have Tow, Lift and Cargo configured and working but i recently decide to add some move-able by player objects to the list. My plan was to add searchlights and static machine guns to the trader, which I have done. They can then be loaded as cargo into a truck or heli, driven to a location and unloaded. This is where the problems lie. When unloaded, the Static M2 gun seems to be automatically attached to the player, i'm unsure if this is a bug, or if this is how its supposed to be. But the problem is that you can't drop it. There is no option on the scroll wheel to select drop. Also, it should be possible to pick up and carry a stationary object, walk with it to a vehicle or location and drop it. There is also no option to pick up or move. I had problems with the Battleye filters when I tried to load or unload a 'Static' object, but after editing the BE filters, it is now fixed, I have checked the RPT log, no errors.

This is what my settings are within the script.



 * List of class names of objects moveables by player.

//R3F_LOG_CFG_objets_deplacables = ["Land_Teapot_EP1"];

R3F_LOG_CFG_objets_deplacables =




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    • By looter809
      I made some modifications to the A2Logistics tow/lift script a while ago and finally got around to making an official fork for anyone to use. It makes a better attempt at considering weights of vehicles to add a more realistic spin on towing and lifting. It should be fairly straightforward if you wish to modify anything.
      Here's some of the changes it brings:
      Adds tiers of vehicles by estimated weight such as Large, Medium, Small, and Tiny for Ground and Air vehicles. A vehicle can tow anything of it's own size or smaller. So a Large ground vehicle can tow any ground vehicle. A medium vehicle like an SUV can only tow other medium vehicles and smaller. A tank can tow any ground vehicle BUT can not be lifted A Large helicopter can lift small and tiny helicopters. A Large helicopter can lift any ground vehicle, whereas a medium helicopter can only lift medium and smaller. The airTug car (classname "TowingTractor" and other tractors) can tow any plane. Most boats are considered 'medium' cars Adds option to drop lifted vehicles when flying above 50 alt If you drop a vehicle above 50 alt, it will get a parachute and smoke grenade attached. "ParachuteBigWest" if large vehicle, otherwise "ParachuteMediumWest" Automatically translates for english, german, and french players on a per player basis. Previously the server developer had to choose one for all players You can find the download and install instructions HERE

    • By Harkness
      From what I see this was made by user matt-d-rat about 6 years ago. All i did was light up a few smokes and update all the old variable names to get it running on our 1062 + 107 servers from which we use a lot of scripts from here so here is a contribution back from me. I only added Epoch Vehicles in there.
      Original Instructions
      Original Thread
      All you need to do is follow matt-d-rats Original Instructions above, But instead of using the old files he made use my edited versions below
    • By mgm
      source code is here: https://gitlab.com/themgm/transport_for_arma
      This script bring the following functionality:
      [READY] Players can call an AI piloted land vehicle TaxiAnywhere and request it to take you to a point on map which YOU CHOOSE BY CLICKING ON MAP.
      Upon reaching destination AI-controlled-taxi-vehicle will stop and you can disembark. The taxi will then ride away and despawn away from player (for immersion).
        [READY] Players can call an AI piloted land vehicle FixedDestinationTaxi and request it to take you to ONE OF THE FEW PRE-CHOSEN (by ServerAdmin) points on map.
      Upon reaching destination AI-controlled-taxi-vehicle will stop and you can disembark. The taxi will then ride away and despawn away from player (for immersion).
        [WIP] Players can embark an AI piloted land vehicle PublicBus and it will automatically drive on its PRE-CHOSEN BUS ROUTE (by ServerAdmin).
      When a player wish to disembark, they can request a STOP-VEHICLE via the TfA-GUI & allow them to disembark. The bus will then ride away and carry on looping its route.
      Taxi Anywhere Taxis    :    Initial Booking Fee + 1st Mile Fee + Pay-as-you-Go Fee    -- ServerAdmin can customize or disable any of the fees. Fixed Destination Taxis    :    'Single Fee'             -- Fee is calculated on the fly according to a pricing mechanism. ServerAdmin can customize or disable this fee. Public Buses        :    'Single Fee'            -- ServerAdmin can customize/disable the fee on any/all BusRoutes.  
      GNU GPL v3. You can do whatever you want with this mod as long as you give the same freedom to others on your derivative works.
      29 Jan 2017 - git repo is gone. direct link to the last package (v.0.6.5b2 from 18th May 2016) http://www.filedropper.com/mgmtfav065build2
      18th May 2016 - New version v.0.6.5b2 available!
      Release package direct link to 7zip archive file: https://gitlab.com/themgm/Transport_for_Arma/blob/master/release_packages/_autogenerated/v.0.6.5.build2/mgmTfA_v.0.6.5.build2.7z
      Installation Instructions: https://gitlab.com/themgm/Transport_for_Arma/blob/master/documentation/INSTALLATION_INSTRUCTIONS.txt
      Link to release directory where you can download the three additional files to verify integrity: https://gitlab.com/themgm/Transport_for_Arma/tree/master/release_packages/_autogenerated/v.0.6.5.build2
      If you try this script, please let me know what you think :)
      Please post in this thread.

      See it in action! Click below to go to post #2 - VIDEOS
      last edit:
      21 Jan 21 - added source code URL (find it in the 1st post)
      29 Jan 17 - added latest version link & clarified project status.
    • By tyrant50187
      Im looking for the ability to add Script allowing Eyescan (retina scan) For Safe's and lockboxes, ether or, its something i havent found any script for but have found mentions and seen, any suggestions, links, or scripts are welcome, please Let me know!
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