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EpochZ: Black Tide

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EpochZ: Black Tide is now running on its own dedicated server.

New IP: Port 2302

Also made some changes including the new use of hotwire kits to crack vehicle locks and base doors. These are not purchasable from the traders and a rare loot find in some Epoch loot containers. e.g. bunks, pelicans, etc.

Other updates performed. More to come of course.

Thanks to @RC_Robio for his advice on the choice of server provider. Much appreciated, great service from them so far!

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"Camp Redoubt has received reports that the Russians have found an experimental weapon in the ruins of Damascus and are planning on testing it out on the island of Altis. Be on your toes, stay frosty and alert"

A major overhaul to the server began yesterday with the following changes being made:

  • Simple Epoch Missions system updated to new version provided by @He-Man Modified all AI gear, vehicles and loot to use CUP though and added several new dynamic convoy missions.
  • Lock picking of storage is now possible in the same way as vehicle lock-picking.
  • A new price list has been installed for Epoch and Black Market traders. This has been in the works for some time now but we wanted to get it right. Although prices are now higher for military gear it is balanced by the fact that sale prices have also risen proportionately. It does however mean that it will be a little more work to get the high end military gear.
  • Several new additions to the Black Markets including new Littlebirds, woodland and black versions of the Mk16 and Mk17 SCAR rifles, Vector SMGs and the SpecOps HMMWV and Mk-19 equipped Land Rover.
  • InfiSTAR updated to latest version.
  • A "surprise" has been added to the roaming land vehicle AI (see the top of this post).
  • A few minor bugs and glitches have been fixed.

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There have been quite a few additions to Black Tide today:

  • The addition of the RDS Civilian Pack mod adding all the missing vehicles that you love so well, including the mountain bike, Thomas the Tractor, Skoda vans, an ambulance and militia car with working sirens and lights among many others.
  • Deploy and repack a bicycle if you have a ToolKit (available in the initial gear selection).
  • New Buildables at your base (all are saved to the database and behave as any other base parts, apart from the lack of PhysX when building): working Portable Lights, a Sink and Field Toilet (both are water sources), Razor Wire, Watch Tower, various Sandbag Walls, Fuel Pump, large and small Camo Nets, Loudspeakers, a Burn Barrel and an ATM (which acts as an ATM unsurprisingly).
  • Toggle on and off plot pole jammer boundary markers to see the extent of your demesne. :ph34r:
  • Dynamic Road Debris from Epoch 0.6 Experimental (this one's been there for a while).

See the EpochZ community forum for the crafting recipes for the new buildables in the Black Tide section.


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A few changes, some major yesterday on Black Tide:

  • Addition of the Hellenic Armed Forces Mod
  • Addition of the Enhanced Movement Mod (map custom Use Action to '5' and that'll jump and climb)
  • Addition of Autorun - default 'Y' key to turn on and off (thanks @Ghostrider-DbD-)
  • Removal of Toolkit when you start deploying a bike and adding it back when you repack the bike
  • Several tweaks to both the BlackEagl's and Wicked AI mission systems (including rare hotwire kits as mission loot)
  • Addition of the Jammer Z Shield around your base
  • Roaming AI tweaks - crypto from the roaming AI is now found on their bodies, not mobile phones

To use the climb/jump from Enhanced Movement, set your Custom>Use Action 5 to a key like '5' in Keyboard Configuration. If you set it to another number key you will need to remove the mapping of the other number key in the Commands section of keyboard configs

Also by default autorun will be mapped to the Y key (turn on/off toggle). Hitting another WASD or the 5 key will also take off autorun by default (that's why I recommend '5' for your enhanced movement jump/climb)

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The Chinese use of nuclear weapons on their own cities before The Fall has had an unfortunate effect on weather patterns across the world. While not a fully fledged "nuclear winter", the winters in Europe have become a lot more severe.


Merry Christmas everyone from myself and my admin team for the EpochZ servers. In the spirit of the season, the Winter 2035 mod has been added to the EpochZ: Black Tide server until the new year.

In addition, the Hellenic Armed Forces Mod (HAFM) is now required for Greek vehicles and uniforms and a few other minor changes (fixes) have been deployed (note that A3Launcher now supports HAFM).

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Winter is at an end on Altis until next Christmas, so Winter 2035 is no longer required to join the server.

CUP Terrains Core has been added to the mod list. This is required for some upcoming major map changes and to support the Wicked AI missions ported from ARMA2 DayZ/Epoch.

Some other changes today:

  • New weather script deployed. The weather should feel more realistic and be less rainy
  • Bug fixes to Loot Spawner and Simple Epoch Missions
  • Some vehicle changes for BlackEagl's Mission System (the blue, red, green and orange ones) together with the addition of one extra blue and red mission (the easiest ones)
  • ARMA2 DayZ/Epoch missions deployed for the Wicked AI system (Abandoned Trader, Drone Pilot, McDonald's Farm, Slaughterhouse and USMC FOB)
  • Fixed the issue with buying the RIS version of the G3A3 and added the magazines for that
  • Changes to the hunger/thirst boosts from food and drink and rationalized their pricing.
  • Removed Epoch's crashed satellites for the moment (they will be back when I make them better)
  • All players now start with energy so that they can place tents, etc.

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Several more changes in the past week on EpochZ: Black Tide, some major, some cosmetic:

  • Added Apex's boats and 4WD offroads to the trader price lists
  • Added the Greek HK416 (uses STANAG mags)
  • Added my customized version of A3EAI (roaming AI). AI now have appropriate gear and weapons depending on their difficulty level: 0 = civilian, 1 = Greek Army & Police, 2 = BAF, 3 = USMC. Played a bit with the loot found on roaming AI too
  • Removed the plant spawn markers and configured Epoch so it does not make the other markers larger as the map is zoomed
  • Freshened up starting spawn gear and locations
  • Added a knife and can opener to the traders and loot. You now need a knife or hatchet to gut a dead animal
  • You now need a knife, can opener or hatchet to open all cans other than sardines. You will get a decreasing hunger reward depending on which you use due to wastage
  • Morphine now works properly and only heals leg damage after you have broken one (a broken leg in Epoch happens when you take over 50% damage there). If your leg is not broken then using morphine has no effect (but does not use up the injector)
  • Added missing Mk200 to traders
  • Added missing SR-25 and SR-25EC to the traders
  • Added the following missing magazines to the traders: 10-round Sa-61 and blue, purple and orange 6-round signal mags
  • Added the following missing muzzles to the traders: Khaki and sand variants of the 5.56mm and 7.62mm standard ARMA3 suppressors
  • Reworked trader dialogs so some of the items now appear in the proper categories rather than being lumped under Magazines>Other. Added two new categories: Magazines>Medical and Magazines>Vehicle Repair to make it easier to find these items
  • Temporarily removed vanilla Epoch UAVs. I had fixed something that I had done that had broken them but apparently I fixed it too well since they were starting to spam people. Will get the issue resolved and add them back. In the interim, the A3EAI system that handles roaming AI has it's own UAVs that summon in AI help (actually in a more realistic way). That system is still active.
  • Added the Ural chassis to the traders as well as a couple of other items that were glitched in the black markets
  • Removed the toxicity and radiation effects of sardines... I like sardines! Now if only I could make toast @Helion4 (hint, hint :wink:)
  • Tactical Bacon moved to correct Magazines>Food section in BM trader
  • Anti-virus pills/injectors moved to correct Magazines>Medical section in BM trader
  • Added new buildings used in current and future Points of Interest to the ground loot tables
  • Replaced the ATMs in the trader camps with bankers (the guys in the suits). Hold SPACE and click on the Crypto ("Bank") icon. ATMs no longer access the bank but phones do (you are on the phone with your banker)

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Players: We want more weapons...

Grahame: But you have all the CUP Weapons, there are a lot of them, and the stuff from HAFM

Players: We Want More Weapons.

Grahame: But it's a lot of work adding new weapons mods :blink:


Oh, alright then. NI Arms All-in-One mod has been added to EpochZ: Black Tide. All the weapons and attachments from the mod are available at the traders and spawn as loot. 

Mod can be subscribed to on Steam at: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1208517358

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Hey Graham

Love the winter mod gives Altis a whole new lease of life & personally makes the weather system a lot more pleasant to operate in, so good on you for putting this together.

There is though one small irritation, for some reason it takes the server nearly 20 mins to come back up after restart, I dunno if its possible to do anything about this, but I thought you should know.

Once again thanks for keeping it interesting

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Hey Grahame

sorry to be the bearer of issues - but those of us who've been on over the last three or four nights have been experiencing multiple disconnections during a single session. All seemingly random & involving either arma crashes for status access violations or public variable disconnects. My personal record is five disconnects in a session.

Here's hoping you can perhaps throw some light on this



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As it says on our FAQ channel in discord, now pinned:


***Why is my character secretly female?***

To start with it is useful to know that ARMA has four "sides" in the game, these being BLUFOR, OPFOR, GUER or INDEPENDENT and CIV. The relationship between each of these sides can be set in the mission and even changed while a mission is running (thus player actions could turn a guerilla group against them mid-game). Multiple factions can be defined for each side (for example USMC, US Army, BAF within BLUFOR) but that has no bearing on the question.

So, how does this affect Epoch and your player then. Well, Epoch being the first of the ARMA3 survival mods, wanting to continue to allow female characters as ARMA2's DayZ/Epoch did decided this time around to use siding, rather than a variable in the player record to specify gender... which is a problem, because if female characters are BLUFOR and male OPFOR, which they are in vanilla Epoch, then only one side is left for enemy AI (CIV is used for objects).

Since I had introduced the infected, I wanted to make the servers more immersive and allow the AI soldiers to battle them if they came into contact. Basically, though the AI can not *trigger* the infected spawns, if they came across players battling infected then I wanted the three sides to all be hostile to each other (before I did what I did they would ignore each other, which was not very realistic).

So, I made everyone BLUFOR (female), freeing OPFOR for the AI and GUER for the infected. Now, as you have seen when all three are in an area together then there is a three-way battle as there would be irl. 

The issue is that, without producing a custom client-side mod, I *cannot* change the CfgVehicles definition of male and female characters so I faked it to some extent. Male characters when first chosen or when you respawn appear to be male in the spawn room but when you take your uniform off ARMA makes you appear as your character model is defined, i.e. female...

***Why can I not put certain uniforms on in the field?***

Bohemia, in their infinite wisdom decided that wearing the uniform of the enemy is against the laws of war and prohibited players from *easily* doing so. The side that a uniform can be worn by is often defined in the definition of the uniform (all CUP, Epoch and ARMA3 vanilla uniforms do this, Tryk defined their uniforms to be worn by anyone).

In vanilla ARMA3 Epoch, which some people have not encountered yet, female characters can only wear BLUFOR and CIV uniforms, male characters can only wear OPFOR and CIV uniforms and no one can wear GUER uniforms.

With the changes I made to gender, obviously all characters are defined with the female model. This means that in the field, with ARMA's limitations, you can pick up and wear any BLUFOR uniform (and CIV and Tryk's) without a problem. The engine however prohibits you from picking up and wearing OPFOR and GUER uniforms!

To allow you a choice of uniforms, I "fixed" the player load and spawn scripts, together with the Black Market traders scripts to use the forceAddUniform function which ignores siding when putting one on you... this is the only way for a player to wear a non-BLUFOR, CIV or Tryk uniform.

On some of the servers I run I provide a client side mod that unlocks all the uniforms and makes everyone BLUFOR by residing Epoch's male character, but because I want Black Tide accessible on A3Launcher I cannot add my own client side mod because I refuse to pay to have my EpochZ community mod on that launcher... Mod owners are forbidden by Bohemia to charge for their mod so I find it difficult to understand how an third party ARMA Launcher can. But that's the way it is.


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  • Similar Content

    • By Grahame
      Travel back to where it all began...
      When the Pacific Flu hit Chernarus the country was recovering from the disastrous civil war that had wracked the country for years. Luckily, Russian, CDF, Red Star, NAPA and CFOR units were already in place, forgot their former rivalries and immediately jumped in to help... It wasn't long before they too had succumbed to the plague!
      Visit the EpochZ Community Forum or contact us on Discord.
      Required Mods
      Ryan's Zombies and Demons. Zombies can infect you. Watch out because if you die from the virus then your body may not be where you left it when you return...
      CBA_A3, CUP Weapons, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles: it's 2025 with 2025 weapons and vehicles. I've completely overhauled loots.h for CUP but not increased the loot spawn chances.
      CUP Terrains Core
      DS Houses: Opening up lots of previously unopened buildings. Custom loot spawner to generate ground loot in these and other buildings
      Chernarus Redux: Opening up more vehicles and a map with a distinctly post-apocalyptic feel
      RDS Civilian Pack for all the missing DayZ/Epoch vehicles including the bicycles, Thomas the Tractor and the unsurpassed Yamaha TT650!
      Tryk's Multi-Player Uniforms: lots more uniforms for the uniform junkies out there. This is the one that you want if you are downloading via Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=779520435
      Enhanced Movement so you can climb over walls and onto buildings to escape the infected
      LordRampantHumps Items Pack for apples and pears that can be harvested from apple and pear trees
      Massi's WW2 Units adding some extra weapons, including the Mosin, Kar98, a few SMGs and pistols
      Kurt's Survival System (KSS) for and host of Slavic food and drink, including vodka and beer
      @EpochZ_Cows for Cows!!!
      @EpochZMod which provides new models for certain base building structures, adds new equipment and base building options and modifies infected skins and behaviour so that they have animal, not human AI intelligence
      A3EAI: with vehicle and helicopter patrols. AI patrols and spawns replace the default Epoch antagonists (apart from the Epoch UAVs and subsequent militia if you don;t shoot them down). The AI will interact with the Zs and vice versa.
      SEM, BlackEagl's and WAI Missions: all with weapons, equipment and loot customized for CUP and including SEM Convoy missions. And yes, there is the WAI Nuke mission. If no one's dealt with that before the timer expires run like hell 
      DayZ style Helicopter Crash Sites: with reduced CUP-based loot and infected "defending" them.
      C-130 Supply Drops, guarded by AI and with CUP-based loot.
      Black Market Traders in the three trader cities (Stary, Bash and Klen) and elsewhere.
      HALO/Ground Spawns and you can select limited Starting Gear
      Rewrite of LootSpawner to spawn zombies on buildings rather than in an area. The Zs (which are reskined to match the map - including military Zs - are also dumber than in standard Ryan's Zombies with animal intelligence and thus easier to sneak past and evade). There are generally lower amounts of loot than normal on EpochZ servers though to fit the feel of the server
      "New" Wicked AI Missions, including several more ported from ARMA2/Epoch including the slaughter house, abandoned trader, drone pilot and Old MacDonald's farm. More to come soon!
      New items include Hunting Knifes, gas masks, laptops and PC Parts for looting and lots of new food and drink (fruits together with the Russian food and drink from KSS Mod, including vodka)
      New Buildables: Sleeping Bags (green, blue and brown) - can be made spawn points, a Large Workbench - required for crafting more complex base kits, Storage Crates and a Portable Generator. Also have provided new models for certain building parts to better fit into Chernarus Redux including the Plot Pole (you'll recognise this from somewhere...), Outhouse, Well and Deer Stand
      Cows! kill them and take and cook the steaks. Note, to gut animals you now need a hunting knife or hatchet
      Can opener, knife or hatchet required to eat from canned food. You get less or more hunger back depending on which you use
      Harvest apples and pears from their trees (and sunflowers for their seeds too!)
      New Points of Interest designed by @BetterDeadThanZed including new trader camp layouts at Bash and Stary
      All uniforms are unlocked for all players
      Deploy a bicycle (with vehicle repair parts) or a Mozzie (with vic repair parts, an engine block, fuel tank, rotor and duct tape) via the action (scrollwheel) menu
      A complete rework of the hunger and thirst values from food and drink
      New spawns now have energy so that they can build campsites
      Halv's Repair and Reammo Script, rearm and repair your vehicles at the kiosks at gas stations.
      Extended Safe Zones with Vehicle Protection!
      Advanced Towing and Advanced Rappelling
      And lots, lots more...
      All players are BLUFOR, roaming, dynamic and mission AI are OPFOR, infected are RESISTANCE allowing the interaction between the Ai and infected - they will fight each other when spawned together. DayZ Trader cities at Stary, Bash and Klen Dynamic vehicle wrecks on the roads make driving a more interesting experience... No building restrictions, build where ever you want 75m Jammer range 7-day base maintenance 48-hour vehicle locks 4 hour restarts, day/night cycle PvP, but attacking other players in or around the trader cities is prohibited and will result in a ban!  
    • By Grahame
      By Grahame, @natoedand @Drokz (and others). Based on ExileZ 2.0 by Patrix87 which was forked from an original project named EXILE-Z created by SAM, Otto and CaptionJack of RelentlessServers.com based on Civilian Life by code34. Released under the same Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.
      Incorporates DayZ-style Heli Crash Site code from @rvg?!, based on the original script by @Richie 
      Feature List from the original ExileZ 2.0
      Dynamically spawns Ryan's Zombies. An infinite set of spawner configurations Harassing zombies aka Random encounters that will spawn near players wherever they are. Hordes! The number of zombies in a town is proportional to the number of player in that town (adjustable ratio) Very lightweight. Server Side only! A constant flow of zombies in towns. Fully configurable Supports any map! Map support included in base EpochZ 1.0 build for Altis, Tanoa, Chernarus Redux, Australia and Takistan Safezone protection. Zombie Missions! (Not tested in EpochZ 1.0) The possibility to display infested zones on map. Adjustable zombies health and damage. Zombies won't disappear if close to a player. Zombies won't spawn right next to a player. Turn off all lights on the map by setting the LightsOff variable to true in fn_init.sqf  (not working atm... we're working on a fix) New Features in EpochZ 1.0
      Reworked for use on Epoch servers. Infected will not be spawned within minJammerDistance of a frequency jammer. DayZ Style Heli Crash Site code incorporated within EpochZ so infected will spawn at a heli crash site. If you use it then remove the helicrash.pbo from @epochhive/addons Infected entering safe zones defined in fn_init.sqf in the SafeZonePositions[] array will be deleted. If SpawnWithinTriggerRadius is set to true in fn_init.sqf then the infected will spawn throughout the entire trigger area, otherwise they will spawn between MinSpawnDistance and MinSpawnDistance of the centre of the trigger. Download
      If you just want to use our default version on Altis then simply upload the epochz.pbo in @epochhive/addons in the GitHub repository into the same location on your Epoch server and restart.
      This addon is incredibly customizable and I am working on full documentation for it to help people set it up the way they want. In the meantime the code is very well commented and, assuming you have a reasonable knowledge of configuring addons then here are the files in which you can change it to suit your needs:
      epochz/init/fn_init.sqf: contains all configuration settings and trigger definitions
      epochz/init/TriggerPositions.sqf: defines all locations for infected spawns and which trigger class they are in
      epochz/init/ZClasses: defines the classes of infected spawned in each trigger type
      epochz/init/ZLoot.sqf: what loot is found on the infected
      epochz/init/ZVest: what vests are worn by the infected
    • By Grahame
      First test of infected spawns via the standard ARMA3 Epoch lootbubble. Infected spawn out of LOS and right now just a hard coded one per building.   No DayZ code was used in this new feature.   As always, apologies for the video quality, my PC is a potato...    
    • By chi
      Can someone tell me if im doing something wrong here? Im trying to spawn a random amount of coins on Zombies when they die.
      This is my zombie_generate.sqf and im calling it from my custom compiles. Sorry, but im on my phone and cant find a spoiler box button.
      #include "\z\addons\dayz_code\loot\Loot.hpp"
      private ["_bypass","_position","_unitTypes","_radius","_method","_agent","_maxlocalspawned","_doLoiter","_wildspawns","_maxControlledZombies",
      _position = _this select 0;
      _doLoiter = _this select 1; // wonder around
      _unitTypes = _this select 2; // class of wanted models
      //_wildspawns = _this select 3;
      _bypass = _this select 3;
      _maxlocalspawned = round(dayz_spawnZombies);
      //Lets check if we need to divide the amount of zeds
      if (r_player_divideinvehicle > 0) then {
          _maxlocalspawned = round(dayz_spawnZombies / r_player_divideinvehicle);
      _maxControlledZombies = round(dayz_maxLocalZombies);
      _cantSee = {
          private "_isOk";
          _isOk = true;
          _zPos = +(_this select 0);
          if (count _zPos < 3) exitWith {
              diag_log format["%1::_cantSee illegal pos %2", __FILE__, _zPos];
          _zPos = ATLtoASL _zPos;
          _fov = _this select 1; // players half field of view
          _safeDistance = _this select 2; // minimum distance. closer is wrong
          _farDistance = _this select 3; // distance further we won't check
          _zPos set [2, (_zPos select 2) + 1.7];
              _xasl = getPosASL _x;
              if (_xasl distance _zPos < _farDistance) then {
                  if (_xasl distance _zPos < _safeDistance) then {
                      _isOk = false;
                  } else {
                      _eye = eyePos _x; // ASL
                      _ed = eyeDirection _x;
                      _ed = (_ed select 0) atan2 (_ed select 1);
                      _deg = [_xasl, _zPos] call BIS_fnc_dirTo;
                      _deg = (_deg - _ed + 720) % 360;
                      if (_deg > 180) then { _deg = _deg - 360; };
                      if ((abs(_deg) < _fov) && {( // in right angle sector?
                              (!(terrainIntersectASL [_zPos, _eye]) // no terrain between?
                              && {(!(lineIntersects [_zPos, _eye]))}) // and no object between?
                          )}) then {
                          _isOk = false;
              if (!_isOk) exitWith {false};
          uiSleep 0.001;
          } forEach playableUnits;
      _skipFOV = false;
      if ((_maxlocalspawned < _maxControlledZombies) && (dayz_CurrentNearByZombies < dayz_maxNearByZombies) && (dayz_currentGlobalZombies < dayz_maxGlobalZeds)) then {
          if (_bypass) then {  
              _skipFOV = true;
              _position = [_position,3,20,1] call fn_selectRandomLocation;
          if (surfaceIsWater _position) exitWith { diag_log "Location is in Water Abort"; };
          if ((_skipFOV) or {([_position, 15, 10, 70] call _cantSee)}) then {
              _tooClose = {isPlayer _x} count (_position nearEntities ["CAManBase",30]) > 0;
              if (_tooClose) exitwith { diag_log "Zombie_Generate: was too close to player."; };
              if (count _unitTypes == 0) then {
                  _unitTypes = getArray (missionConfigFile >> "CfgLoot" >> "Buildings" >> "Default" >> "zombieClass");
              // lets create an agent
              _type = _unitTypes call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;
              _radius = 5;
              //_method = if (_doLoiter) then {"CAN_COLLIDE"} else {"NONE"};
              _agent = createAgent [_type, _position, [], _radius, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; 
              uiSleep 0.03;
              //add to global counter 
              dayz_spawnZombies = dayz_spawnZombies + 1;
              dayz_CurrentNearByZombies = dayz_CurrentNearByZombies + 1;
              dayz_currentGlobalZombies = dayz_currentGlobalZombies + 1;
              //Add some loot
              if (0.3 > random 1) then {
                  _lootGroup = configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _type >> "zombieLoot";
                  if (isText _lootGroup) then {
                      //_lootGroup = dayz_lootGroups find getText (_lootGroup);
                      _lootGroup = Loot_GetGroup(getText _lootGroup);
                      //[_agent, _lootGroup, 1] call loot_insert;
                      Loot_Insert(_agent, _lootGroup, 1);
              _agent setVariable["agentObject",_agent];
              if (!isNull _agent) then {
                  _agent setDir random 360;
                  uiSleep 0.03;
                  _position = getPosATL _agent;
                  _favStance = (
                      switch ceil(random(3^0.5)^2) do {
                          //case 3: {"DOWN"}; // prone
                          case 2: {"middle"}; // Kneel "middle"
                          default {"Up"}; // stand-up
                  _agent setUnitPos _favStance;
                  _agent setVariable ["stance", _favStance];
                  _agent setVariable ["BaseLocation", _position];
                  _agent setVariable ["doLoiter", _doLoiter]; // true: Z will be wandering, false: stay still
                  _coinsRandom = random 1;
                  if (_coinsRandom <= 0.5) then {
                  _cash = round(random 20) * 5; // number between 0 and 200 Add Coins to Zombie
                  _agent setVariable["CashMoney",_cash ,true]; // Add Coins to Zombie
    • By Drokz
      Hello Epoch community,
      I'd like to present you our Epoch Chernarus Redux Server:

      Here are some Server features:
      Increased Epoch Loot, added ground loot and increased object loot Vector Building Armed Vehicles (up to 40mm Grenades) Zombies  (Epochs Ryanzombies) AI Patrols (Cars and Helis) Added Military Buildings and Skalisty Bridge Changed Trader Positions and added Advanced Safezones with Vehicle Protection Rearm/Repair/Refuel options at Service Points CUP Vehicles and CUP Weapons Advanced Towing Shorter building delays 7 Days of Base maintenance Blackmarket Traders for Vehicles Guns higher than 7.62 are more rare then usual guns Serverwebsite:  nox-epoch.de
      Everybody is welcome ( excludes Glitchers, Haxors etc. :P ) 
      Hope to see you soon! :)
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