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#1 Epoch Pro/PVP/ LOOT. Admin is a tool

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So, me and my friends just started playing the mod today. We go looting for a couple of hours and sell all our stuff at the gun store while trying to save up for a chopper. We finally get enough for the chinook and spawn it in. We assume it will spawn where our tempest did but we were wrong. It spawns right where hawkeye and his admin friends decide to park there hunter. It blows up our chopper and there hunter. the admin come us and tells us to pay to replace it and its our fault that we spawned our helicopter in. He continues to mock us right after by saying " is this the first time you have played Arma" and continued treating us like we were stupid. So i tell him to stop acting like a tool and belittling us. He replies by banning me, i go on the ts trying to reason with him and he ban's me off that to like a 2 year old. 

So because of these actions by a senior admin on the server i feel it should be blacklisted from epoch. we have video proof of this encounter. thanks for reading

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Just switch servers, save your time and nerves. There are good admins, there are dick admins too, so.. since you were not invested too much into server (didn't have a base or anything) then it should be no problem to join any other high pop server for you. I personally always try to help new guys, explain Epoch do's and don'ts even though I am not an admin.

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I have responded to your post in our forums Reaper. Also to clarify here since you want to post this publicly, you spawned in a helicopter without even checking the surrounding area to make sure it was clear before spawning it in. Epoch is the type of mod where when you spawn in vehicles and such you really need to be careful and make sure the area is clear or explosions will happen. To keep players from thinking they can just click away and spawn in something and if it explodes the admin will just give me the money for it, instead we make the player that was in the wrong compensate whatever they destroyed. I did offer to compensate you the 4000 krypto if you were willing to compensate the other player for the hunter that your helicopter destroyed. You immediately said "No". You then went on with your little tirade and disrespected an admin in the server. Only to join our teamspeak with more childish nonsence and got banned there also. Then you go on to converse with your 'friends' that you want to try to get our server blacklisted. Here, let me post your video since you failed to add it here. 



Fast forward to 10:04 then after the confrontation and him getting banned you can fast forward to 10:09 to listen to their plot to try to get the server blacklisted. Good luck with that ReaperXXX.

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    • By Bentley
      Hello,  It has been a LONG time since i have posted. Anyways, I have been playing epoch for years now. I have seen many changes and put many hours into it. I have to say, 99% of the time i have put into epoch, i have enjoyed.  It was BY FAR my favorite mod for Arma 2. However, I have noticed the last year that most private servers almost ALL have spawn select (the type where you can spawn in any and every town), and you also spawn with the biggest backpack and biggest gun, ETC. Where is the skill and fun in that? 90% of all recent servers seem to be based on easily acquiring gear and killing each other. To make it worse, lots of servers seem to have donator kits, where you are given HUGE amounts of building materials to build some HUGE unnecessary base at the cost of new players being sniped at the coast right as they spawn. It has been my mission to find servers that still has a survivor essence, a server where you have to EARN everything. A server in which nothing is handed to you on a golden platter, A server where running 5k meters is the norm, a CHALLENGE. 
      My Experience with the [HAF] (heavily armed forces) clan/group
      My good friend, jase (bigbasser), recommended I try a new server that he has been playing on. As he explained the features of the server to me, I got very excited and anxiously wanted to see if it was any different from the many servers out there that i talked about. The server had many positive features, Tow/lift, multiple Epoch Mission systems, Challenging roaming Ai, no spawn selection(good thing), no spawning with a ridiculous gun, no starter backpack(good thing). So I gave in, i joined the server and started my journey. In the past i was always reluctant to try overpoch, but i gave in and decided that i would deal with it. I will skip all the little things and get straight to the problems. I was talking to the owner(Gunner) and a few admins. I asked, "is there anybody i should worry about when it comes to bandits?" one of the admins (jablome/arrow) replied, "yes, conartist and Bam, they will literally kill you on sight" so i remembered that and said "if i see them i will happily take them out for you". what i did not know was that Conartist and Bam(bam is from the UK) were "superadmins". In this particular server, admins were able to spawn in anything they want, retrieve door codes, safe codes, teleport, god mode, the whole nine yards. You can see where this is becoming a problem right? Anyways, i get invited to the "admin base" only to be greeted by a huge floating platform connected to ZUB castle. they have many vehicles, mostly armored SUVs, fuel trucks, many urals. I am not saying they were not legit, but i had my doubts because most of them barely had over 50 hours of IG experience. One day, i was in a teamspeak call with Bam, conartist and Gunner(server owner). I am not sure why or what happened, but i was listening to them coordinating a base raid on another admin beacause they were mad that they lost a few vehicles.(they were just sitting in the open, unlocked) Before I tell you what they said, may i add that leter i was told by Jablome that every admin just checks the server logs to see who they got raided by when they are raided. I heard them saying things like "what are we gonna say when they ask how we got in here?" Another responded by saying that: "we can just make something up like we will say we stole his key and that when we came here the safe was unlocked." may i add that the server just restarted and after restarts, everything locks automatically. I can keep going on with the stories, but Gunner, the server owner is the same way, is abusive in his ways aswell. They told me at least twice that everything they had was "legit" LOL. not. My friend was there since they started the server, he watched them spawn in supply boxes. Yeah "legit"  they were. lol.  Their server was SOO close to getting things right when it came to gameplay However, admins who abuse, is unacceptable and ruins the fun. How can you expect new players to join and put lots of time into a server when you are gonna raid them using your admin powers? 
      If you read all the way thru this, cheers. thank you for reading.
      Here is their steam group and server website STATS. I can only speak for their dayz server and not any other servers or games that they play.
      "LEGIT" LOL 
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      DnD feel powers I have working so far.... but many bugs need killing and settings need tweaking.
      - Ninja Teleport                     ( puff of smoke at both points of teleport)
      - Zeus Teleport                      ( lightning bolt strike before player appears) - Zeus's Fury                         ( lightning strike target) - Lucifer's Rage                     ( meteor strike type strike) - Necromancer's Prey           ( spawn 2 zombies by clicking map) - Psychic's Curse                  ( ESP, humanoids always, toggle vehicle view) - Human Torch                      ( Set on fire and fly around) - Finger of God                      ( Point and it dies) - God's Blessing                    ( Fully heal, option to make target a god) - Wanderer's Knowledge       ( Constant information on players location, dir, etc)
      - Observer's Knowledge        ( Constant information on what player is looking at)
      - FIghter's Wrath                     (Punch some fools)
    • By Kill em All
      EpochMod.com(0.2.5|1.34) BIAGAMING|Epoch
      Admin tp'd to us in his cart we shot him. After shooting him he tp'd back and told us to give all his stuff back. When we said no he put on god mode and shot both my friend and I. 
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