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    • By DirtySanchez
      Like its so hard to share things.
      We were all raised to share our stuff with our friends and I consider this community my friends with all the help and info and other goodies we all give back and forth in these threads.

      Too many people are asking individual questions on items and dumb comments and replies result.

      SO HERE ARE MY LISTS all laid out in the proper fashion for easy copy and paste.

      You will only need to format it properly for the database.
      This can be used for so many different things.


      ps. These are good as of Marksmen and have the proper mags changed over



      food health











    • By danmac
      Hi guys, first post so please be gentle and let me know if it needs an edit or two :)
      Since the 1.42 / update we have noticed the Zafir has become incompatible with it's ammo.
      We have done the following tests, here's what stopped working:
      Existing ammo stored prior to update Ammo spawned using admin menu (Skaronator) spawn menu Ammo bought at the trader The following does work:
      Ammo spawned using admin menu "Give Ammo" option Ammo taken from dead AI In addition, the ammo that does load correctly, cannot be sold at the trader. It doesn't seem to matter where you got the gun, the problem from what we can tell is with the ammo. We haven't yet had time to test ammo from loot spawns.
      I assume the ArmA 1.42 update has changed the internal name of the ammo or something, but the Epoch side of things (trader / admin spawn menu / existing database) still has the old ones?
      Sorry I'm not totally knowledgable and not the owner of the server in question just trying to help out our GLORIOUS LEADER. Thanks for reading and a big thank you to the devs and community for this awesome work.
    • By oSoDirty
      I was trying to add ammo for the F35 and the Apache into mission crates. When trying i find that there are no pictures associated with the classnames. i get an error when opening the crate. dont remember the exact path for the missing .paa
      but when i had it written down (lost it) i couldnt find the folder it was referring to. I was just wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to add the .paa from another ammo type and just rename it to the new classname and make it work, and if so which PBO is the folder located in?
    • By oSoDirty
      As some of you know the newest WAI update no longer supports static ammo crates. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to pull certain scripts/files from the older version to make a system made to just spawn in a few static crates throughout the map?
       or a way to merge and edit some files from old to new to make it work again? i tried the 1st but i dont really know what im doing so it was a fail lol. I need this to work for my Bandit/Hero ai camps. without the crates its really not worth people risking heli/vehicle patrols and a 12 man paradrop to raid the camps. Im ok with editing out the missions from the original as well if there is a way to make them work alonside one and other. ANY help is appreciated, thank you in advance!
    • By calamity
      I thought I would share my list of all weaposn/ammo and damage
      please share if I missed any...
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