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[UPGRADED DEC2017][scarCODE] Virtual Garage System by IT07

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my player reported, sometimes the vehicle spawn with colliding objects around so it's damaged or destroyed.

            _veh = createVehicle [_vehClass, _pos select 0, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];

might be
            _veh = _vehClass createVehicle (_pos select 0);


If you want vehicle to spawn around player, it will be

            _veh = _vehClass createVehicle (getPos _playerObj);

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@DirtySanchez Hey man, seem to be having a problem with the server side file fn_vgsReadFromGarage.sqf not being read correctly. I'm not sure whether this started happening from the 1.3 epoch update or whether it was happening before but, now when you put vehicles in and take them out, they come out rearmed, removed weapons and magazines added back and repaired. 

I can see the file reads the epochserverconfig and I've checked my config and it's correctly set up to remove dagr and dar from hellcats, orcas and pawnees. Also, those vehicles when they spawn, spawn correctly with those removed so, I know that config is working....

So, I'm not sure why that file isn't reading the epochserverconfig any more. Any ideas?

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Just as an update to the post above, sometimes it works and others it doesn't. In my most recent test, one vehicle out of 4 came out of the garage with the correct weapons enabled and rockets disabled, correct ammo count and damage level. The other 3 vehicles came out repaired, full ammo and rockets that are not allowed in the epochserverconfig working...

Any ideas anyone?

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