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HARDCORE | FINALdayZ | DayZ2017 Survival | The TOUGHEST Server in DayZ

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IP: FINALdayZsurvivor.net


My name is ARTyom. I am the admin of the FINALdayZ Podagorsk server. Its purpose is to provide a challenging apocalyptic environment for the DayZ community as I believe DayZ's hardcore nature has been diluted by additions to make the game easier by the majority.



What's fascinating to me is retaining the survival aspect of DayZ. If you believe like I do; that DayZ is supposed to be difficult, then please consider the following features:

No Traders. This is DayZ.

No 3rd person combat. The combat timer locks the view or when vehicles travel more than 50kph.

Orienteering. The map waypoint marker has been disabled. Familiarise yourself with visible land marks.

Famine. Unspoiled food has been exhausted. All wildlife has died from the cold and radiation except for some smaller scavengers and birds. But you can cannibilise players/Ai.

Nuclear Winter. A series of nuclear containment attacks have poisoned the land and sky. Each day has become greyer than the next. Sunlight struggles to pierce the fallout; vegetation is dying everywhere as temperatures plummet. Acid rain and radiation fog cause blood-loss, but also warm you.

Erosion. Without human maintenance, nature has begun to reclaim the landscape back from civilisation through erosion. Many locations have collapsed causing hazards for looters. Earthquakes cause further damage over time.

Complete Craft. Reduced loot and an extensive crafting system provides new solutions for your survival. Right click new items in your gear whenever you can to learn new abilities. Knowledge is power.

Cannibal Gangs. Roaming the wastes are hostile survivors brought to the brink of humanity by starvation. They too desire your flesh.

Dynamic Vehicles. More than 100 vehicles litter the landscape. But the roads are hazardous. Go offroad for a safer route.

Deadly Zombies. Headshots are preferable and because they walk they're stealthy, they hit hard and will drag you from windowless vehicles.

There is only 1 rule: No Hacking. Murders will only alienate others around you.

Challenge yourself to survive the FINALdayZ of humanity...


PvP+PvE+ZeDs=HARDCORE. Only the best survive.



"It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine..."


Try to Stay ALIVE!

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Podagorsk has decayed almost beyond recognition. Radiation pours from the ruined nuclear reactors affecting huge areas of the region.
Food is non existent. Scavenging is hazardous. The undead now rule with impunity. But there are survivors, even here. Some are alive from cannibalising whomever they find. Others desperately cling to the morsels of morality as they struggle to cope with this terrifying new world. The FINALdayZ of humanity are here...

...try to Stay ALIVE!

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Thank you BetterDeadThanZed, I appreciate you saying so. I think we can both agree that DayZ is an astounding platform to work from.


BTW, I was chuffed to see you become a moderator. Well done sir...many beans.

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FINAL Resting Place
Nuclear holocaust zombie apocalypse survival resides in Podagorsk; a condensed Chernarus .

Podogorsk boasts tonnes of detail, farmlands, several military bases, a huge airfield and marshlands, an extensive wild forest and several isles and castle ruins. Famine, acid rain, radiation, infection, scarce supplies, cannibal Ai and the wide spread collapse of our infrastructure is what you can also expect to find. Can you survive the FINALdayZ of humanity?

try to Stay ALIVE!

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FIRE in the HOLE!


Podagorsk now features lethal spreading destructive fire and enhanced smoke effects.


The nuclear detonation event provides an inferno which is capable of spreading across the landscape. The fire is lethal to both Ai and players so it may be used tactically if you're brave (or foolish) enough to deliberately start a forest fire...




try to Stay ALIVE!

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    • By SapioiT
      Hi, I don't want to mock you or anything, after all, you do have a server, and I don't, I just noticed something you might want to know. Do you remember the time when dayz mod was at it's prime? If you don't, go watch some videos. If you do, what do you think is missing now? Here's my opinion: TENSION.   Let me explain that. First, there was a time when people were afraid of engaging, because they would lose days' worth of work. Then, there was the base aspect, with most bases breach-able, in a way or another. Then there was the constant need of supplies, in order to survive. Medical supplies weren't that common, and bases were often used to stash away resources, because dieing was easy, but getting your things back, not so much. So, to put it simply, if a server wishes to thrive, here's my to-do list for it to stay relevant for a long time:   0. Hard or hardcore. Make the server either of those. Hardcore = no weapon, no map, no backpack, maybe a bandage. Hard = 2x bandage, no map, weakest meele weapon (machete? or bat?), smallest backpack. Heroes should have +1 painkillers, bandits +1 smoke grenade (to trap players inside buildings filled with zombies). Oh, and NO PVE, since it takes away the risk of killing your teammates. Less risk = less fun = less awesome of a feeling when you do win.   1. Weapons. Have the map mostly spawn meele weapons, and rarely a pistol. I'll get back to the other weapons soon enough. This will make it a lot more difficult to kill somebody, and make the risk of being the one killed a lot higher. Making the fights more evened out, you effectively make it so people are thinking more about whether or not to engage in combat.   2. Bases. Let people build without a plot pole, but have things stay like only for 24 hours (so people ca maintain them, if playing daily). And only cinder and metal should be indestructible, but it shouldn't be cheap, in fact, it should be one of the most expensive things on the server, alongside tanks and rocket launchers. let people build wooden (camouflaged) bases, and let others be able to break into those. Also, locks should be buyable from the traders, so as to not make it impossible for people to have bases, but safes should only be on hard&hardcore missions, and lockboxes should be on medium, hard and hardcore missions, as well as drop from zombies.   3. Vehicles. Only spawn 5 vehicles on the map, (old) bikes (the most frequent one), (old) motorbikes, towing tractors (slow and leaving you exposed, but allowing you to tow other vehicles), traktor (slow and noisy, but also good for towing, and offroad), and a slow boat (for one player only). The rest should be bought, and get unlocked after the maintainance period (i.e. 14 days. on most servers nowadays).   4. Missions. There should be a broken vehicle for each mission, with the number of AIs be the number of seats those vehicles have. 4 difficulties, all with wicked AI: - easy: motorbike or atv, 2 people with pistols, a chance for one to have a crossbow (which can have a CCO attacked to it, for use against more difficult missions). One vehicle not working - medium: 1-3 vehicles, some things (like boxes, crates and walls) for AI to hide behind, AI with shotguns, and in one of the boxes&crates to be a chance for a CZ for the next mission difficulty. One vehicle working. - hard: at least one important vehicle (like the ural, SUV, helicopter or armored vehicles), a few small buildings and even more cover (walls, crates, boxes, buildings), AIs with CZs, and rarely a better sniper in the loot box. One vehicle working (not the important vehicle. This could be an old motorcycle that's working for every mission) - hardcore: same as hard, but with machine guns and rocket launcher, none on AI, a chance of either one in the loot. One vehicle working. Also, an armed vehicle that can't move, and will be empty (of ammo) when not used by AI.   5. Trading. Now, the catch here is to have trading routes, and the gains should not be big, but enable a lot more gameplay options. Aside from the trader cities (the buy-sell price ratio should be 4:1), with normal prices, and special loot (like weapon attachments). Each of that trader should be in a different location from the trader cities. You could have 3m safezone around them, and have them spawn in the middle of nowhere, in a building of their own. They should also be relatively close to roads, so that those roads can be camped/ambushed. The whole point of this is to enable a small profit for those doing trading routes. There should also be at least 5 of those on the map.   6. Map. The map should NOT be Chernarus, because everyone knows every bit of it. There's also the deal with the open buildings I would suggest either Lingor Island (still kind of fresh) or Panthera 2 (overused), with 4 trader cities (2 for everybody and 1 for hero and 1 for bandit), and none of them have all the traders inside (again, so that the people have to visit more than one trader city), and there should be more buildings on the map than by default, so as to make the map unique to the server. You could block some entrances and add other entrances to buildings, wall around things, add buildings, add unmarked cities, and so on, so long as they're not obviously laid down on the map.  Also, have a day+night cycle, but not those bitch black nights.   7. Donations & Microtransactions. Those who pay for it, should be able to have a bit of advantage over the others, but not too much of it. Something like a VIP Hero with a desert camo (or snow, they're both good in a city) and VIP Bandit with a forest camo. Also, maybe let them buy bikes and motorbikes for two thirds the price (so 3:2 buy-sell ratio), from a VIP trader in each trader city. If you want new players to get something free, give them money for a lock, so they can have a locked house. And a lockbox to the VIPs...

      So, tell me, how will it help you to have your server (more or less) exactly the same as every other server? What makes YOUR server so special? Is it any fun? For anybody?
    • By Dieter Griffin
      Hey, I don't see any decent server anymore who has no 200 scripts and makes the game so easy and boring... I don't want to play on a server with sky bases, indestructible bases or any other scripts.
      So here is my question.... Would some people be interested in playing on a server without any huge scripts? I could live with AI missions and 1 or 2 godmode traders and traders who sell locks... But that would be it, no sky bases, no indestructible bases, no other bullshit that makes the game easy. I would be more than happy to host such a server if enough people are interested!

      Have a nice day,
    • By GoldEagle
      Server Name: [AES] DayZ Epoch Taviana Roots|Hardcore|SlowZ|SecB and more.. DayZ Epoch

      Server IP:

      We are AES, our great players and staff are what has made us one of the fastest growing communities out there! We always try our best to give the best possible gaming experience to our players. We stand for the gamers, and are built by the gamers. We hope you enjoy your stay and maybe you will even become part of this amazing community!

      Our Promises To Our Gamers..

      1. To keep our services on the highest standard possible

      2. Active and friendly support

      3. Your gaming experience to be our top priority

      4. A reliable and stable gaming enviornment

      5. Fun and fairplay for all members

      Search for AES on DayZ Launcher


      You need Taviana and Epoch Installed. If you need help connecting or anything else feel free to check by this Ts3:


      If you cant find it click on 'check server' at the bottom left and insert this ip on the website; then restart dayz launcher and search for the server again


      - Plant and Grow Weed!

      - Suicide!

      - SECTOR B!

      - No PlotPole

      - Walking Dead

      - Self BB

      - Lift

      - One step building 

      - No Overburdend

      - Snap Build Pro

      Hope you enjoy your stay!
    • By SapioiT
      Hard DayZ Mod Pack idea...
      Twitter Facebook Reddit

      Due to the experience I gathered in-game, I feel like the current servers are not fun anymore. You get everything on a plate, as well as everyone else, and just run in guns, crash cars and worry not. For this sole reason, I came up with a server idea which might appeal the more hardcore players. From the perspective of the servers currently in-game, these server properties may be straight up crazy. But I will include ways of monetisation. This may not feel the right choice, but again, this may be straight up crazy and might appeal the more hardcore players.
      A quick note before starting: This would work both as a Epoch as well as a Overpoch, but I do think adding some vehicles is a must, in order to attract new players and, most importantly, to make the engagements more entertaining. I have made (am making, if you're writing this before I finished editing this) a list with mods for epoch and a list with mods for the game which I think working together would be able to revive the comatose state of the dayz mod servers which made most hardcore players move over to standalone.

      Here is the list of features I think would provide the most engaging experience for experienced players.
      Scarce resources. Basicly, you're going to mainly find food for a good while. Make the meele count. Make the non-meele weapons so scarce, that you will need to wander for hours between the airfields in order to find a non-pistol non-meele weapon. Much more for a scoped one, if you're not very lucky. Make the ammo not as scarce as the weapons, but still you'd only get maybe 2 or 3 mags for the weapon, in a few hours of choppering between the airfields (since moving for large distances forces the loot to despawn). Allow every single weapon and vehicle in-game. But make the overpowered ones (like the tanks) highly unaccesible (you'd need to pay the price of 100 non-armed tanks for a armed tank, than worry about the ammo which, you guessed, is nearly impossible to find, so you'd need to buy them). Plot poles. Not required to build, but required to protect one's house. And make them smaller. Something like 10 meters radius would be good. That is more than enough for a house with two garages and a helipad. Make the cinder verry expensive. So expensive that one player would more likely set 100 or so wooden walls overlaping eachother, rather than using cinder. Or, if they play in a 5+ players group, maybe than have enough for a 1 by 2 wall of cinder (to get a MTVR inside and move it upstairs) and have the rest of the base just hanging in the air... and whole coridors with wooden doors from meter to meter, to ensure the security of the base. Price Ratios. This is a big one. I think each trader city should have slight variations in the price, with some items being slightly more overpriced than the others, depending on the facilities present near the trader city. For example, near the arfields, the weapons would be cheaper, and in the city, they would be verry expensive, due to the risk involved in getting them there. A difference so big that some players would intentionaly go to the airfield trader, buy lots of weapons or ammo and sell them in the city, for a tiny profit. But in bulk, you may get enough profit from a Ural filled with mags and pistols to get a fire weapon. Scoped less than Acog. Or get a pistol by filling jerry cans or fuel barrels (fuel barrels for 5 times the profit from jerry cans, but over ten times more expensive), by de-foresting a whole 1 cube km of forest, a Ural full of medical loot, or 50 urals worth of food. The food is the least scarce resource, followed by the bandages, so that's to be expected. Allow the players to salvage everything from a vehicle, but the fueltank, engine, gas-tank and scrap-metal should only be salvageable from an unlocked vehicle. Maybe allow the old-motorbike to be crafted with some wood planks and scrap metal (+toolbox for tools), and a motorcicle with 2 wheels, engine, either fueltank, two jerry cans or one fuel barrel and one scrap metal, for the old motorbike, as the only craftable motorbike (the others from the trader or spawned). Badass zombies. With 10 hits to the body and one hit to the head, you'd be in some serious problems if you don't learn to meele headshot them. I think that if you're going to have a base done in less than an hour, it shall be a unprotected, maybe shack or storage box, hidden somewhere few can see it (in the middle of a forest, or in a building, under or after some obstacles, and NOT a safe out in the open, where anyone can see it but noone can break it open. Or, if you had the luck to find yourself a lockbox or a combination lock, you shall be able to check one code every 5 seconds, making the combination lock breakable in 1000 tries or 5000 seconds or 83 minutes and 20 seconds, and a lockbox breakable in 3000 tries or 15000 seconds or 250 minutes. THAT if no zombie or player gets to you...

      Also, as the first map, I suggest PMC (so big you rarely get to find someone else) or Panthera (you can choose anythin else, realy; maybe something not so well known...), due to the presence of the most terrain types and the fact that even if it is so small, you have to walk/drive A LOT to get from one point to another, mostly if not using the roads.

      A list of maps I'd like to see this modpack implemented on.
      PMC 51km Desert (Endless civilisation... what else could you possibly want? Probably more islands...) Panthera (If you don't want to modify a map only for using it in this mod; However, having a new map will give this mod(pack) that feeling of freshness vanilla and standalone once had.) ADO Tropica Sangin Province Hellmand Oring Miroslavl F.A.T.A. - Federally Administred Tribal Areas, Pakistán
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