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[CONTINUED] blckeagls' AI Mission Version 6.80

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Fuck'n brilliant update mate, I only get 1 rpt error thou the underwater mission started and finished as it should

11:56:45 "_fnc_mainThrea: blck_numberUnderwaterDynamicMissions = 1 | blck_dynamicUMS_MissionsRuning = 1"
11:57:31 "[A3EAI Monitor] [Uptime:00:20:42][FPS:48][Groups:7/7][Respawn:0][HC:false]"
11:57:31 "[A3EAI Monitor] [Static:1][Dynamic:0][Random:0][Air:2][Land:4][UAV:0][UGV:0]"
11:57:46 "_fnc_mainThrea: blck_numberUnderwaterDynamicMissions = 1 | blck_dynamicUMS_MissionsRuning = 1"
11:57:49 IT07: [VEMFr] DynamicLocationInvasion -- INFO: invading Lopatino...
11:58:35 "ExileZ 2.0: - EPOCH EDITION - Deactivating Trigger	|	Position : [4517.72,10279.4,0]	|	GroupSize : 11	|	Near : airfield "
11:58:35 "ExileZ 2.0: - EPOCH EDITION - Deactivating Trigger	|	Position : [4784.56,9867.63,0]	|	GroupSize : 11	|	Near :  "
11:58:47 "_fnc_mainThrea: blck_numberUnderwaterDynamicMissions = 1 | blck_dynamicUMS_MissionsRuning = 1"
11:59:48 "_fnc_mainThrea: blck_numberUnderwaterDynamicMissions = 1 | blck_dynamicUMS_MissionsRuning = 1"
12:00:24 Protocol bin\config.bin/RadioProtocolGRE/: Missing word Petrovka
12:00:24 Protocol bin\config.bin/RadioProtocolGRE/: Missing word Petrovka
12:00:25 "DEBUG DEAD VEHICLE SKIPPED SAVE: 1fade8b4080# 1200425: sdv_01_f.p3d "
12:00:27 No speaker given for 
12:00:29 "spawnMissionCVehicles: _vehType = C_Boat_Transport_02_F | _vehOffset = [3,3,0] | _lootArray = [[""arifle_AK12_F"",""arifle_AK12_GL_F"",""arifle_AKM_F"",""arifle_AKM_FL_F"",""arifle_AKS_F"",""arifle_ARX_blk_F"",""arifle_ARX_ghex_F"",""arifle_ARX_hex_F"",""arifle_CTAR_blk_F"",""arifle_CTAR_hex_F"",""arifle_CTAR_ghex_F"",""arifle_CTAR_GL_blk_F"",""arifle_CTARS_blk_F"",""arifle_CTARS_hex_F"",""arifle_CTARS_ghex_F"",""arifle_SPAR_01_blk_F"",""arifle_SPAR_01_khk_F"",""arifle_SPAR_01_snd_F"",""arifle_SPAR_01_GL_blk_F"",""arifle_SPAR_01_GL_khk_F"",""arifle_SPAR_01_GL_snd_F"",""arifle_SPAR_02_blk_F"",""arifle_SPAR_02_khk_F"",""arifle_SPAR_02_snd_F"",""arifle_SPAR_03_blk_F"",""arifle_SPAR_03_khk_F"",""arifle_SPAR_03_snd_F"",""arifle_MX_khk_F"",""arifle_MX_GL_khk_F"",""arifle_MXC_khk_F"",""arifle_MXM_khk_F"",[""MultiGun"",""EnergyPackLg""],[""arifle_Katiba_F"",""30Rnd_65x39_caseless_green""],[""arifle_Katiba_GL_F"",""30Rnd_65x39_caseless_green""],[""arifle_MX_F"",""30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag""],[""arifle_MXC_F"",""30Rnd
12:00:32 "_EH_AHit: _this = [[O Alpha 3-4:1,O Alpha 3-4:1,0.0193858,<NULL-object>]]"
12:00:34 Error in ReloadMagazine - unable to locate target weapon arifle_SDAR_F muzzle arifle_SDAR_F
12:00:34 Error in ReloadMagazine - unable to locate target weapon arifle_SDAR_F muzzle arifle_SDAR_F
12:00:49 "_fnc_mainThrea: blck_numberUnderwaterDynamicMissions = 1 | blck_dynamicUMS_MissionsRuning = 1"
12:00:50 Error in expression <f (blck_showCountAliveAI) then

if !(_marker isEqualTo "") then
12:00:50   Error position: <_marker isEqualTo "") then
12:00:50   Error Undefined variable in expression: _marker
12:00:50 File q\addons\custom_server\Missions\UMS\code\GMS_fnc_spawnDynamicUMSMission.sqf, line 360
12:00:58 No speaker given for 
12:00:58 "DEBUG: server event PlantSpawner"
12:01:25 "#SEM DEBUG: Possible threads: [B Alpha 1-1:1 (natoed) REMOTE]"
12:01:25 "#SEM DEBUG: Possible threads: [B Alpha 1-1:1 (natoed) REMOTE]"
12:01:25 No speaker given for 
12:01:27 Protocol bin\config.bin/RadioProtocolGRE/: Missing word Petrovka
12:01:30 "#SEM DEBUG: Attacker: B Alpha 1-1:1 (natoed) REMOTE"
12:01:30 "#SEM DEBUG: Attacker: B Alpha 1-1:1 (natoed) REMOTE"
12:01:30 "#SEM DEBUG: Possible threads: [B Alpha 1-1:1 (natoed) REMOTE]"
12:01:30 "#SEM DEBUG: Possible threads: [B Alpha 1-1:1 (natoed) REMOTE]"


thx again



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On 3/10/2018 at 6:49 PM, AHITMAN said:

still no answer for my previous question i see...anyways thanks.

You have not given me much information to go on. Could you describe the problem in detail please including what mod (epoch or exile) and what you have done to troubleshoot so far?

I have not had any trouble accessing crates. remember that loot may not be loaded until mission completion depending on how you set things up.

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On 3/10/2018 at 5:19 PM, natoed said:


line 52

blck_AIPatrolVehicles = ["I_G_Offroad_01_armed_F","I_mas_cars_UAZ_M2","I_mas_cars_LR_soft_M2","B_LSV_01_armed_F"]; // Type of vehicle spawned to defend AI bases



from line 136

	//  Heli Patrol Heli Types	
	// Armed Helis
	_blck_littleBirds = ["B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F"];  //  AH-9 Pawnee  (WEST)
	_blck_armed_hellcats = ["I_Heli_light_03_F"];
	_blck_armed_orcas = ["O_Heli_Light_02_F","O_Heli_Light_02_v2_F"];
	_blck_armed_ghosthawks = ["B_mas_UH60M","B_mas_CH_47F","I_mas_MI8","B_mas_UH1Y_UNA_F"];
	//_blck_armed_ghosthawks = ["B_Heli_Transport_01_F","B_Heli_Transport_01_camo_F"];
	_blck_armed_hurons = ["B_Heli_Transport_03_F","B_Heli_Transport_03_black_F"];
	_blck_armed_attackHelis = ["B_Heli_Attack_01_F"];
	_blck_armed_heavyAttackHelis = ["O_Heli_Attack_02_F","O_Heli_Attack_02_black_F"];
		_blck_fighters = [
		"O_Plane_CAS_02_F",  // /ti-199 Neophron (CAS)
		"I_Plane_Fighter_03_AA_F",  //  A-143 Buzzard (AA)
		"I_Plane_Fighter_04_F",  //   	A-149 Gryphon
		"B_Plane_CAS_01_F",  // 	A-164 Wipeout (CAS)
		"B_Plane_Fighter_01_F"  //	F/A-181 Black Wasp II
	blck_blacklisted_heli_ammo = ["24Rnd_missiles","24Rnd_PG_missiles","12Rnd_PG_missiles","2Rnd_LG_scalpel","6Rnd_LG_scalpel","8Rnd_LG_scalpel","M_Scalpel_AT ","14Rnd_80mm_rockets","38Rnd_80mm_rockets"];
	blck_blacklisted_heli_weapons = ["missiles_SCALPEL","missiles_titan","rockets_Skyfire","missiles_DAGR","missiles_DAR"];


from line 159

	//  Heli Patrol Settings

	blck_chanceHeliPatrolBlue = 0;  //[0 - 1]  Set to 0 to deactivate and 1 to always have a heli spawn over the mission center and patrol the mission area. 
									//  The chance of paratroops dropping from the heli is defined by blck_chancePara(Blue|Red|Green|Orange) above.
									// Recommend setting the change = 1 if you wish to spawn multiple helis at a mission.
	blck_patrolHelisBlue = _blck_armed_ghosthawks;
	blck_noPatrolHelisBlue = 0;
	blck_chanceHeliPatrolRed = 0.1; // 0.4;
	blck_patrolHelisRed = _blck_armed_ghosthawks;
	blck_noPatrolHelisRed = 1;
	blck_chanceHeliPatrolGreen = 0.2;
	blck_patrolHelisGreen = _blck_armed_ghosthawks;
	blck_noPatrolHelisGreen = 1;
	blck_chanceHeliPatrolOrange = 0.3;
	blck_patrolHelisOrange = _blck_armed_ghosthawks;
	blck_noPatrolHelisOrange = 1;

static Weapons


from line 228

	blck_useStatic = true;  // When true, AI will man static weapons spawned 20-30 meters from the mission center. These are very effective against most vehicles
	blck_killEmptyStaticWeapons = true;  // When true, static weapons will have damage set to 1 when the AI manning them is killed.
	blck_staticWeapons = ["B_HMG_01_high_F","I_mas_DSHKM_AAF","I_mas_KORD_high_AAF","I_mas_M2StaticMG_AAF","I_static_AT_F"/*,"O_static_AT_F"*/];  // [0.50 cal, grenade launcher, AT Launcher]

	// Mission Static Weapon Settings
	// Defines how many static weapons to spawn. Set this to -1 to disable spawning 
	blck_SpawnEmplaced_Orange = [2,4]; // Number of static weapons at Orange Missions
	blck_SpawnEmplaced_Green = [1,3]; // Number of static weapons at Green Missions
	blck_SpawnEmplaced_Blue = 0;  // Number of static weapons at Blue Missions
	blck_SpawnEmplaced_Red = [1,2];;  // Number of static weapons at Red Missions

hope it helps




i lose my way around in the custom_server.pbo from time to time lol

from build 118 on check in the mod-specific config for the definition for vehicles for each level of mission. These are listed right at the top of that config file.

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