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Issues with Installation of Epoch_Taviana (Likely Server Side)


Good day to you Ladies and Gentlemen of Epoch. I have recently ran into issues with my server, and I believe I have narrowed my results down to something I did wrong on the server side of things (Launch Parameters and mods below). The reason I believe it to be a server side issues is the fact that i can play on other Epoch_Taviana Servers.


As for my server The furthest thus far i have made it into my server, was it allowing me to enter and as it loading the message "you may not Play/Edit this mission; It is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. kh_dayztaviana" followed by ":you were kicked from the game. (BattleEye: Script Restriction #240)" 


I have also received messages such as " files ' such and such' are not signed by a key accepted by this server. to play on this server remove listed files or install additional accepted keys.


If anyone has any suggestions on what my issue may be or even a swift fix to get my server up and running it would be most appreciated.



 Launch Parameters =  [email protected]_Epoch;@Taviana

DayZ Epoch (possible issue, @DayZ_Epoch shows log for as is the server)


Arma 2




Version 1.62.103718

DayZ Taviana 2.0


Thanks in advance 

Doc (Aka Night Alexander)


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-You start the server with a batch file. Can you copy / paste those contents in here ?

Since your OP has launch parameters, but that's commander (client side).


-Have you installed all client side stuff on the server too?

I use dayz commander on the server to do so

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firstly I should have mentioned before that I am new to the Server hosting game, so do forgive me if at any time i do not understand everything you ask or am unable to follow simple instructions. but as for my issue I've come across this  which looks like it could be a possible solution for my issue, but after editing the mission.sqm the issue still remains i'm thinking it has to do with location of mission.sqm am i suppose to give it a new specifically named folder to house the file within the pbo?  and i'm still unsure if this missing kh_dayztaviana is even my main issue?

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