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DayZ Campaign System [DevBlog] [Alpha release soon] ["Community Ideas Collection Pot"]

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DayZ Campaign System

 [DevBlog] [Alpha release soon] ["Community Ideas Collection Pot"]



So I would like to start the development on this again due to many requests, I hope this will be a great and cool addition to DayZ and will make the game more "new" again.


Here I would like to collect/share and develop the ground structure into something great.


Please share your ideas on possible Missions/a story/checkpoints etc.!



So, what is the "DayZ Campaign System" ?


Well, it basically creates the Story/Mission system for DayZ just like most games have nowadays.


A Mission system split up in chapters which complete after successfully completing each chapters checkpoints.


In the end you will know secrets about DayZ's story and how each Map became a zombie invested world. It will also give Players loot, vehicles, action and more fun.


So, why would the Players play the mission more than once? If it's the same story?


Well, the goals I have in mind are:


- Depending on your decisions within the missions you choose a path, so each time making different decisions will bring you different content.


- Also, each Map will have its own story, so you will always want to play all maps, and it will also populate all regions of DayZ, so everyone will see all sides of each Map.


- In addition there will be secret "Easter eggs" which basically are hidden loot spawns within the missions.




So this is where we are at the moment:



Ground structure done:


                    - Interactive Checkpoints/AI Spawns

                    - your "overwatch team leader"

                    - Loot Spawns

                    - decisions of the players change the course of the story

                    - explosions/gimmicks to make it interesting (different events)



My goals:


                    - Servers can choose from different locations to adjust it to their server needs (different campaigns or the same one in different areas)

                    - Easy config file to adjust difficulty/Length/spawn time/respawn time (if at all)

                    - More gimmicks (mines, tanks?, action loaded!)

                    - creation of Easter eggs within the missions to make it fun and interesting each time (special hidden rewards etc.)



Community ideas:


                    - SHARE THEM! :D





First release: More info soon!

Stress test release (Major Mission System): More info soon!


Progress: [[0%][5%][10%][15%][20%][25%][30%][35%][40%][45%][50%][55%][60%][65%][70%][75%][80%][85%][90%][95%][100%]]



Big credit to Vampire for his AI Spawn script and ground structure from his mission system since it is one of the key parts of a good mission system (may change to a self developed one soon but for now BIG CREDIT TO HIM, it made this project possible!)

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It would be great if some of you could let your creativity go wild on this, I really need some more inspiration considering the story and such...  :)


On a different note, I will be finishing up the stress test version ASAP, so be ready for it in the next couple days  ;)

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