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Arma 3 1.46 Auto Steam Update !!!

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  • Fixed: ATRQ of Taru should no longer be easily destroyed while Sling Loading

Bout time bugemia 



yeah and we will have to wait another 6 years for them to fix exploding helicopters...


Anyway, running animations seems to be changed, well finally that you now can run crouched without weapon and your character does not have to STOP to switch stances (that was one of the most idiotic bugs in Arma 3), yet sprinting upright is now funny. Feels the same when DayZ SA devs introduced their "realistic running" crap, which was totally fine before and then became a parody of itself.


Tried in one server to vault with binoculars - couldn't do that. Will try again on different server.


Yep, vaulting with binoculars still doesn't work. Also when you run with binoculars in hands you make funny multiple step noise (same was in DayZ SA when they fucked up something in their patch).


I suspect that it is the same team who works on Arma 3 works on DayZ SA, cause same bugs almost....Sorry for negativity, but this is Bugemia, where negative is The New Positive.

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Installed the server Yesterday and some of our players getting today a Memory Error through a Weapon Crate (Black Long Version)

we've only installed the following script:


we're going to test it more when we have more informations i'll post it ^^ because it is not reproduceable :/


edit: the follwing error will recieve our players


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