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We just launched our new DayZ Epoch Server! 

Lumber Role Play is a different community, where you can have awesome player interaction's, and a site to keep you updated



Sorry guys, we have some problem's with the host.

We are doing the best we can, so the server is currently under maintenance.

We will post an update when the server is up and running again. 


Thank you for your time

(Pleas still check out the full post  ;) )



What is different in our server than in others like it?


We are dedicated to roleplaying, we are almost always free to make events and roleplaying scenarios for the players.

Event's we can host/Mission scenarios

There are multiple mission scenarios:

-Admin Convoys:
  Admins run a convoy from A to B,the convoy is usually made from(2xMG cars and a truck), the truck contains food/ammo/medical -   supplies and in rare cases guns.Every one is welcomed to try to take down the convoy and its supplies.The choise of how you do it  is yours. Will you ambush it somewhere on the road,will you plant some charges(extremely rare) or snipe it from a remote location?
 All over the map there are checkpoints(admin runned by default),the faction/person that takes em can have the loot inside.-
Typical Events:
- Chernarus Race League:
 Participant/participants are chosen from each faction,the winner wins supplies.
Night Ops:

-Infiltrate a checkpoint at night without being seen and take its loot.


Things that can change depending on the Feedback

Lowered loot and high trader prices:

The loot is lowered so there aren't overpowered guns everywhere and the trader prices are high so people can use them as a last resort (This sounds a bit hardcore, but when you join the server, you opinion will change)


Custom map additions

We made a custom map, that isn't to full, we only added a few buildings here and there, to make our server experiance much better!

(Don't worry, since we haven't putted in that much buildings the FPS is still great)

ScreenShot of the Custom added building: http://imgur.com/a19giTl,pdxvlZH,mq1bvHK,uLmGlex,2NBEtsc,q9wt6lP,40gWIF5,KWwH59b,N6qwedf,RJ2BZ3E,X2BmkYu,ofwgJrg,zpmtdL5,QVITmT6,PqLyPhr,JKdE3bW,r8ebSDr,azZUvrY#17

(The container base, is the Bandit Base. The Big sandbag base, is the Hero Base.)



Roleplay Features:

You can chose from 3 factions,

Each has its own objective.

You can either be UN soldier,Island Bandit or a mercenary.

Normal survivor is an option too. no one is obligated to enter a faction.!

Every faction has its own loadout,base and things to do

You can quickly get out of a faction if you wish.

For every person that enters the faction,the faction gets supplies.

The faction spaces aren't unlimited (no limit set up yet)



UN's objective is to help survivors around the island and repel the bandits

Bandit's objective is to reak havok around the island and take over it

Mercenaries can be "rented" to do something you dont have the gear for or just cant bother to do.



All the Rule's and extra things which might are handy are diplayed on the website!


I recommend checking it out!


Are you still wondering why you should join the server??!!

We respect our players and treat them like every one else!

The FPS is great. We dont bite.

And we can give you such a great time playing.

We can host event's and missions, and the bigger the community get's, the better it becomes.

And we can change/add things on the server, we might forgot to put in. 


Last but not least the Server IP:


I hope i'll see you guys in the server!

Don't forget to chech out our website!

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Sorry guys, we have some problem's with the host.

We are doing the best we can, so the server is currently under maintenance.


We will post an update when the server is up and running again. 

Thank you for your time.

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      We are back! Ranked 7th overall in 2014! Classic DayZ Epoch PvP Server!! No stupid start bonus, no heavy military. Just classic Epoch gameplay with new updates!

      - Top of the Line Hardware - Overclocked 8700k servers with SSDs. Super high FPS!!

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    • By EditedSnowHD
      I recently started playing A2 Epoch again after quite some time and the last few days i was wondering were it all started for me..
      Then i remembered (also is in my 'about me' on this forum) that it was a server hosted by a fellow Dutchie named [AOS] Emmen.
      Well my question(s) is/are simple: What was your first ever (long term) server called that you played on? and is it still around to this day? And what made it so special?
      I hope you guys can still remember your roots.
    • By EditedSnowHD
      Im looking for a way to automaticly restart my Dayz Epoch server after a few hours.
      I already looked at some tutorials/scripts and stuff.
      But there all talking about this scheduler.xml file, but i dont have that.
      Do i need to create it myself? or can some one link me to an updated BEC restarts tutorial?
      Thank you for your time
    • By EditedSnowHD
      I have downloaded some custom bases, and 'installed' them on my server.
      But i have no idea why there not spawning. Because only the first custom base i installed is spawning.
      And when i try to add another custom map additions, there just not spawning. 
      Does someone have an idea what im doing wrong here?
      In my server.pbo, i have a "buildings" folder, with all the Custom bases .sqf files. Except from the NorthWestAirfield.sqf i got that in a diffirent folder called "mapaddons", but i dont understand why that one is spawning but the otherones aren't?
      In my server_functions all the way in the bottom i got the usual:
      //MapAddons execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\mapaddons\NorthWestAirfield.sqf"; execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\NEAF_S4M.sqf"; execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\traderstary.sqf"; execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\novy.sqf"; execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\dichina.sqf"; execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\bor.sqf"; My server RTP: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1v6eqk9r1fowrsq/arma2oaserver.RPT?dl=0
      Thank you very much for you time!
      (PS, im still a bit noobish)
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