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Players no longer take fall damage


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I've noticed that same thing on a server i play on, also most of the times when i try to run someone over with a car they just walk it off and most of the time if you jump out of a vehicle (for example a hmmwv) going at top speed you won't take any damage.


Anyhow my guess would be damageactions/damagehandler functions

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You need to get v1403 or higher. Fixes this problem and from what i noticed when i installed v1403 the server and client side fps went up a lot. Server gained 5fps+ and clients gained 15+.


Not sure what infiSTAR changed but his last two updates have been the best i have seen in over 10 months. Not only the increase in performance but also catching a lot of hackers. Thank you infiSTAR.

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In current version you need to open Ahconfig.sqf and find

_blockDamageFrom =

On the next line you will see

'',    // This might also block fall damage

Remove that whole line

Also you might want to remove some more stuff like

    'SmallSecondary',    // also happens when a vehicle explodes

Most servers have satchel charges, mines and all have hand grenades. If you don't remove them infiSTAR will block the damage. There are many more that should be removed if you have a vehicle or weapon on your server that does damage that is listed in the blocked list.

This is my list

_blockDamageFrom = [


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