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    • By DY357LX
      I've added our server and it's running fine. However, it creates a "USVehicleBox" for certain missions. When a player attempts to loot these boxes.. Battleye bans them.
      I've been into the Battleye filters and altered them so it'll log the box but not kick/ban for it, however it didn't seem to work.
      So I went into the Battleye folder backed-up and then deleted all the filters (leaving behind the .cfg the .dll and the bans.txt).
      Players still get banned :-/
      So i've now dug through the mission files and replaced "USVehicleBox" with "BAF_VehicleBox" in every file that references it.
      (I'm about to upload and test it.)
      The only thing I can think of now is to disable Battleye in my dayz.st control panel and that seems a little risky.
      I've dug through the EMS post and posted in there but not got much response.
      Anyone got any other ideas please?
      EDIT: I dug into the logs are the players were hunting down the boxes... turns out it's infistar doing the banning.
      20:37:12 "infiSTAR.de Log: 0h 28min | [TTP] Alex. (ID-REMOVED) | TO MUCH CARGO: [USBasicWeaponsBox | Error: No unit() | 695 | GPS: 019031 [1942.49,12205.3,-0.0883179]] (BANNED) |DayZ Instance: 3425|" I think the line in question is:
      /*  HACKED BOX Check ?    */ _CHB =  true;   /* true or false */    /* recommended:  true */    /* some epoch player might want to turn this one off */
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