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Epoch will be replaced soon by this if things dont change

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i purchased this game after he pointed it out just to look at it and compare. Well, there really isn't a comparason to be made. Life is Fuedal is clunky, the menus are terrible and movement seems and looks unatural. It's build mechanisms are good however, no denying that. Shortly after playing it for a bit today, i then bought Reign of Kings (which is much more fun) and a mix of Rust/Medievil makes the player base that frequent Rust seem almost normal. It's much more fun with the even wackier player base and crazyness that the players provide. That is once you get past the hack fest that Reign of Kings is.


I shall spend my time on Reign of Kings until Arma 3 Epoch is more complete; and as he says earlier, they stop adding things and adress bugs more. (no slant on them) They have to keep people playing by constantly adding things to keep the children amused with shiney new stuff, but he is right in that it does look like more important things like bug fixing are pushed to the back over adding in new content.




It's 30% complete alpha mod of an alpha game.


And the list of other shit that will be used to retort with.


I get it ;) You dont need to bang that gong with me.

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Good luck with Life is Feudal, see you when you get back.

Never played life is feudal and never will. I rarely play epoch now too. There's just to many better games out and it's gonna be like that for a long long time. There's the witcher 3, there's the new batman, there's battlefront 3, there's also E3 where it's a given Bethesda will announce fallout 4. On and on and to some who say this is only 30% done I say this isn't a full fledged game from a gaming company it's four dudes who are doing this as there hobby so it's doubtful it'll ever be done. It's a good mod tho but it's losing its appeal. I used to be here daily now it's somewhere to visit when I'm bored.

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