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[Release] HS Blackmarket 1.6 | 'New' Trader System | Special Trader | Blackmarket

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1 hour ago, C4-timah said:

Are you using the BEM BattlEye Filter tool to update your .txt files?

Link for tool: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/210331-windows-bem-1700-battleye-filter-manager/?tab=comments#comment-3231271

Line #32, this is where all script restriction #32's go:

5 createAgent !="bis_revive_ratioLethal = createAgent [\"Logic\", [10,10,0], [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="_unit = createAgent[_unitClass, _targetPos, [], 256, \"FORM\"];" !="_unit = createAgent [_unitClass, _targetPos, [], 120, \"FORM\"];" !="_animal = createAgent[_randomAIClass, _animalPos, [], 5, \"NONE\"];" !="_unit = createAgent [\"Epoch_Cloak_F\", _pos, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="_unit = createAgent [\"Epoch_Sapper_F\", _targetPos, [], 180, \"FORM\"];" !="_sapper = createAgent [\"Epoch_Sapper_F\", getPos _cage2, [], 0, \"FORM\"];" !="_unit = createAgent[_unitClass, position player, [], _zRange, \"FORM\"];" !="_animal = createAgent[_randomAIClass, _animalPos, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="_axeSapper = createAgent [\"Epoch_Sapper_F\", _pos, [], 12, \"FORM\"];" !="_nestMate = createAgent [\"Epoch_Sapper_F\", _garrPos, [], 0, \"FORM\"];"

Your script restriction #32. You need to use the BEM tool to add this to the above line:

"pos0 = [(_coords select 0),(_coords select 1),0];
_unit = createAgent [_agent, _pos0, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];
_unitdir = _objects"

 Download the .log and .txt file to your PC. The edit takes place on your PC. You will upload the updated file to your server and restart for it to take effect or wait until your server restarts if its scheduled to do so.

No I haven't used this tool before.  Adding the three lines as additional filters has solved the #32 kick but there is a bunch of other restrictions in the log after I ran the server with the action being taken change from 5 to 3 to just log violations.  The BEM tool doesn't seem to be correctly importing from the log files, I just get an empty screen with a loading bar that says done.  Should I be going through my scripts.log and adding every violation as a new filter to the correct lines using BEM?

I did this and haven't run into any issues yet so I'll keep adding any restrictions as they pop up.  Thanks for the help.

Edited by Tuhjay
Figured it out

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I am having trouble with money not being exchanged and I have made sure to change the HALV_takegive_crypto to the following:


_player = _this select 0;
_nr = _this select 1;
_cIndex = EPOCH_customVars find "Crypto";
_vars = _player getVariable["VARS",call EPOCH_defaultVars_SEPXVar];
_current_cryptoRaw = _current_crypto;
_playerCryptoLimit = EPOCH_customVarLimits select_cIndex;
_playerCryptoLimit params ["_playerCryptoLimitMax","_playerCryptoLimitMin"];
_current_crypto = ((_current_cryptoRaw + _nr) min _playerCryptoLimitMax) max _playerCryptoLimitMin;
_newcrypt remoteExec ['EPOCH_effectCrypto',(owner _player)];
_vars set[_cIndex, _current_crypto];
_player setVariable["VARS", _vars];

Changes were made using page 38 and page 46 of this topic.

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@Tuhjay, your code above can not be correct.
I have not the time to check page 38 and page 46 atm, but you could simply try to replace the above script by:

_this call EPOCH_server_effectCrypto;

This should also work.

Please give some feedback for others, if it works :)

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On 11/10/2018 at 5:49 PM, He-Man said:

@Tuhjay, your code above can not be correct.
I have not the time to check page 38 and page 46 atm, but you could simply try to replace the above script by:

_this call EPOCH_server_effectCrypto;

This should also work.

Please give some feedback for others, if it works :)

This did work for me.  I can buy and sell and it correctly adds and subtracts crypto.  


This also works for the re-arm and repair script.

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Ahoj, great script. i love it.

i had some BE filter issues, after reading all post i managed to get rid of all of them but there is one left that i can't fix.


5 "BIS_fnc_dynamictext" !="\"BIS_fnc_dynamictext\"" !="'BIS_fnc_dynamictext'" !="[_text,_xcoord,_ycoord,_screentime,0.5] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText;"
5 loadFile
5 forceRespawn !="ForceRespawnDuration" !="reviveHandleForceRespawnAction" !="forcerespawn player;"
5 setFriend
5 setAmmo
5 enableFatigue
5 setUnitRecoilCoefficient
5 setWeaponReloadingTime !="_unit setWeaponReloadingTime [_unit,_weapon,1];" !="_unit setWeaponReloadingTime [_unit,_weapon,1];" !="player fire [_muzzle, _muzzle, _item];\nplayer setWeaponReloadingTime [player, _muzzle, 0];"
5 allMissionObjects !="_alljammer = allmissionobjects 'PlotPole_EPOCH';" !="allMissionObjects \"Timeline_F\""
5 callExtension
5 showCommandingMenu !="showCommandingMenu '';" !="showCommandingMenu '#USER:"
5 enableCollisionWith
5 setvelocity !="setVelocityTarget" !="_bolt setPosATL _pos;\n_bolt setVelocity [0, 0, -10];" !="EPOCH_target setvelocitytransformation" !="_currentTarget setVelocity [0,0,-0.01];" !="_head setVelocity [\n(sin _dir * _speed), \n(cos _dir * _speed)" !="_vel = velocity this; _dir = getDir player; this setVelocity[(_vel select 0)+(sin _dir * 2),(_vel select 1)+(cos _dir * 2),(_vel select 2)];" !="_head setVelocity [random 2,random 2,10];" !="_bobber setVelocity [0,-1,-10];" !="_x setvelocity [0,0,0.1];" !="_veh setVelocity [0,0,0];" !="_this select 0 setvelocity (_this select 1)" !="_zombie setVelocityTransformation [_aslPos,_aslPos,_unitV,_unitV,_unitvDir,_vDir,_unitvUp,_unitvUp,2];" !="_smokeg setVelocity _Gvel;"
5 assignAs !"assignAsCargo" !="_unit assignAsGunner _axeCopter;" !="_driver assignAsDriver _axeCopter;" !="axeVIP assignAsDriver vehicle axeVIP;"
5 assignAsCargo !="_x assignAsCargo axeGeneralsBoat;" !="axeVIP assignAsCargo vehicle player;" !="axeVIP assignAsCargo vehicle axeVIP;"
5 allowDamage !="_unit allowDamage false;" !="_unit allowDamage true;" !="player allowDamage true;" !="vehicle player allowDamage true;" !="player allowDamage false;" !="_target allowDamage true;" !="_cargo allowDamage false;"
5 addWeaponCargo !="_acceptHolder addWeaponCargo [_wWeapon, 1] ;" !="CBA_fnc_addWeaponCargo" !="\\fnc_addWeaponCargo" !="\"addWeaponCargo" !="cba_fAddWeaponCargo"
5 onMapSingleClick !="onMapSingleClick '';" !="\"onmapsingleclick\""
5 addMagazine !"addMagazineCargo" !="player addMagazine [_item,_count];" !="player addMagazine \"sledge_swing\";" !="player addMagazine \"Hatchet_swing\";" !="player addMagazine \"stick_swing\";" !="_wh addMagazineAmmoCargo[_item, 1, _count];" !="CBA_fnc_addMagazine" !="\\fnc_addMagazine" !="\"addMagazine" !="vehicle player addMagazineTurret" !="vehicle player addMagazineTurret" !="EPOCH_fnc_addMagazineOverflow"
5 addMagazineCargo !="_dogHolder addMagazineCargo [\"RabbitCarcass_EPOCH\", 1]" !="_dogHolder addMagazineCargo [\"Pelt_EPOCH\", 1]" !="_dogHolder addMagazineCargo [\"Venom_EPOCH\", 1]" !="_dogHolder addMagazineCargo [\"SnakeCarcass_EPOCH\", 1]" !="_dogHolder addMagazineCargo [\"ChickenCarcass_EPOCH\", 1]" !="_acceptHolder addMagazineCargo [_wAmmo, 1] ;" !="CBA_fnc_addMagazineCargo" !="\\fnc_addMagazineCargo" !="\"addMagazineCargo" !="cba_fAddMagazineCargo"
5 addItem !="{player addItemToVest _x} forEach _vestItems;" !="player addItem _item;" !="_plyr addItemToVest _missionItem;" !="axeVIP addItemToVest _item;" !="_plyr  addItemToVest _missionItem;" !="EPOCH_fnc_addItemOverflow" !="CBA_fnc_addItem" !="\\fnc_addItem" !="\"addItem" !="fnc_addItemCargo" !="wH = _nearByHolder select 0;\n};\nif !(isNull _wh) then {\n_wh addItemCargoGlobal [_item,1];\n};\n};\n};\n\n_fnc_findItemInContainers = " !="player addItem 'ItemRope';"
5 addBackPack !="fnc_addBackpackCargo"
5 addMissionEventHandler !="CBA_clientID = [0, 2] select isMultiplayer;\naddMissionEventHandler [\"PlayerConnected\", {\nparams [\"_id\", \"_uid\", \"_name\"" !="addMissionEventHandler [\"EachFrame\", {call cba_common_fnc_onFrame}];" !="addMissionEventHandler [\"HandleDisconnect\"," !="addMissionEventHandler [\"Loaded\"," !="addMissionEventHandler ['Draw3D',_var + \"call Epoch_gui3DCooldownEH;\"];" !="addMissionEventHandler ['Draw3D',_var + \"call epoch_gui3dModelPosEH;\"];" !="addMissionEventHandler ['Draw3D',_var + \"call epoch_gui3dWorldPosEH;\"];" !="addMissionEventHandler [\n\"ended\",\n{\n\nBIS_fnc_missionHandlers_end = _this;" !="private _ehId = addMissionEventHandler [_event select [2], _code];" !="addMissionEventHandler [\"PlayerViewChanged\", {if (cameraView isEqualTo \"GROUP\") then {vehicle player switchCamera \"Internal\";};}];" !="addMissionEventHandler [\"EachFrame\",\n{\n\nmissionNamespace setVariable [\"BIS_"
5 removeMissionEventHandler !="removeMissionEventHandler [\"Draw3D\", _id];" !="removeMissionEventHandler [_event select [2], _x select 1];"
5 removeAllWeapons !="removeAllWeapons axeGeneral;"
5 removeAllItems
5 removeAllActions
5 setViewDistance !="setViewDistance 1600"
5 createGroup !="EPOCH_server_createGroup" !="_grp = createGroup [RESISTANCE, true];" !="if (isserver) then {\n_group = creategroup sidelogic;" !="grpVIPGeneral = createGroup [RESISTANCE, true];" !="_grp = createGroup side _plyr;" !="_grp = createGroup [_side, true];" !="_grp = createGroup [(side _plyr), true];" !="createcenter sidelogic;\n_grpLogic = creategroup sidelogic;\nbis_functions_mainscope" !="_group = createGroup [west, true];"
5 createVehicleCrew !="createvehiclecrew _x;"
5 createVehicleLocal !="\"Sign_Arrow_Direction_Yellow_F\" createVehicleLocal" !="\"#particlesource\" createVehicleLocal" !="\"#lightpoint\" createVehicleLocal" !="\"BloodSplat\" createVehicleLocal" !="[\"lightning1_F\", \"lightning2_F\"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;\n_lighting = _class createVehicleLocal" !="SLX_XEH_DUMMY createVehicleLocal [0, 0, 0];" !="CBA_eventHandlers = \"Logic\" createVehicleLocal [0, 0];"
5 createUnit !="_driver = _grp createUnit[\"I_UAV_AI\", position _unit, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="axeGeneral = grpVIPGeneral createUnit [\"I_officer_F\", axeGeneralPos, [], 1, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="bis_functions_mainscope = _grpLogic createunit [\"Logic\",[9,9,9],[],0,\"none\"];" !="_unit = _grp createUnit[selectRandom _arrUnits, _pos, [], 0, \"FORM\"];" !="_driver = (group player) createUnit[\"I_UAV_AI\", position axeUAV, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];"
5 createAgent !="bis_revive_ratioLethal = createAgent [\"Logic\", [10,10,0], [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="_unit = createAgent[_unitClass, _targetPos, [], 256, \"FORM\"];" !="_unit = createAgent [_unitClass, _targetPos, [], 120, \"FORM\"];" !="_animal = createAgent[_randomAIClass, _animalPos, [], 5, \"NONE\"];" !="_unit = createAgent [\"Epoch_Cloak_F\", _pos, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="_unit = createAgent [\"Epoch_Sapper_F\", _targetPos, [], 180, \"FORM\"];" !="_sapper = createAgent [\"Epoch_Sapper_F\", getPos _cage2, [], 0, \"FORM\"];" !="_unit = createAgent[_unitClass, position player, [], _zRange, \"FORM\"];" !="_animal = createAgent[_randomAIClass, _animalPos, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="_axeSapper = createAgent [\"Epoch_Sapper_F\", _pos, [], 12, \"FORM\"];" !="_nestMate = createAgent [\"Epoch_Sapper_F\", _garrPos, [], 0, \"FORM\"];"
5 createTeam
5 createDialog !="createdialog 'Epoch_CamDialog'" !="createDialog \"rmx_dynamenu\";" !="createDialog \"rmx_craftingUI\";" !="createDialog \"QuickUpgrade\";" !="createDialog \"QuickTake\";" !="createDialog \"InteractBank\";" !="createdialog \"SelectGender\";" !="_handled = createdialog _dialog;" !="if !(createdialog \"InteractItem\") exitWith {};" !="createDialog _tapDiag;" !="if !(createdialog \"Trade\") exitWith {};" !="_ok = createdialog \"Interact\";" !="_ok = createdialog \"TradeNPCMenu\";" !="createDialog \"Epoch_myGroup\";" !="createDialog (if ((Epoch_my_GroupUID == \"\") && (Epoch_my_Group isEqualTo [])) then {\"EPOCH_createGrp\"} else {\"Epoch_myGroup\"});" !="createDialog \"GroupRequests\";" !="_ok = createdialog \"MissionSelect\";" !="createDialog 'Skaronator_AdminMenu';" !="createDialog \"Epoch_myTempGroup\";" !="createDialog (if ((Epoch_my_tempGroupUID == \"\") && (Epoch_my_tempGroup isEqualTo [])) then {\"EPOCH_createTempGrp\"} else {\"Epoch_myTempGroup\"});" !="createDialog \"tempGroupRequests\";"
5 createDisplay !="createDisplay \"rmx_dynamenu\";" !="createDisplay \"rmx_moveDynamicHUD\";" !="_parent createdisplay _displayClass;" !="finddisplay 151 createdisplay 'RscDisplayOptionsLayout'" !="_display createdisplay \"RscDisplayDLCPreview\";"
5 deleteMarker !="deleteMarkerLocal _mName;"
5 setMarker !="CBA_fnc_setMarkerPersistent\"" !="\\fnc_setMarkerPersistent" !="\"setMarkerPersistent" !="_mName setMarkerShapeLocal _mShape;" !="_mName setMarkerTypeLocal _mType;" !="(_x select 0) setMarkerPosLocal (position player);" !="_zoomMarker setMarkerSizeLocal"
5 createMarker !="CBA_fnc_createMarker\"" !="\\fnc_createMarker" !="\"createMarker" !="cba_fCreateMarker" !="createMarkerLocal [_mName, _mPos];"
5 assignItem !="axeVIP assignItem _item;" !="unassignItem"
5 forceAddUniform
5 removeAllMPEventHandlers
5 setDammage
5 displaySetEventHandler
5 ctrlSetEventHandler !="_ctrlButtonOK ctrlseteventhandler [\"buttonclick\"," !="ctrlSetEventHandler ['LBDblClick', '_this call" !="_buttonRespawn ctrlseteventhandler [\"buttonclick\",\"with uinamespace do {['buttonRespawn'," !="_ctrl ctrlSetEventHandler [\"mouseEnter\"" !="_ctrlBtn ctrlSetEventHandler [\"MouseButtonDblClick\", _verAct];" !="_button_gen ctrlSetEventHandler [\"ButtonClick\",_btn_code + \"(uiNamespace getVariable [\"" !="t \"#(rgb,8,8,3)color(1,1,1,0.1)\";\n_c ctrlCommit 0;\n_c ctrlSetEventHandler [\"MouseButtonUp\",format[\"['remove',%1,(_this select 1)"
5 addMPEventHandler
5 addEventHandler !"displayAddEventHandler" !"ctrlAddEventHandler" !="player addeventhandler [\"PostReset\",{BIS_EnginePPReset = true;} ];" !="player addEventHandler [_x,([\"CfgEpochClient\", _x, \"\"] call EPOCH_fnc_returnConfigEntryV2)];" !="\"CBA_fnc_addEventHandler\"" !="\\fnc_addEventHandler" !="\"addEventHandler" !="_eventFunc = _eventFunc + \"(_this select 0) addEventHandler ['Respawn', \" + str _eventFunc + \"];\";" !="_unit addEventHandler [\"hitpart\"," !="CBA_fnc_addEventHandler" !="_unit addEventHandler [_x, format ['call cba_xeh_fnc_%1', _x]];" !="_ship addEventHandler [\"AttributesChanged3DEN\"" !="addEventHandler [\"HandleDamage\",bis_fnc_reviveOnPlayerHandleDamage];" !="_unit addEventHandler [\"FiredNear\"" !="_smokeEH = _plyr addEventHandler [\"FiredNear\", \"airDropHandle setFSMVariable" !="_onContactEH = _currentTarget addEventHandler[\"EpeContactStart"" !="_object addeventhandler [\"local\",{[[_this select 0],\"bis_fnc_objectVar\""
5 displayAddEventHandler !="(findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler [\"KeyDown\",\"true\"];" !="displayAddEventHandler [_x,([\"CfgEpochClient\", _x, \"\"] call EPOCH_fnc_returnConfigEntryV2)];" !="displayaddeventhandler [\"mousemoving\"," !="_display displayaddeventhandler [\"unload\",\"uinamespace setvariable ['BIS_fnc_guiMess" !="findDisplay -1337 displayAddEventHandler ['Unload'" !="_display displayaddeventhandler [\"keydown\",\"with uinamespace do {['keyDown'" !="_display displayaddeventhandler [_x,_fnc_animate];" !="Development\") then\n{\n_display displayaddeventhandler [\n\"keydown\"" !="CBA_fnc_addDisplayHandler" !="_display displayAddEventHandler [\"MouseMoving" !="private _handler = _display displayAddEventHandler [_key, _code];" !="_display displayAddEventHandler [\"KeyDown\", \"_this call cba_keybinding_fnc_onKeyDown\"" !="isplay 602};\n\n_display = (findDisplay 602);\n_display displayAddEventHandler [\"MouseButtonUp\",\"[] spawn {rmx_var_fav_selected = f" !="displayaddeventhandler\n[\n\"mousemoving\""
5 ctrlAddEventHandler !="_control = _display displayctrl 37305; \n_control ctrladdeventhandler" !="_ctrlMap = _display displayctrl 101;\n_ctrlMap ctrladdeventhandler" !="_display displayctrl 	21995;\n_assetsButton ctrladdeventhandler [\"buttonclick\"," !="_display displayctrl 2406; \n_control ctrladdeventhandler [\"buttonclick\"," !="_display displayctrl 2400;\n_control ctrladdeventhandler [\"buttonclick\"," !="ctrladdeventhandler [\"lbselchanged\"," !="ctrladdeventhandler [\n\"lbselchanged\"," !="_ButtonGeneral ctrladdeventhandler [\"buttonclick\"," !="_ctrlExecuteLocal ctrladdeventhandler [\"buttonclick\"," !="_bg ctrlAddEventHandler [\"MouseEnter\"," !="_container ctrlAddEventHandler [\"LBDblClick\",\"_this call EPOCH_itemInteractClick\"];" !="(uiNamespace getVariable 'ESP_map') ctrlAddEventHandler['Draw', '_esp_targets = EPOCH_ESPMAP_TARGETS;" !="ctrlAddEventHandler ['MouseButtonDown'" !="_ctrl ctrlSetEventHandler [\"mouseEnter\", (format [\"_c = _this select 0;" !="_ctrl ctrlSetEventHandler [\"mouseExit\", (format [\"_c = _this select 0;" !="_ctrl ctrlSetEventHandler [\"mouseButtonDown\", (format [\"call %1;\",(_buttonSettings select _e select 2)])];" !="_prevButton ctrlAddEventHandler [\"MouseButtonUp\", {_this call cba_diagnostic_fnc_debug" !="BIS_RscRespawnControlsMap_ctrlHeaderRespawnButton ctrlAddEventhandler [\"ButtonDown\"" !="_control = _display displayctrl 105;\n_control ctrladdeventhandler [\"MouseButtonUp\"" !="ctrlHeaderRespawnButton\", controlNull]) ctrlAddEventhandler [\"ButtonDown\"" !="_selected = false;\n{\n_c = _display displayCtrl _x;\n_c ctrlAddEventHandler [\"LBDrag\",\"rmx_var_favBar_Item = (_this call epoch_fav" !="_ctrlMouseArea ctrladdeventhandler [\"setfocus\",{with uinamespace do {[\"dlcClear\",[ctrlpar" !="13484 ctrlAddEventHandler [\"ButtonClick\", {[\"executeButton\","
5 removeAllEventHandlers !"ctrlRemoveAllEventHandlers" !"displayRemoveAllEventHandlers" !="_vehicle removeAllEventHandlers \"GetOut\";" !="_sapper removeAllEventHandlers \"Hit\";\n_sapper removeAllEventHandlers \"FiredNear\";" !="_unit removeAllEventHandlers \"Hit\";\n_unit removeAllEventHandlers \"FiredNear\";" !="{_ship removeAllEventHandlers _x;} forEach [\"AttributesChanged3DEN\"" !="_zombie removeAllEventHandlers \"Hit\";" !="_zombie removeAllEventHandlers \"FiredNear\";" !="call GMS_fnc_nextAnimation;\n} else {\n_hostage removeAllEventHandlers "AnimDone";"
5 displayRemoveAllEventHandlers !="_display displayRemoveAllEventHandlers _x;" !="if !(isMultiplayer) then { { (findDisplay 46) displayRemoveAllEventHandlers _x } forEach [\"KeyUp\", \"KeyDown\"] };"
5 removeAllMissionEventHandlers
5 ctrlRemoveAllEventHandlers !="(uiNamespace getVariable 'ESP_map') ctrlRemoveAllEventHandlers 'Draw';" !="ctrlAddEventHandler ['MouseButtonDown'"
5 removeEventHandler !="displayRemoveEventHandler" !="player removeEventHandler ['Fired', 0];" !="_currentTarget removeEventHandler[\"EpeContactStart\", _onContactEH]" !=" [_adminVar,objnull];\npublicvariable _adminVar;\nplayer removeeventhandler [\"respawn\",_respawn];" !="_plyr removeEventHandler [\"FiredNear\", _smokeEH];" !="player removeEventHandler [_ehKey, 0];" !="player removeEventHandler [_x, 0];" !="\"CBA_fnc_removeEventHandler\"" !="\\fnc_removeEventHandler" !="\"removeEventHandler"
5 switchCamera !="vehicle player switchCamera" !="_antagonist switchCamera \"Internal\";"
5 remoteControl !="fn_moduleRemoteControl.sqf" !="\"BIS_fnc_moduleRemoteControl\""
5 drawIcon3D !="EPOCH_drawIcon3dStability" !="EPOCH_drawIcon3d" !="drawIcon3D[\"\x\addons\a3_epoch_code\Data\Member.paa\",_color,_pos,1,1,0,_text,1,0.025,\"PuristaMedium\"];\n}forEach EPOCH_ESP_TARGETS;" !="drawIcon3D[format[\"\x\addons\a3_epoch_code\Data\UI\loading_bar_%1.paa\",_stability],_color,(getPosATL EPOCH_stabilityTarget),5,5,0,\"\",1,0.05,\"PuristaMedium\"];" !="drawIcon3D[format[\"\x\addons\a3_epoch_code\Data\UI\loading_bar_%1.paa\",_num],_color,_pos,4,4,0,\"\",1,0.05,\"PuristaMedium\"];" !="if (_condition) then {\ndrawIcon3D [_icon, _color, _position, _sizeX, _sizeY, _angle, _text," !="drawIcon3D [\"\A3\UI_F_MP_Mark\Data\Tasks\Misc\background.paa\"" !="drawIcon3D\n[\n(_x getVariable [\"bis_fnc_reviveGet3dIcons_textures" !="drawIcon3D[\"x\addons\a3_epoch_code\Data\UI\snap_ca.paa\"" !="drawIcon3D [\"\a3\ui_f\data\map\diary\icons\unitgroup_ca.paa\""
5 drawLine3D !="{\nfor [{_i = 1}, {_i < count _x}, {_i = _i + 1}] do {\ndrawLine3D [_x select (_i - 1), _x select _i, ((BIS_tracedShooter getVari" !="drawLine3D [ASLToAGL (getposasl _SnapObj1),ASLToAGL (getposasl _SnapObj2), [1,0,0,1]];"
5 ctrlCreate !="_parent ctrlcreate [\"RscMessageBox\",2351];" !="_c = _dsp ctrlCreate [\"rmx_drag_RscActivePicture\", call epoch_getIDC];" !="_c = _dsp ctrlCreate [\"rmx_t1\", call epoch_getIDC];" !="ctrlCreate [\"RscProgress\",_idc + 1];" !="ctrlCreate [\"rmx_rscControlsGroup\"" !="_ListGroup = _display ctrlCreate [\"RscControlsGroupNoHScrollbars\"" !="ctrlCreate [_x,call _getIDC];" !="_mainGrp = _display ctrlCreate [\"Epoch_main_config_group\",_value];" !="ctrlCreate !="_prevButton = _display ctrlCreate [\"RscButtonMenu\", 90110, _dbg];" [\"RscControlsGroupNoScrollbars\",call epoch_getIDC];" !="ctrlCreate [\"rmx_rscPicture\",(66600 + _e)];" !="ctrlCreate [\"RscStructuredText\",call epoch_getIDC];" !="_bar = _display ctrlCreate [\"RscCustomProgress\"" !="_group = _dsp ctrlCreate [\"rmx_rscControlsGroup\", call Epoch_getIDC]" !="_control = _display ctrlCreate [\"RscControlsGroupNoScrollbars\", 5678910];"
5 ctrlClassName
5 ctrlModel
5 ctrlModelDirection
5 ctrlModelSide
5 ctrlModelUp
5 ctrlSetDirection
5 deleteVehicleCrew !="fn_deleteVehicleCrew.sqf" !="\"BIS_fnc_deleteVehicleCrew\""
5 selectPlayer !="selectPlayer _playerObject;"
5 setGroupIconsVisible
5 setGroupIconsVisible
5 setGroupIconsSelectable
5 setGroupIconParams
5 addGroupIcon
5 createDialog !="createDialog "HS_trader_dialog";"
5 addMagazine !="if !(player canAdd (_x select 0)) exitWith {};\nplayer addMagazine[_x select 0, _x select 1];"
5 addItem !="_this call HS_additemtolb;false"


13.12.2018 16:29:11: Maverik ( 3e03ff729116d62bd096bbf37833f556 - #74 "
if ( (player distance _mission) < 1000) then {playsound "AddItemOK"; hint _message;systemChat _message};
case "reinforcem"

i think it's the last line (76):

5 addItem !="_this call HS_additemtolb;false"

some suggestions what this could be?

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    • By Thug
      In the file server_spawnTraders.sqf
      private "_trader"; { _trader = createAgent [_x select 0,_x select 1,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; {_trader removeMagazine _x;} count magazines _trader; removeAllItems _trader; // removeAllWeapons _trader;//this is commented out so traders have weapons removeBackpack _trader; _trader switchMove ""; _trader setDir (_x select 2); _trader setVehicleInit "this disableAI 'ANIM'; this disableAI 'AUTOTARGET'; this disableAI 'FSM'; this disableAI 'MOVE'; this disableAI 'TARGET'; this setBehaviour 'CARELESS'; this forceSpeed 0; this allowDamage false;"; _trader setUnitAbility 0.6; _trader disableAI "ANIM"; _trader disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _trader disableAI "FSM"; _trader disableAI "MOVE"; _trader disableAI "TARGET"; _trader setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _trader forceSpeed 0; _trader allowDamage false; _trader enableSimulation false; } count _this; processInitCommands; What would I have to do to get the Traders to move like they did in v1.0.5.1
      I have tried but can not get it to work.
    • By Thug
      I have an overpoch Sauerland server. The vehicle traders are not spawning when you buy. The SOB takes your money and gives you a key, but no vehicle.  The arrow comes up for about 12 seconds.  After the restart, they are there, all on top of each other.
      NO, I do not have infistar installed.  It brakes the server. No admin tools at all.
      Here are my server and client RPTs. Can someone please take a look for me?
      All other traders work.
    • By blueman
      I made some changes to the traders inventory.
      So they they have 15 drinks, and 15 food.
      However, when I restart server, and check, the inventory was just like it was before restart.
      I have a feeling I don't understand the loot system yet, and the traders.
      Looks like it's a running tally of what ever gets sold to them, and it carries over through restarts.
      Probably only resets after it reaches a certain point (amount of items).

      What I'd like to do, is have the traders have a minimum of 15 food and 15 drink at all times is that possible?
    • By harcosgoogle
      You will be allowed(permission) to enter vehicle in trader?
      Group (F5 ) Only Allowed just?
      So only your friend can sit beside him
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