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    • By FG_Trap
      Made a quick static ai mission that spawns on restart. 
      12 ai patrol the compound 
      4 Static m2's
      1 Heli Patrolling the compound 
      Crate for who ever clears all the ai.
      Some screenshots of the compound 

    • By totis
      Im using wai missions on my server but i wanna set some statics.
      I see that wai support static missions. Can someone points me with an example or maybe a ready static mission which i coukld edit to my needs?
    • By Hooty
    • By Thug
      In the HiveExt.ini if I wanted to set the time to say 1415, would you set it as 1415, 14:15 or does it have to be on the hour?
      ;Possible values: Local, Custom, Static
      ;You cannot use Static on OFFICIAL Hive, it will just revert to Local
      Type = Static
      ;If using Custom type, offset from UTC in hours (can be negative as well)
      Offset = -4
      ;If using Static type (Hour value always the same on every server start), the value (0-24) to set the Hour to
      Hour = 14
    • By harcosgoogle
      Example: Sit in M20nest - Error,Black screen, (No kick) Static guns bug (No,i I built it)
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