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Altis Epoch Mission SQM


Hi sorry if this is not the right place for this but I am running a Altis Epoch server and I want to start adding some features to it, most scripts like mission systems require you to modify your epoch.altis mission SQM but when I open it with Notepad++ all that is in the file is text like this NUL FN NUL NUL, like it is all encrypted, how do I modify this file?




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    • By Nytrex
      Impact eSport got now an ARMA 2 - DayZ Epoch Server!
      Version:  IP: // PVP // Chernarus // 30 Slots (if needed, we could get up to more) // Localized in germany
      TS3: ts3.impact-esport.de
       Discord: discordapp.com/invite/RdRaWjR
      Website: impact-esport.de
      # RULES
      + No Hacking / Glitching / Duping / Combat Logging
      + Combat and base building in and arround 1000 meters of traderzones is prohibited
      + Theft inside trader zones is prohibited
      + Fighting arround 500 meters of safezones is not allowed
      + Be friendly to other players
      + Respect the admins and moderator
      + Parked vehicles in trader will be deleted
      + Follow admins instructions
      + Kamikaze is not allowed
      + Do not destroy more then you need while raiding a base
      + Only one base per player
      + Coin System 
      + No Weight 
      + 1 Step Building 
      + Snap Building 
      + 50 Meter Plot Pole 
      + 300 Items in Range + Plot for life
      + Indestructible Bases
      + Group Manager 
      6 Hours Restart - 4 will be day, 2 will be night.
      # MODLIST
      + Action menu
      +  Custom Map
      + Custom Trader 
      + AI City for Bandits & Heros
      + AI Missions (WAI)
      + Roaming AI (DZAI)
      - Roamin AI is NOT marked on the Map.
      + Spawn Selection 
      + Spawn with Custom Loadout
      - We got Hero & Bandit levels up to 5
      + Tow  & Lift
      + Service Points (Rearm, Refuel, Repair) 
      + Tame Dog 
      + Custom Trader Inventory
      - More Vehicles at Bandit & Hero
      - More Weapons at Black Market
      + Vault Reset after 21 Days
      + Lockboxreset after 21 Days

    • By Warcoder
      i would like to know how to modify the ingame uniforms.Like lets say i want to modify my characters uniform and add a logo on the back of the shirt how is that done???
      I allready know how to edit his face but would like to know how to do hes clothing please if anyone knows how to do this please help me.
      Thank you very much 
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      Server Owners Looking For Help. Opportunity Here!
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    • By infiniti
      So i know how to add things into my database using the command string i posted below for example
      INSERT IGNORE INTO traders_data (`item`, `qty`, buy, sell, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES ('["pook_H13_civ",2]', 20, '[6,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', '[3,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', 519, 'trade_any_vehicle'); INSERT IGNORE INTO traders_data (`item`, `qty`, buy, sell, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES ('["pook_H13_civ_white",2]', 20, '[6,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', '[3,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', 519, 'trade_any_vehicle'); INSERT IGNORE INTO traders_data (`item`, `qty`, buy, sell, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES ('["pook_H13_civ_slate",2]', 20, '[6,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', '[3,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', 519, 'trade_any_vehicle'); INSERT IGNORE INTO traders_data (`item`, `qty`, buy, sell, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES ('["pook_H13_civ_yellow",2]', 20, '[6,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', '[3,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', 519, 'trade_any_vehicle'); INSERT IGNORE INTO traders_data (`item`, `qty`, buy, sell, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES ('["pook_H13_civ_black",2]', 20, '[6,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', '[3,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', 519, 'trade_any_vehicle');   thats what i use to insert the pook choppers into the aircraft dealer   what i was wondering was if it was possible to do a string like that that i can paste in as a query which will alter existing values in the database.   say i didnt want to manually have to find the plot pole in the tables and then edit the value of how much it costs. Is there a way to use a string like i did above which will adjust an existing item/value in the tables.   i can then just copy paste the queries to easily change values of things. 
    • By NateDaBeast
      So I did the whole tutorial on Open-DayZ ( http://opendayz.net/threads/tutorial-custom-loot-tables-and-adjusting-spawn-rates.11589/ )
      I did everything it said but now my server sits on wait for host :?
      Please Help Be Very Appreciated !
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