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    • By gle353
      Ever tired of zombies in your base glitching trouth the walls and hit you while building?
      Ever tried to stay safe for a short pipi-break at your base, come back and got eaten alive?

      Stop it now, Here is the solution!

      1. Open Init.sqf, serach for 

      if (DZE_R3F_WEIGHT) then {execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\external\R3F_Realism\R3F_Realism_Init.sqf";}; and post below:

      [] execVM "custom\base_SafeArea.sqf"; Save and close Init.sqf. Now create a folder called "custom" if you dont have one. Now create a new SQF-File called "base_SafeArea.sqf".
      Open it and insert following code in it:
      //--------------------------------------------------------------------- // Epoch Base Safe Area // By MadMartyr // Modified from generic ZombieShield code by felixberndt and meat // http://opendayz.net/threads/prevent-zombie-spawning.8799/#post-32461 //--------------------------------------------------------------------- dayz_poleSafeArea = 40; //range of your plotpole safespace while {true} do { sleep 5; // No Zeds near Plot Poles _playerPos = getPos player; _nearPole = nearestObject [_playerPos, "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ"]; //You can replace the Plastic_Pole by any other item. Usefull for gemcrating if (!isNull _nearPole) then { _pos2 = getPos _nearPole; _zombies2 = _pos2 nearEntities ["zZombie_Base", dayz_poleSafeArea]; _count2 = count _zombies2; for "_i" from 0 to (_count2 -1) do { _zombie2 = _zombies2 select _i; deleteVehicle _zombie2; }; }; };
      You can change the Range by edit the dayz_poleSafeArea.
      If you use Alchemical Crafting, you can change the "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ" in any other placeable.

      All creadits goes to @MadMartyr for posting his code and @ebayShopper for adding the deleteVehicle idea, instead of porting away.

      Original Post:
    • By Cherdenko
      Edit: Credit to @BigEgg for base script
      Hello guys, today i came up  with a little script that gives players Money based on their time on the server.
      there is a multiplicator included that gives you more money every time, until the 4th time is reached. this is the highest possible Tier
      needs to be initialized with :
      [] execVM "YOUR_PATH_TO\paycheck.sqf"; in the if (!isDedicated) Section in the init.sqf
      Base Script without any multiplicator:
      @NateDayZ there you go.
      edited this on my smartphone so sry if it looks a bit bad
      original script by @BigEgg:
      as allways have fun :)
    • By icomrade
      Hello all,
      We are pleased to announce the release of ArmA 2 DayZ Epoch 1.0.6, available for download at: http://epochmod.com/a2dayzepoch.php
      This release introduces the integration of some of the most common Epoch community modifications from prior epoch release, DayZ Mod 1.8.8, and a new group system that persists in the database.  Most of the highlights can be found in the change log below, which is fairly comprehensive, but by no means exhaustive.
      Please note that community addons/expansions for previous Epoch release WILL NOT work on Epoch 1.0.6, be sure to review the change log for which mods are now included. In addition, the loot table format has completely changed, you must base your loot table modifications on the new format, which can be found by evaluating the stock loot tables: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/tree/Release_1.0.6/SQF/dayz_code/Configs/CfgLoot and older Single Currency scripts are NOT compatible with 1.0.6, there is no included single currency script in this release. However, because we are so wonderful, we have chosen to integrate single currency saving to the DB, so a third-party HiveEXT is not necessary and the SQF is all that needs to be written/updated.
    • By mgm
      Following the forum software upgrade, this post became invisible. I can't seem to make it work any more not sure what's wrong and don't have the time to mess with it any more.
      Here is a quick fix, I took the code 1st post BB code and converted to HTML.
      Published the resulting HTML code in GitLab repo at https://gitlab.com/themgm/Arma_3_Misc/raw/master/HOWTO_setup_Arma_3_Epoch_Dedicated_Server/HOWTO_setup_Arma_3_Epoch_Dedicated_Server.html
      Sadly the one above does show as TEXT and not HTML web page.
      Here is a hack to the hack, I copy & pasted the code to a web developer pastebin-like site, here is the link:
      Until I have time to troubleshoot just use the above link please.
      To mods: this new forum software does seem to suck BTW :(
    • By vbawol
      Solar Generator / Energy capacity system:
      Solar Generator base item can be crafted from items found in the world. When placed gives passive power within (75m Default). Energy capacity system controls how much power is available based on the type of energy source and number of players in area. Personal solar generators have 10 charge rate at day and reduced charge capacity of 5 at night. Wind towers and large solar farms have 100 charge rate. Each player will equally share the energy charge capacity up to the max charge rate of 5 per tick. More solar generators can be built to increase total charge capacity for larger groups. Wood Towers
      Can be crafted using a Wood Floor Kit and 4x lumber. First test of the new building upgrade system gives you the ability to use 2x lumber to add a windowed wall to the side you are standing. Walls can be removed and refund one lumber pack. Wood Walls / Upgrade in Place
      New upgrade in place options and 4 new plywood walls Building upgrade system now supports multiple options and has new basic UI. Wood Ladder
      Can be crafted from 4x lumber. Base Building
      Removed base object "Move" in 3d option in favor of a more refined "ghost" snap mode. Can now disable base building by pressing Esc or 'gear' menu. Angle of snapping was incorrect when building on angles. Can now press '2' to disable building snap mode and 1 to re-enable. Normalized snap memory points for wood tower and stairs should make snapping more accurate Issue that caused shifting of some base objects after restart. Only maintain damaged objects and object health is repaired on maintain. Looting
      New loot/crafting items: (Solar Panels, Wire Cables, Battery Box). Air Drop loot has been Increased. Pumpkin harvesting on Chernarus should work, "Trash" loot now has separate configs. Antagonists
      Cultist's make a triumfant return, as cultist spawning is now fixed. Vehicles
      Fixed JetSki sinking like a rock.  
      [Changed] Moved client gamemode and CfgFunctions init to mission file. [Changed] Base building upgrade recipes and remove payouts now have dedicated config "CfgBaseBuilding" and code supports over-loading via description.ext. [Changed] Server side database functions renamed and now use cfgFunctions via a new pbo "epoch_server_core". [Changed] Make use of new command getAllHitPointsDamage in A3 1.50 to increase performance of hitpoint data storage. [Changed] Use new A3 command setHitIndex instead of setHitPointDamage so we can use all hitpoints regardless of name. [Changed] Change BIS_fnc_distance2D usage over to distance2D command that was added with A3 1.50 for better performance. [Fixed] Loot code for "CfgBuildingLootPos" now uses EPOCH_returnConfig to allow over-loading via description.ext. [Fixed] Error in rpt "No geometry and no visual shape" with Poppy and Goldenseal plants models. [Fixed] CfgEpochClient missionConfigFile version check was incorrectly using configFile. [Fixed] Loot object "Blue Tarp" weaponholder proxy position was in the wrong position. [Fixed] Reduce base hunger/thirst loss rate by half if players stamina is above 100. Base rate now can be changed with "baseHTLoss" variable in CfgEpochClient. [Info] Requres Arma 3 1.50 or higher. [ServerInfo] CfgEpochClient removed from description.ext as it can be simply added again from our configs as needed. [ServerInfo] Removed old .bikey and added new one for 0330.  
      Server Admins see files that have changed here: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/commit/24bcfafe60e0ea043700cf82a2e0b2f6d96e1bbd
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