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customizing / exciting DayZ / ability to play

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Hey Gamers,


i had a few days of customizing the Map Sauerland and a few Scripts and the AI's and i thought about "How to make DayZ more exciting?" or "What should i do next without getting bored?".

I mean, "professional" DayZ gamer don't play every day for 10 Hours just for looting Food, don't they?

So i added Wicked AI and DZMS. Good. But the missions were not as hard as i thought - customized the scripts. Works fine. Less loot - harder NPC's. Also good.


And i often saw that there is a brutal routine in how to play DayZ:

  1. Login the first time
  2. loot food and basic stuff
  3. loot weapons
  4. build a base
  5. find cars etc.
  6. sell them and buy lockable cars
  7. login every day for looting and selling (e.g. for maintaining base etc.)
  8. thats it


Now i want to ask everyone of you - 

  • What do you do or how do you play or how did you customize your server to keep DayZ exciting? 
  • How do you prevent NOT falling in such a routine (i know sometimes you have to do it - just for surviving)?
  • Which modifications do you prefer?
  • How many Co-Gamer do you have on your Server? 
  • More Players = more fun?
  • How do you make it more difficult to survive? (less food spawn or more NPC's on tour etc.?)


I'm just bloody curious how you guys customize your world so that you keep playing day by day!

(and maybe i can steal a few ideas :P)


Hope everyone enjoys it like i do (mixture of customizing and playing)!






Cheers Shizo


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Ya say taht like it's a bad thing. Rinse and repeat :-)

Adding roaming ai really changed the standard epoch feel. I'm sure the devs are focused on arma 3 epoch now which i hope brings more variety to the game.

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DayZmod is not dead. Yesterday the FINALdayZ sever enjoyed players throughout a full 24 hour period. More join every week. Perhaps making DayZ too easy (traders, map markers, uber loot, lockable vehicles, temperate weather, abundant food) has sullied the experience too much making it comparable to an FPS rather than a survival game.


I had advertised the server on this forum for six months and very few people expressed any interest. The moment I advertised it upon the DayZ forum it gained traction. DayZ is about hardcore survival, not pink guns and shopping...

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We had a few visitors on our Server - young Gamer (i think). 

They asked us if we can put everything in the Toolbelt when you die and respawn as default inventory.

I mean - how can you play a survival game when u have everytime EVERYTHING? 

Would be like you have a lockable Car/Truck and a Base and every Weapon everytime you respawn. So u can sit in your base and drink coffe and wait for nothing.



When do all of you expect we can have DayZ Standalone Server? Or won't there be any server for Standalone in the future?


Ever tried something else as Zombie Survival? H1Z1 or stuff like that?


And like you said - i hope Arma 3 brings a few new features (or nice bugs). We'll see.

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    • By Bloodthirsty
      Hey I just need some files for this server, any and all you guys can come up with and think it deserve post that shit in chat rn. I want to see some crazy ideas and additions if you got em :) Lets see what you guys can come up with

    • By Efixea
      I have a server i started not too long ago hosted by GTX. I had InfiSTAR installed by the support and server was working decent. After  EPOCH updated to 1.1 my server does not have loot in any building. Very few containers spawn with anything usefull in them....Furniture in houses and loot piles will have generic loot like moist towlettes and paint or minimal building supplies.
      I do not see blue tarps on the map anymore and cargo with loot spawns maybe 3 or 4 in an entire day of the server being up and running.
      No AI spawns in any area of map at any time of the day.  Have been playing over a week now and nothing spawns anywhere.
      and it NEVER stops raining.
      I am VERY noob when it comes to adding scripts or mods to servers myself. I played an Arma 2 server about 2 years ago and learned a bit about this stuff. since then i have been re-learing everything.
      the only thing i have installed is Zombies and Demons. Nothing else has been changed or edited by me.
      Is there anything i can edit myself to change any of this?  should i have the server reinstalled?
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      I found this on another forum, but seeing as I am truly dedicated to this one, I thought I'd share what i have found concerning the question I see a lot of people ask regarding default loadouts for everyone, including respawns and new players to the server. Its customizable with current class IDs.
      Unpack dayz_server.pbo and navigate to the compiles folder. Open the file named server_playerlogin.sqf. Find the follow block of code :
      _config = (configFile >> "CfgSurvival" >> "Inventory" >> "Default"); _mags = getArray (_config >> "magazines"); _wpns = getArray (_config >> "weapons"); _bcpk = getText (_config >> "backpack"); _randomSpot = true; _key = format["CHILD:203:%1:%2:%3:",_charID,[_wpns,_mags],[_bcpk,[],[]]]; _key call server_hiveWrite; and comment this out by adding /* */ to the top and bottom of this code block. Like this 
      /* _config = (configFile >> "CfgSurvival" >> "Inventory" >> "Default"); _mags = getArray (_config >> "magazines"); _wpns = getArray (_config >> "weapons"); _bcpk = getText (_config >> "backpack"); _randomSpot = true; _key = format["CHILD:203:%1:%2:%3:",_charID,[_wpns,_mags],[_bcpk,[],[]]]; _key call server_hiveWrite; */ Then directly underneath this paste the following and configure to your liking. I have tried this and it works.  To understand the logic, it is pointless to add a custom sqf in the mission folder, whether it be inside the init.sqf or a "exeVM" or a "call" method pointing to another custom sqf file seeing as the init is processed before server_playerlogin.sqf. 
      _randomSpot = true; _inventory = [["ItemFlashlight","ItemMap","ItemGPS","NVGoggles","AK_74"],["ItemBandage","ItemPainkiller","30Rnd_545x39_AK"]]; _backpack = ["DZ_ALICE_Pack_EP1",[],[]]; _key = format["CHILD:203:%1:%2:%3:",_charID,_inventory,_backpack]; _key call server_hiveWrite; Here is a list of most of the class ID's currently being used. Not all of them are there, but for this purpose you will find it more than adequate.
      Finally we can now lay this beast to rest. Hope this will help many solve their default loadouts. I can recommend <ESSV3>  by @ebayShopperif you need more than a single loadout for all spawns.
    • By Cyrus
      Im looking for an easy, effective way to randomize loot (weapons, ammo, toolbelt items, food, meds and building supplies) in static crate. I have a placed crate already and populated with stuff but i would like to have this random on spawn. Also i would like to know how to have this crate stay for 2 hours then destroy and respawn 15 min later. This is what my customLootCrate.sqf looks like :
    • By Cyrus
      I have just managed to install the latest version of InfiSTAR v1448. Since then I am getting an error when logging into the server. "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_maintainArea.sqf" not found." I have looked and the file is present at that location. And in my server_functions.sqf it is called correctly.
      server_maintainArea = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_maintainArea.sqf"; Would there be any reason why this call would fail?
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