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Show Off Your Base

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New work in progress.. messy and unfinished...sadly the base on sauerland never got shown as the server change to napf before i got round to videoing it:(.. shame that one was very nice!



Lots more to do but you'll get the gist of it!

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Chateau de Ganja


I decided to maintain the original castle look that was there. Each rounded part is a Helipad on top and a car garage under it. The best part, I'm completely surrounded by 40 ai spawn points with 4-6 ai at each spawn. When they spawn in, they spawn anywhere within 600m of the location the spawn point picked, and roam about 600m. Each ai is carrying the best possible weapons they can, and have the highest difficulty set. Why the hell would I live in the middle of an Ai stronghold?? Why not?






Here is my Dungeon...Walls were made of wood with lots of windows for a reason, So that the prisoners can look out at all the AI running around and realize how vulnerable they are in here.qBf9WHN.pnghjjTD8g.png


This is one of the garages under the helipads6DVFHfG.pngsf8Lxz5.png


Inside one of the towers near the top level.


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An abandoned base. There are several of these across Chernarus. This one overlooks Electro. The furniture works too: the laptop controls surveillance cameras, water barrels refill bottles, the radio picks up the Emergency Broadcast System, the stove warms the home, the hob cooks food and the PC connects to the AEG. There's also a fuel pump in the wooden shack which requires a generator to refill a vehicle.














My homemade humble abode...http://imgur.com/a/hlRKx#2rZH06Q

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@Vipzer:  That's pretty creative with the sandbags & ramps, and I like how you blended it into the rest of the town. =]

 its right next to the player spawn on the server people just run past and fly over me

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My newest work in progress....


I call it...Mt.WTF









Still a lot of work to do to it but it will be a big part of the server redo coming up in the next few weeks. till then, i have it open for the players to roam and explore

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