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<82ndAB> Altis EpochMod.com Roaming AI & Random Missions 4 Hr restarts

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The 82nd Airborne Tactical Realism Proudly Presents Our Arma 3 Epoch Server.


We are known in the gaming world as the Tactical Realism Clan. We play every game using tactics and strategy to achieve victory.




Website: www.the82ndab.net Twitter: www.twitter.com/82ndABClan


Server Location: Chicago, USA


Server IP: (Filter <82ndAB>)

Please note: Our server has recently been moved to a new IP:


Server full name: <82NDAB>EpochMod.com [ | 1.36] www.the82ndab.net


Join our TeamSpeak: PW: Airborne



80 Player Slots


Active Admins


8 Hour Restarts


3 Hours Daylight and 1 Hour Night


All Welcome!


If you are new to Arma 3 or Epoch, feel free to come into our teamspeak . Our members are helpful and willing to help newcomers.

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Join us for a Special Event tonight with our Guest of Honour Orangesherbet  watch http://www.twitch.tv/orangesherbet for LIVE coverage.


Server IP: (Filter <82ndAB>)


Join our TeamSpeak: PW: Airborne


Date: Tonight! 12/27/2014


Time: 11PM EST










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We will be having a Stronghold Event This weekend!


Special Guests: Epoch Devs - [VB]AWOL, Sequisha and Kiory


 In association with Orangesherbet watch http://www.twitch.tv/orangesherbet for LIVE coverage.


Server IP: (Filter <82ndAB>)


Join our TeamSpeak: PW: Airborne


Date: Saturday 01/03/15


Time: 9PM EST


BONUS BOUNTY EVENT: find and Kill Jhuild (prize = Steam game worth $100)

ATTACK AND BREACH THE STRONGHOLD (prize = all the loot inside the stronghold)


Work in groups or work alone





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I think if you check out the streamers Orangesherbet, Sequisha, bighoss. They may have some past broadcast footage still there. And yep, it was pretty awesome :)

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Over the next few weeks we will be beginning regular PvP night events.


We will also be having an on-going base building competition! Build the best base! criteria will include techniques used, best use of building materials, best design and much more!. this will be judged at the end of each month by a special guest. (trick will be to hide your base well from those base raiders!)


More details will be posted soon! Including the prizes that will be up for grabs.!

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Hi Muraz, I am at work currently but I can look at this when I get home in an hour or so. Or jump on our TeamSpeak: PW: Airborne and see if anyone there can help you. 

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    • By Vladick
      BSBS Server IP:
      Website: https://bsbsepoch.000webhostapp.com/
      Discord: https://discord.gg/PVn8PvG
      Server Features:
      PvPvE Database wiped 1/5/18 ESS V3 spawn selection Coins and Global Banking WAI missions and Roaming DZAI Bandits Customized map additions Skalisky Bridge Skalisky Island Bandit Camp with high loot (fun mission!) Garage Door Opener Virtual Garage Deploy bike Refuel, Repair, Rearm Take clothes Bury Body Butcher Body Locate vehicle with keys and GPS One plot poll per player Indestructible bases Trader Safe Zones Day/Night Schedule 4-hour restarts
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      We are We are pleased to announce the launch of our arma 2 Overpoch DayZ server, we are a PvE with a PvP aspect, What we mean by this is our server supports both play styles we have a zone on our map that you are allowed to base raid and kill others as you would find on a normal pvp server. Doing this we have been growing a community and getting a foot hold in the arma 2 community, we also welcome all Suggestions you can do this by joining our discord or our website (Website Offline for now) 
      We can offer you a unique experience while playing on our servers with great peoples, Fair adult and mature staff.
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      Full Day / Night cycle (No Voting) Time Acceleration.  Build Limit is based on your humanity, the higher your humanity the more objects you can build.   Indestructible Bases with in the PvE Zone Only. Custom AI Missions. Custom Loot. Realistic Towing. Slow Zombies (still a threat and more of them.) Self Blood Bag. Air drops. Snap Building. Coin System.  Repair/Fuel Services. Deploy Bike. Bury Body. Take Clothes. Locate Vehicle. TAB Menu. Custom Traders for 10k / 50k / 100k / 500k humanity Change / Custom door codes. and much more
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      I sure this is possible, I've seen it on He-Man's server, but where are the options to enable these?
      1. How to you get missions to be announced over the epoch radio
      2. How to claim missions - currently no claiming required
      3. Extend safe zones around protected traders
      4. Add more missions beyond the default 12 bandit missions.
      I know this is a lot to ask. I'm new at this and the sea of forum posts are extremely elusive for the specific questions above. Links and comments would be greatly appreciated!
    • By Grahame
      I have ported some of the Extra Wicked AI missions from ARMA2/DayZ/Epoch's Wicked AI system. They are a purely derivative product based on this work:
      Missions ported so far are: Abandoned Trader, Ambushed HMMWV, Army Base, Drone Pilot, Old MacDonald's Farm and Slaughter House. 
      I will be continuing this work with the others when I have time.
      NOTE: In order to use these missions you will require CUP Terrains Core on your server. For those running non-vanilla ARMA3 maps, for example Chernarus Redux that should not be an issue.
      (1) Copy the files in the downloadable archive to your Wicked AI's missions/bandit folder.
      (2) Add the missions to the mission array in WAI's config.sqf, for example:
      wai_bandit_missions = [ ["abandoned_trader",5], ["ambushed_hmmwv",5], ["army_base",5], ["drone_pilot",4], ["macdonald",5], ["slaughter_house",5], ["nuke",4], ["Mi_48",6], ["MV_22",6], ["sniper_team",8], ["rebel_base",5], ["medi_camp",5], ["dropside",5], ["comm_center",10], ["C_192",11], ["destroyed_ural",11] RePBO Wicked AI and upload to @epochhive/addons and enjoy!
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