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VEMF - Vampire's Epoch Mission Framework

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Wanted to go more in-depth with this.

I felt that just giving the AI vests felt more realistic.

Real soldiers don't carry packs in battle unless they are required to, but always have a vest.

I also felt adding a bag to pretty much every AI would be too overpowered to the player base. A backpack to me seems a little rarer than most.

I rather see rarer items be in the crates as a chance instead of being on every other AI. I might change it in a future version.


Weapon attachments were just a feature I hadn't added yet. Yet again to not flood the servers with attachments, i'm probably gonna make it something like a 1/5 chance of an AI having one random attachment.


Glad all of you are enjoying the mod. :P


Ok, i understand this  ;)

I know its not your Priority, but it would be very Cool, if can decide it by myself if the Ai has Backpacks and Attachments or not... but i cant do it, i need you  :D


by the way, i am an Ex German Military Police Sergeant and let me say, we have BackPack at Patrol in this we have a bit water, food maybe ammo and definitely Medical Supplies because if you have bad luck the Medic needs houres to arrive you. You are many Miles from the Next Base and the Streets are not so good like Home and German Medevac dosnt fly under to much Fire. :mellow:

you throw the BackPack to the Floor under Fire to minimize the target or use as an cover.


regards, DELTA  B)

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I don't know what option it is in the run.sqf to turn that check off.  For the meantime set the 5 in the setdamage.txt file to a 3 to log the detection but prevent a kick.


If the antihack is trying to destroy the crates, that will prevent a kick, but won't stop the crate from being destroyed.

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If anyone is having issues with players getting kicked while near the crates for setDamage, I believe it's an issue with the "alternative" antihack trying to setDamage to the crates.

Works fine for me using Infistar

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Works fine for me using Infistar


Same... I've only run it on my test server but had no issues.


Not sure If I want to run it on my live server yet.


@Richie...  How is this running for you?





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hey vamp im loving the update, can i ask is there a way to add color code to the text and if i wana change the fonts an is there a list i can get the supported fonts,,sorry for the long winded request :)

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hey vamp im loving the update, can i ask is there a way to add color code to the text and if i wana change the fonts an is there a list i can get the supported fonts,,sorry for the long winded request :)


You can modify all that in the init.sqf code.

As for supported fonts, here's a list.



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great thanks for the formats,i looked at the init.cfg but didnt see a color code to change,do i need to add it in there,if so where?


Look at the included init.sqf and change your init.sqf accordingly. This is the new code:

if (!isDedicated) then {
	"VEMFChatMsg" addPublicVariableEventHandler {
				[((_this select 1) select 0),"align = 'center' size = '1' font='PuristaBold'"],
				[((_this select 1) select 1),"align = 'center' size = '0.5'"]
		] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2;
		VEMFChatMsg = nil;

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Some marker for mission? People who dont know where mission is, can check it from map. 


I'm still not using markers for the missions for multiple reasons.



Awesome job with Missions, but i have a question.

We just installed the mission system but when we kill the first Ai in a mission the server goes down

Anybody help?


I'm not sure. Maybe check your RPT?



yes i did change it but im not sure where to change the color of the text for example it would have something like this in there...//color = "#b20000";



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      Vemf_reloaded was originally made by IT07 and last commit on vemf_reloaded was in 2017....
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      Option to save vehicles to the database! If Vehicle Saving is off, Users are warned when entering vehicles! Randomized Crate Loot! No more static crate loot! Adjustable Body Despawn Time! Optional: AI Ran Over have no gear! More!  
      The Current Version is v1.2

      Download Instructions: https://github.com/SMVampire/DZMS-DayZMissionSystem
      Project Tracking: https://github.com/SMVampire/DZMS-DayZMissionSystem/projects
      (Note: I have given The Fuchs permission to use DZMS as the base for EMS.)
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