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Changing Loadingscreen


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really like these answers when someone asks for a step by step guide 

what ? :unsure: You open the description.ext and see the line that says 'Loadscreen' - what could you possibly need more help with ? It falls under the bleeding obvious catergory :lol:


I didn't see you adding anything productive :p

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Richie, tsk tsk.


Steps to make a loading screen (sorry, it's tiny, in the little window on the big screen).


0] Copy \mpmissions\<yourmap>.pbo to a folder on your drive 


1] open the pbo with pbo manager. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16369


2] Copy the description.ext to a folder. (Copy & Paste)


3]Open it in an editor like notepad, and change this line : loadScreen =  to something like loadScreen = "loadscreentzw.jpg";


4] Cut and paste the description.ext back in the pbo 


5] Copy and paste your image file into the pbo root


6] Close PBO manager, don't give a sh*t about the signature warning.


7] Upload the PBO to the server folder


8] Start server, succes !


Oh, and if you want to enable sidechat, change disableChannels[]={0,1,2,6};  to disableChannels[]={0,2,6};

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