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[0.2 Release] Unofficial Epoch Redis Database Manager - Live Map

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Unofficial Epoch Redis Database Manager




To help out on the Dev team and server owners i present you my current project i'm working on. This will allow you to manage your redis databases with a nice friendly user-interface. This will be handmade on the Epoch data structure. It will require a php-capable invironment. 


It will allow viewing, editing and deleting of all server data in redis in a admin-friendly interface.


You can request features you want implemented in this topic.





0.2 Release Data & MAP 


Whats new in 0.2?


  • [ADDED] More maps
  • [ADDED] Own maps support
  • [ADDED] More customisable settings
  • [ADDED] Import/export server data ( for other admins forexample)
  • [ADDED] Use own images
  • [ADDED] View buildings, storages,players,vehicle details.
  • [FIXED] Charnarus and altis are calibrated, other maps  that are default in are theoreticle correct but not tested.
  • [FIXED] Working dashboard page.


Whats Gonna be new in 0.3 ( Rolling Changelogs)?


  • [CHANGED] PHP laravel backend.
  • [ADDED] Statistic Graphs at listdetail screens.
  • [ADDED] Login System.
  • [ADDED] User Rights on pages system. (Configurable by full admins).
  • [ADDED] Inegrated ZupaStats for admin purposes.
  • [FIXED] Some performance issues.
  • [FIXED] Changing server on dashboard now also refreshes dashboard.
  • [FIXED] Server name now correctly displays on title text.
  • More to come





On 24 feb 2015:






This is not an optimised build. Keep the html and php on the same host for this release. TCP redis should work if configured corretly ( not tested, so I can be wrong). Server data is saved in localhost in your browser for time being. 


Default included maps:

  1. Chernarus
  2. Altis
  3. Stratis
  4. Takistan
  5. Namalsk


Download Extra Maps


These maps are not default in the download to make the file not too big for people that don't need them.


To use these maps just place the folder in the "maps" folder and add the map to the settings.


Credits to Scott AKA Uro to make these possible and easy for me.


These images are ingame images and should not have an offset






Mapsize : 22528 x 22528 : Needs testing!


Image: http://i.imgur.com/jNXbfeC.jpg






Mapsize : 10240 x 10239 : Needs testing!


Image: http://i.imgur.com/yeIAi8v.jpg






Mapsize : 8191 x 8194: Needs testing!


Image: http://i.imgur.com/CoJLIXL.jpg


Panthera 3




Mapsize : 10240 x 10239: Needs testing!


Image: http://i.imgur.com/cf7fsqd.jpg


Taviana 3




Mapsize : 21333 x 21332: Needs testing!


Image: http://i.imgur.com/jHZyDz5.jpg


Alternative Altis




Mapsize : 30700x 30700.


Image: http://i.imgur.com/XNgVFMJ.jpg


Alternative Chernarus




Mapsize : 15360 x 15360.


Image: http://i.imgur.com/88ilDD9.png


Alternative Stratis




Mapsize : 8191 x 8192


Image: http://i.imgur.com/x0xy0zR.jpg




Unzip the folder in your apache enviremont ( xampp htdocs) for example. ( More info about this later).


Add extra maps to the map folder if necessary (Not all are included in default download. Otherwise the size will get too big).


Go to the server/config.php and fill in your server data ( if you want multiple servers on different IP's , i recommend making a server2 folder with that config then).

$myRedisPass = "redispass";
$myRedisPort = 6379;
$myRedisHost = ''; // If php and redis are on the same server, this suffices

IF PHP and REDIS are on different servers ( you need to open the redis Port on that server AND bind your public ip in redis config !)


EXAMPLE in redis.conf: ( Restart redis to activate this).


Now browse to your folder in a browser.  ( localhost or externally).


The webapp automaticly lets u add a server, fill in the data correctly or import an exported server. 



























IN DEV More functions added later.

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You are more than welcome to use our server!


Drop me a PM and we can sort you out access.




I would only need the dump folder in your redis DB map ^^ But someone already helped me out, Thanks anyways!

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Feature request:  Could you include an automated backup into it so that you can set it to backup the dump file every X minutes to another folder?  Would make it easier to do a rollabck in case of a cheater running rampant in the server or some other catastrophic failure.

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There are a few templates similar to this - they look really nice :)

Some good ones on Themeforest - http://themeforest.net/category/site-templates/admin-templates

I like - http://themeforest.net/item/brio-web-app-bootstrap-admin-template-angular/9529051?WT.oss_phrase=bootstrap%20admin&WT.oss_rank=9&WT.z_author=FreakPixels&WT.ac=search_listand http://themeforest.net/item/magic-responsive-bootstrap-angularjs-admin/9460276?WT.oss_phrase=app%20&WT.oss_rank=67&WT.z_author=arousing&WT.trending=trending&WT.ac=search_list

Can't wait for this Redis editor to come out! looks really neat :)

What UI/theme is that? I've seen it elsewhere so I assume it's open source/available to be purchased/cracked?

Is it Xenon?


Really nice work though.

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There are a shitloads of templates. Why paying for something u can reproduce!


All those templates are just mostly css lines which u can easely type yourself.


It's actualy easy to make css from a design u are looking at. The hard part is making the design itself ^^ 

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Oh! so you didn't use a template? Ah ok.


I like the templates personally as saves a few hrs work (especially with jquery & other stuff plus responsive layouts) - But maybe I'm lazy :D hjahahaa 


Looking good anyway! Can't wait to see it. Well done for coming up with this, with the switch to Redis, I'm sure this will be very popular! :)


There are a shitloads of templates. Why paying for something u can reproduce!


All those templates are just mostly css lines which u can easely type yourself.


It's actualy easy to make css from a design u are looking at. The hard part is making the design itself ^^ 

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