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[Release] Pay for healing v1.0

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Not so usefull script, but anyway I wrote it and thought, that should post it here :B
Gold (standart) currency version here: Thx for oSoDirty!

This script add an action for NPC's, that heals player for money.


1. Custom fnSelfaction.sqf

2. Custom variables.sqf
3. Souls Single Currency 2.0


Lets start install it:

1. Open fnSelfaction and paste this code above " //Allow owner to pack vault ". So it must be like that:

	if(_typeOfCursorTarget in Fast_Med  and (player distance _cursorTarget < 3)) then {		
		if (s_fast_med_dialog1 < 0) then {
			s_fast_med_dialog1 = player addAction ["<t color='#0059FF'>Pay for treatment</t>", "Scripts\Medical\FastMed.sqf",_cursorTarget, 3, true, true, "", ""];
	} else {		
		player removeAction s_fast_med_dialog1;
		s_fast_med_dialog1 = -1;
//Allow owner to pack vault

2. Find 

	player removeAction s_bank_dialog;
	s_bank_dialog = -1;
	player removeAction s_bank_dialog2;
	s_bank_dialog2 = -1;

and place under them that code:

	player removeAction s_fast_med_dialog1;
	s_fast_med_dialog1 = -1;

3.Open variables.sqf and add this code after "disableSerialization;":

Fast_Med = ["NPC1","NPC1","NPC1"];

For instance 11 Cherna:

Fast_Med = ["Dr_Annie_Baker_EP1","Doctor","Dr_Hladik_EP1"];

4. Find:

dayz_resetSelfActions = {

and paste under this code:

	s_fast_med_dialog1 = -1;

5.Extract RAR archive and place scripts folder in your mission folder.
6. Change cost for treatment in FastMed.sqf 
7. Change NPCs in variables.sqf

8. Congratulations! Well done! Pew pew pew!

In future gonna make checking of player needs.
For example, player has only bleeding. So cost of healing will be = bandageCost * Tax. So u dont need to pay all cost for feeding or antibiotics.


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Can you have a version of it without the coin script since many people don't like it.



Thanks in advance



Hm, I will make it later. Ok? Have a problems with university :D havent time =\

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Glad you posted that before I downloaded anything or started installing it. I'll keep an eye out for a version using regular gold and silver.

you did not read, I warned)


1. Custom fnSelfaction.sqf
2. Custom variables.sqf
3. Souls Single Currency 2.0

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What is that debug monitor? how do i get it? is it something you're willing to share?

Its not my DebugMonitor. I asked a good man permission to use his monitor. 

try to write your own, may be u can make better :)

 great mod though u got the beans.



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