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Multi Mission DZMS - n Major and m Minor Missions

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In DZMSInit.sqf, search for this line:

if (_x distance _coords < 700) then {

You will find it two times, one time for the Major missions and another for the Minor missions.


The distance to spawn bots in this case is 700 meters, you can change 700 to wathever you want.


Cheers mate :)

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Ok, so...unique issues...


While in god mode I ran up to the mission, at about 100 meters from the actual Ural Wreck spawned by this script. (Minor Mission 6?) The mission completed it's self. In the config it's set to complete after killing 100% of the bandits. I didn't fire a single shot and maybe two or three died to friendly fire. The ones that were alive continued to fire at me until they de spawned. -edit- I derped. [fixed = forgot to upload the correct file to server]


Also, reports of AI roaming more or less alone, far from the actual mission and not firing on players. (have not seen it myself yet)


This, modified DZMS is the only script spawning AI.


-edit 2-

Just seen a group of bandits from a Medical Supply mission walking around a town about 2km out of their spawn area carrying stingers. (RPGs turned off) Only thing different is using this script over normal DZMS, and using the _CU flag, on the new infistar.

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I'm trying to use this for missions that spawn in specific locations. I have this in my mission:

_towncoords = [[8222.9717, 2127.9541, 0],[5998.3379, 1166.9838],[6545.4092, 2026.7975, 0],[4651.0962, 709.08813, 0],[3610.5391, 1218.2251, 0],[2073.8711, 301.98364, 0],[3556.9121, 4159.3286, 0],[3757.7896, 4341.749, 0],[3609.9912, 5577.2065, 0],[2535.4414, 5069.4526, 0],[2518.9219, 5005.311, 0],[1481.6387, 3582.3516, 0],[1005.6777, 3174.5872, 0],[747.98584, 2956.5186, 0],[574.3291, 2857.2341, 0],[79.130371, 2784.7336, 0],[1751.4443, 5647.313, 0],[1536.2651, 5751.0596, 0],[2152.6909, 7629.4233, 0],[3179.7993, 8218.7646, 0],[3649.2334, 8587.9004, 0],[3121.1777, 9927.0283, 0],[3495.5928, 9978.8008, 0],[1629.0176, 11623.88, 0],[2049.334, 11775.312, 0],[1858.8105, 11938.297, 0],[4231.0571, 10727.371, 0],[4357.667, 10857.482, 0],[3789.9141, 10382.815, 0],[4653.3525, 9452.8691, 0],[5664.1421, 9889.7041, 0],[5718.5781, 9953.7451, 0],[6010.5278, 10497.971, 0],[6272.7207, 10800.71, 0],[6174.8765, 11179.104, 0],[6270.8682, 11267.427, 0],[6358.9077, 11268.563, 0],[6079.8047, 11498.809, 0],[5948.2988, 11888.1, 0],[6804.313, 12244.353, 0],[5544.5571, 9349.0596, 0],[5718.4297, 8927.9854, 0],[5575.2969, 8868.7471, 0],[6827.752, 8887.4072, 0],[8251.0234, 7757.46, 0],[9356.4424, 10019.511, 0],[9813.8799, 11495.415, 0],[9961.2744, 11409.648, 0],[12110.041, 11092.733, 0],[12292.656, 11174.848, 0],[12310.943, 10468.901, 0],[12334.915, 10309.597, 0],[12544.718, 9980.5605, 0],[11531.161, 8287.4238, 0],[9151.8467, 6774.1484, 0],[9146.4297, 6697.6099, 0],[10427.865, 6412.2085, 0],[10555.648, 6307.21, 0],[10817.251, 6350.1021, 0],[8907.5605, 5276.3062, 0],[6792.6987, 6111.0972, 0],[5988.2803, 7292.7612, 0],[5989.9839, 7178.3096, 0],[6724.9033, 7395.5854, 0],[6882.7188, 6512.7969, 0],[5914.1133, 6328.0776, 0],[5059.8398, 6880.9175, 0],[5824.7212, 5640.9692, 0],[6173.4351, 5667.3242, 0],[8537.1963, 2468.3364, 0],[8394.377, 2478.1594, 0],[10086.935, 2292.5125, 0],[10277.779, 2331.2561, 0],[10988.422, 2480.4375, 0],[11922.675, 2637.8289, 0]] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;

I then have this line after that:

_coords = [_towncoords, _code] call DZMSFindPos;

However, with this version of DZMS, the DZMSFindPos line usually looks like this:

_coords = ["Maj", _code] call DZMSFindPos;

When using my DZMSFindPos line, I get an error in the server log:

21:58:32 Error in expression <)) then {
_findRun = false;
if (_majMin == "Maj") then {
DZMS_MajBlack set [_cod>
21:58:32   Error position: <== "Maj") then {
DZMS_MajBlack set [_cod>
21:58:32   Error ==: Type Array, expected Number,String,Object,Side,Group,Text,Config entry,Display (dialog),Control,Team member,Task,Location
21:58:32 File z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\DZMSFunctions.sqf, line 112

So, is there a way for me to use static positions with this?

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