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[Release] Small military compound west of Zeleno

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So I made this small realistic-looking military compound just outside of Zelenogorsk. I originally made this for my server exclusively but thought I'd share it anyway. Nothing really special about it. The reason I made it in the first place was to just balance the map a bit and add more military loot spawns on the west side of the map. I edited my loot system so that some really good weapons spawn only in those specific barracks. So that's why it was essential to me. You can use it for whatever you like.


I kept it as minimalistic and realistic as possible to keep the Chernarus-looking vibe. This isn't your typical overly filled military compound where there's a barracks every 2 feet so I can understand why it not might be the most popular choice. It's there just to balance things out.





  • A single sqf file weighing 62 KB
  • 219 objects in total
  • 4 enterable barracks that spawn loot
  • Custom-made dirt road leading up to the compound
  • Plenty of misc. items to make it as realistic as possible (plants, barricades, wrecks, body bags, lights, etc)




In-game screenshots








Available here: https://github.com/Rocu/Epoch_MilitaryCompound



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This will be the first building install I have done.  So forgive me on these two questions.   Where does the military.sqf go and is there anything else that has to be edited?


Make a folder called buildings or addons in your main server.pbo, put military.sqf in there then add execVM "nameofyourfolder\military.sqf"; to the bottom of your server_functions.sqf

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