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Snow on the ground?




Thnks for checking out this post.


Is it possible/ or is there a way to get the ground covered in snow, on Chernarus or on any other maps.

I discussed about this with a dude on another topic off mine, but he didnt know a way to cover up the ground with snow, or parts from it.

I know there is a map called Thirsk, but the post is already two years old and no one is hosting a server with this map..


Link to the post of the map: http://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/102557-dayz-thirsk-custom-map-current-version-13-server-files-included-now-on-dayzcommander/


Any help would be great, even help with falling snow, cuz i saw a Tutorial of falling snow and i didn't understand any thing he tried to explain...


Link to the tutorial: http://opendayz.net/threads/tutorial-snow-added-to-dynamic-weather.15294/


So i hope i will be able to install Thirsk, and other wise i hope there is a way to cover up the ground with snow, on Chernarus



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What your talking about is changing the ground texture / satmap of Chernarus.


You wouldn't be able to make a Chernarus Winter without having the pew file and even then at bare minimum switching/editing/creating a snow covered satmap. 


To make everything "fit" into a winter theme you'd have to do the following:


Change all the tree/shrub models so be snow covered or have zero foliage.

Change the road textures to at least be partially snow covered.

Change the water environment to look more "icy"

Re-texture/Edit/Replace all the building/walls/static objects models to have snow covered roofs / features.

Meticulously check every area of the map for any errors.


And BIS haven't released the .pew files for any of thier maps.



Thirsk_W is a pretty cool map for milsim stuff, but it's far far too small for Epoch - Open it up in the editor and have a fly around, you'll see what I mean ;)


Namalsk is snow covered and there's a bunch of info in the forums on getting everything contained within it working.


@falconsan the creator of Sauerland is working on a winter port his map, see this post for more details -




The snow mod is a pretty cool one, it runs the effects client side and effects client FPS, so be wary of this.


Heavy snow for one player will be different for the next - one player may have more visibiliy than the guy next to him - sometimes up to 200m more.


When I ran the snow script I had it set to light snow with the odd flurry which worked well and we had no complaints of big fps drops from players.


It's been so long since I looked at the version I have I don't know if it works with the Steam version of A2 :)

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Thnks, i installed the map (it looks great BTW thnks :D ) but when i tried to join it gave this error from the console:

Reading Sauerland Winter Special from directory, and that keeps saying it, and i get the MOTD and my name in red slowly flickering (0 ms) and not letting me in the lobby, I also noticed that i didn't get the SQL files, to add to navicat so it safes player data and stuff.. or doenst that matter to the error?

Also if i launch my server console it says: dayz_server requires addon dayz_code and then when i click oke, it dissapears and starts the server,


Any help would be great,


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